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A Map-Reduce engine



mapreduce is used to run calculations on data the is available across several remote nodes. Each node that has some data of interst will run calculations against it.



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type AlgFetcherMap

type AlgFetcherMap map[string]Algorithm

AlgFetcherMap implements AlgorithmFetcher.

func (AlgFetcherMap) Alg

func (f AlgFetcherMap) Alg(name string, meta []byte) (Algorithm, error)

Alg returns the requested algorithm.

type Algorithm

type Algorithm struct {

Algorithm stores a Mapper and Reducer.

type AlgorithmFetcher

type AlgorithmFetcher interface {
	Alg(name string, meta []byte) (alg Algorithm, err error)

AlgorithmFetcher is used to store and fetch algorithms based on name and meta information.

type Executor

type Executor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Executor is used to apply algorithms to data. It maps and then returns the reduced data from the given algorithm.

An Executor has to be created with NewExecutor().

func NewExecutor

func NewExecutor(algFetcher AlgorithmFetcher, fs FileSystem) *Executor

NewExecutor returns a new Executor.

func (*Executor) Execute

func (e *Executor) Execute(fileName, algName string, ctx context.Context, meta []byte) (result map[string][]byte, err error)

Execute maps local data from the file (fileName) via the mapper given from the algorithm (algName) and reduces it.

type FileSystem

type FileSystem interface {
	// Files returns a set of files that matches the given route and meta information. A non-nil
	// error will exit the operation.
	Files(route string, ctx context.Context, meta []byte) (files map[string][]string, err error)

	// Reader returns a reader to read data from the given file.
	Reader(file string, ctx context.Context, meta []byte) (reader func() (data []byte, err error), err error)

FileSystem is used to store data local to the node.

type Log

type Log interface {
	Printf(format string, v ...interface{})

Log is used to write debug logs.

type MapFunc

type MapFunc func(value []byte) (key string, output []byte, err error)

MapFunc wraps a function into a Mapper.

func (MapFunc) Map

func (f MapFunc) Map(value []byte) (key string, output []byte, err error)

Map implements the Mapper interface.

type MapReduce

type MapReduce struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MapReduce is used to invoke a Map/Reduce algorithm across data on various remote nodes.

It should be created with New().

func New

func New(fs FileSystem, network Network, algFetcher AlgorithmFetcher, opts ...MapReduceOption) MapReduce

New returns a new MapReduce.

func (MapReduce) Calculate

func (r MapReduce) Calculate(route, algName string, ctx context.Context, meta []byte) (finalResult map[string][]byte, err error)

Calculate runs the given algorithm for the files returned from FileSystem for the given route and meta information. It uses the Network to run the calculations across the remote nodes that report having the given data.

type MapReduceOption

type MapReduceOption func(*MapReduce)

MapReduceOption is used to configure a new MapReduce.

func WithLogger

func WithLogger(l Log) MapReduceOption

WithLogger is used to set the given logger.

type Mapper

type Mapper interface {
	// Map maps data to keys. It filters out the value if the
	// returned key has a length of 0. A non-nil error will abort
	// the operation.
	Map(value []byte) (key string, output []byte, err error)

Mapper maps data ([]byte) to key (string).

type Network

type Network interface {
	// Execute is invoked to run calculations for a file (file) on a remote node (nodeID) with the given algorithm
	// (algName). Any necessary information can be encoded into meta. The context (ctx) is used for lifecycle
	// management.
	Execute(file, algName, nodeID string, ctx context.Context, meta []byte) (result map[string][]byte, err error)

Network is used to execute commands on remote node.

type ReduceFunc

type ReduceFunc func(value [][]byte) (reduced [][]byte, err error)

ReduceFunc wraps a function into a Reducer.

func (ReduceFunc) Reduce

func (f ReduceFunc) Reduce(value [][]byte) (reduced [][]byte, err error)

Reduce implements the Reducer interface.

type Reducer

type Reducer interface {
	// Reduce is called with marshalled data either from a mapper or
	// a reducer. It will be invoked until a slice of length 1
	// or a non-nil error is returned. Reduce is expected to know how
	// to marshal and unmarshal the given data.
	Reduce(value [][]byte) (reduced [][]byte, err error)

Reducer reduces a slice data points into a smaller set.


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