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nolint: golint, errcheck

nolint: errcheck,golint



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func BackupForCluster added in v0.2.2

func BackupForCluster(cluster *api.MysqlCluster) gomegatypes.GomegaMatcher

BackupForCluster is gomega matcher that matches a backup which is for given cluster

func BackupHaveCondition

func BackupHaveCondition(condType api.BackupConditionType, status core.ConditionStatus) gomegatypes.GomegaMatcher

BackupHaveCondition is a helper func that returns a matcher to check for an existing condition in condition list list

func BackupWithName added in v0.2.3

func BackupWithName(name string) gomegatypes.GomegaMatcher

BackupWithName is a gomega matcher that matchers a backup with the given name

func DrainChan

func DrainChan(requests <-chan reconcile.Request)

DrainChan drains the request chan time for drainTimeout

func HaveClusterStatusReadyNodes added in v0.2.4

func HaveClusterStatusReadyNodes(nodes int) gomegatypes.GomegaMatcher

HaveClusterStatusReadyNodes a matcher that checks cluster ready nodes to equal the given value

func ListAllBackupsFn added in v0.2.2

func ListAllBackupsFn(c client.Client, options *client.ListOptions) func() []api.MysqlBackup

ListAllBackupsFn returns a helper function that can be used with gomega Eventually and Consistently

func NewTestLogger

func NewTestLogger(w io.Writer) logr.Logger

NewTestLogger returns a logger good for tests

func NodeConditions added in v0.2.2

func NodeConditions(master, replicating, lagged, readOnly bool) []api.NodeCondition

NodeConditions returns a list of api.NodeConditions for a node

func RefreshFn added in v0.2.4

func RefreshFn(c client.Client, obj runtime.Object) func() runtime.Object

RefreshFn receives a client and a runtime.Objects and refreshes the object from k8s example: Eventually(RefreshFn(c, cluster.Unwrap())).Should(HaveClusterStatusReadyNodes(2))


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