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Published: Aug 1, 2019 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 16 Imported by: 33



Package addon provides an API for Ponzu addons to interface with the system



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const (
	// StatusEnabled defines string status for Addon enabled state
	StatusEnabled = "enabled"
	// StatusDisabled defines string status for Addon disabled state
	StatusDisabled = "disabled"


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var (
	// Types is a record of addons, like content types, of addon_reverse_dns:interface{}
	Types = make(map[string]func() interface{})


func ContentAll

func ContentAll(namespace string) []byte

ContentAll retrives all items from the HTTP API within the provided namespace

func Deregister

func Deregister(key string) error

Deregister removes an addon from the system. `key` is the addon_reverse_dns

func Disable

func Disable(key string) error

Disable sets the addon status to `disabled`. `key` is the addon_reverse_dns

func Enable

func Enable(key string) error

Enable sets the addon status to `enabled`. `key` is the addon_reverse_dns

func Get

func Get(endpoint string) ([]byte, error)

Get is a helper function to make a HTTP call from an addon

func KeyFromMeta

func KeyFromMeta(meta Meta) (string, error)

KeyFromMeta creates a unique string identifier for an addon based on its url and name

func Manage

func Manage(data []byte, reverseDNS string) ([]byte, error)

Manage ...

func Query

func Query(namespace string, opts QueryOptions) []byte

Query retrieves a set of content from the HTTP API based on options and returns the total number of content in the namespace and the content


type Addon

type Addon struct {

Addon contains information about a provided addon to the system

func Register

func Register(m Meta, fn func() interface{}) Addon

Register constructs a new addon and registers it with the system. Meta is a addon.Meta and fn is a closure returning a pointer to your own addon type

func (*Addon) String

func (a *Addon) String() string

String returns the addon name and overrides the item String() method in item.Identifiable interface

type Meta

type Meta struct {
	PonzuAddonName       string `json:"addon_name"`
	PonzuAddonAuthor     string `json:"addon_author"`
	PonzuAddonAuthorURL  string `json:"addon_author_url"`
	PonzuAddonVersion    string `json:"addon_version"`
	PonzuAddonReverseDNS string `json:"addon_reverse_dns"`
	PonzuAddonStatus     string `json:"addon_status"`

Meta contains the basic information about the addon

type QueryOptions

type QueryOptions db.QueryOptions

QueryOptions is a mirror of the same struct in db package and are re-declared here only to make the API simpler for the caller

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