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Package params defines important constants that are essential to Prysm services.



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var ConfigNames = map[ConfigName]string{
	Mainnet:  "mainnet",
	EndToEnd: "end-to-end",
	Pyrmont:  "pyrmont",
	Toledo:   "toledo",
	Prater:   "prater",

ConfigNames provides network configuration names.


func LoadChainConfigFile added in v1.0.0

func LoadChainConfigFile(chainConfigFileName string)

LoadChainConfigFile load, convert hex values into valid param yaml format, unmarshal , and apply beacon chain config file.

func OverrideBeaconConfig

func OverrideBeaconConfig(c *BeaconChainConfig)

OverrideBeaconConfig by replacing the config. The preferred pattern is to call BeaconConfig(), change the specific parameters, and then call OverrideBeaconConfig(c). Any subsequent calls to params.BeaconConfig() will return this new configuration.

func OverrideBeaconNetworkConfig added in v1.0.0

func OverrideBeaconNetworkConfig(cfg *NetworkConfig)

OverrideBeaconNetworkConfig will override the network config with the added argument.

func SetupTestConfigCleanup added in v1.0.0

func SetupTestConfigCleanup(t testing.TB)

SetupTestConfigCleanup preserves configurations allowing to modify them within tests without any restrictions, everything is restored after the test.

func UseE2EConfig added in v1.0.0

func UseE2EConfig()

UseE2EConfig for beacon chain services.

func UseMainnetConfig

func UseMainnetConfig()

UseMainnetConfig for beacon chain services.

func UseMinimalConfig

func UseMinimalConfig()

UseMinimalConfig for beacon chain services.

func UsePraterConfig added in v1.3.4

func UsePraterConfig()

UsePraterConfig sets the main beacon chain config for Prater.

func UsePraterNetworkConfig added in v1.3.4

func UsePraterNetworkConfig()

UsePraterNetworkConfig uses the Prater specific network config.

func UsePyrmontConfig added in v1.0.0

func UsePyrmontConfig()

UsePyrmontConfig sets the main beacon chain config for Pyrmont.

func UsePyrmontNetworkConfig added in v1.0.0

func UsePyrmontNetworkConfig()

UsePyrmontNetworkConfig uses the Pyrmont specific network config.

func UseToledoConfig added in v1.0.0

func UseToledoConfig()

UseToledoConfig sets the main beacon chain config for Toledo testnet.

func UseToledoNetworkConfig added in v1.0.0

func UseToledoNetworkConfig()

UseToledoNetworkConfig uses the Toledo specific network config.


type BeaconChainConfig

type BeaconChainConfig struct {
	// Constants (non-configurable)
	GenesisSlot              types.Slot  `yaml:"GENESIS_SLOT"`                // GenesisSlot represents the first canonical slot number of the beacon chain.
	GenesisEpoch             types.Epoch `yaml:"GENESIS_EPOCH"`               // GenesisEpoch represents the first canonical epoch number of the beacon chain.
	FarFutureEpoch           types.Epoch `yaml:"FAR_FUTURE_EPOCH"`            // FarFutureEpoch represents a epoch extremely far away in the future used as the default penalization epoch for validators.
	FarFutureSlot            types.Slot  `yaml:"FAR_FUTURE_SLOT"`             // FarFutureSlot represents a slot extremely far away in the future.
	BaseRewardsPerEpoch      uint64      `yaml:"BASE_REWARDS_PER_EPOCH"`      // BaseRewardsPerEpoch is used to calculate the per epoch rewards.
	DepositContractTreeDepth uint64      `yaml:"DEPOSIT_CONTRACT_TREE_DEPTH"` // DepositContractTreeDepth depth of the Merkle trie of deposits in the validator deposit contract on the PoW chain.
	JustificationBitsLength  uint64      `yaml:"JUSTIFICATION_BITS_LENGTH"`   // JustificationBitsLength defines number of epochs to track when implementing k-finality in Casper FFG.

	// Misc constants.
	ConfigName                     string `yaml:"CONFIG_NAME" spec:"true"`                        // ConfigName for allowing an easy human-readable way of knowing what chain is being used.
	TargetCommitteeSize            uint64 `yaml:"TARGET_COMMITTEE_SIZE" spec:"true"`              // TargetCommitteeSize is the number of validators in a committee when the chain is healthy.
	MaxValidatorsPerCommittee      uint64 `yaml:"MAX_VALIDATORS_PER_COMMITTEE" spec:"true"`       // MaxValidatorsPerCommittee defines the upper bound of the size of a committee.
	MaxCommitteesPerSlot           uint64 `yaml:"MAX_COMMITTEES_PER_SLOT" spec:"true"`            // MaxCommitteesPerSlot defines the max amount of committee in a single slot.
	MinPerEpochChurnLimit          uint64 `yaml:"MIN_PER_EPOCH_CHURN_LIMIT" spec:"true"`          // MinPerEpochChurnLimit is the minimum amount of churn allotted for validator rotations.
	ChurnLimitQuotient             uint64 `yaml:"CHURN_LIMIT_QUOTIENT" spec:"true"`               // ChurnLimitQuotient is used to determine the limit of how many validators can rotate per epoch.
	ShuffleRoundCount              uint64 `yaml:"SHUFFLE_ROUND_COUNT" spec:"true"`                // ShuffleRoundCount is used for retrieving the permuted index.
	MinGenesisActiveValidatorCount uint64 `yaml:"MIN_GENESIS_ACTIVE_VALIDATOR_COUNT" spec:"true"` // MinGenesisActiveValidatorCount defines how many validator deposits needed to kick off beacon chain.
	MinGenesisTime                 uint64 `yaml:"MIN_GENESIS_TIME" spec:"true"`                   // MinGenesisTime is the time that needed to pass before kicking off beacon chain.
	TargetAggregatorsPerCommittee  uint64 `yaml:"TARGET_AGGREGATORS_PER_COMMITTEE" spec:"true"`   // TargetAggregatorsPerCommittee defines the number of aggregators inside one committee.
	HysteresisQuotient             uint64 `yaml:"HYSTERESIS_QUOTIENT" spec:"true"`                // HysteresisQuotient defines the hysteresis quotient for effective balance calculations.
	HysteresisDownwardMultiplier   uint64 `yaml:"HYSTERESIS_DOWNWARD_MULTIPLIER" spec:"true"`     // HysteresisDownwardMultiplier defines the hysteresis downward multiplier for effective balance calculations.
	HysteresisUpwardMultiplier     uint64 `yaml:"HYSTERESIS_UPWARD_MULTIPLIER" spec:"true"`       // HysteresisUpwardMultiplier defines the hysteresis upward multiplier for effective balance calculations.

	// Gwei value constants.
	MinDepositAmount          uint64 `yaml:"MIN_DEPOSIT_AMOUNT" spec:"true"`          // MinDepositAmount is the minimum amount of Gwei a validator can send to the deposit contract at once (lower amounts will be reverted).
	MaxEffectiveBalance       uint64 `yaml:"MAX_EFFECTIVE_BALANCE" spec:"true"`       // MaxEffectiveBalance is the maximal amount of Gwei that is effective for staking.
	EjectionBalance           uint64 `yaml:"EJECTION_BALANCE" spec:"true"`            // EjectionBalance is the minimal GWei a validator needs to have before ejected.
	EffectiveBalanceIncrement uint64 `yaml:"EFFECTIVE_BALANCE_INCREMENT" spec:"true"` // EffectiveBalanceIncrement is used for converting the high balance into the low balance for validators.

	// Initial value constants.
	BLSWithdrawalPrefixByte byte     `yaml:"BLS_WITHDRAWAL_PREFIX" spec:"true"` // BLSWithdrawalPrefixByte is used for BLS withdrawal and it's the first byte.
	ZeroHash                [32]byte // ZeroHash is used to represent a zeroed out 32 byte array.

	// Time parameters constants.
	GenesisDelay                     uint64      `yaml:"GENESIS_DELAY" spec:"true"`                       // GenesisDelay is the minimum number of seconds to delay starting the Ethereum Beacon Chain genesis. Must be at least 1 second.
	MinAttestationInclusionDelay     types.Slot  `yaml:"MIN_ATTESTATION_INCLUSION_DELAY" spec:"true"`     // MinAttestationInclusionDelay defines how many slots validator has to wait to include attestation for beacon block.
	SecondsPerSlot                   uint64      `yaml:"SECONDS_PER_SLOT" spec:"true"`                    // SecondsPerSlot is how many seconds are in a single slot.
	SlotsPerEpoch                    types.Slot  `yaml:"SLOTS_PER_EPOCH" spec:"true"`                     // SlotsPerEpoch is the number of slots in an epoch.
	MinSeedLookahead                 types.Epoch `yaml:"MIN_SEED_LOOKAHEAD" spec:"true"`                  // MinSeedLookahead is the duration of randao look ahead seed.
	MaxSeedLookahead                 types.Epoch `yaml:"MAX_SEED_LOOKAHEAD" spec:"true"`                  // MaxSeedLookahead is the duration a validator has to wait for entry and exit in epoch.
	EpochsPerEth1VotingPeriod        types.Epoch `yaml:"EPOCHS_PER_ETH1_VOTING_PERIOD" spec:"true"`       // EpochsPerEth1VotingPeriod defines how often the merkle root of deposit receipts get updated in beacon node on per epoch basis.
	SlotsPerHistoricalRoot           types.Slot  `yaml:"SLOTS_PER_HISTORICAL_ROOT" spec:"true"`           // SlotsPerHistoricalRoot defines how often the historical root is saved.
	MinValidatorWithdrawabilityDelay types.Epoch `yaml:"MIN_VALIDATOR_WITHDRAWABILITY_DELAY" spec:"true"` // MinValidatorWithdrawabilityDelay is the shortest amount of time a validator has to wait to withdraw.
	ShardCommitteePeriod             types.Epoch `yaml:"SHARD_COMMITTEE_PERIOD" spec:"true"`              // ShardCommitteePeriod is the minimum amount of epochs a validator must participate before exiting.
	MinEpochsToInactivityPenalty     types.Epoch `yaml:"MIN_EPOCHS_TO_INACTIVITY_PENALTY" spec:"true"`    // MinEpochsToInactivityPenalty defines the minimum amount of epochs since finality to begin penalizing inactivity.
	Eth1FollowDistance               uint64      `yaml:"ETH1_FOLLOW_DISTANCE" spec:"true"`                // Eth1FollowDistance is the number of eth1.0 blocks to wait before considering a new deposit for voting. This only applies after the chain as been started.
	SafeSlotsToUpdateJustified       types.Slot  `yaml:"SAFE_SLOTS_TO_UPDATE_JUSTIFIED" spec:"true"`      // SafeSlotsToUpdateJustified is the minimal slots needed to update justified check point.
	SecondsPerETH1Block              uint64      `yaml:"SECONDS_PER_ETH1_BLOCK" spec:"true"`              // SecondsPerETH1Block is the approximate time for a single eth1 block to be produced.

	// Ethereum PoW parameters.
	DepositChainID         uint64 `yaml:"DEPOSIT_CHAIN_ID" spec:"true"`         // DepositChainID of the eth1 network. This used for replay protection.
	DepositNetworkID       uint64 `yaml:"DEPOSIT_NETWORK_ID" spec:"true"`       // DepositNetworkID of the eth1 network. This used for replay protection.
	DepositContractAddress string `yaml:"DEPOSIT_CONTRACT_ADDRESS" spec:"true"` // DepositContractAddress is the address of the deposit contract.

	// Validator parameters.
	RandomSubnetsPerValidator         uint64 `yaml:"RANDOM_SUBNETS_PER_VALIDATOR" spec:"true"`          // RandomSubnetsPerValidator specifies the amount of subnets a validator has to be subscribed to at one time.
	EpochsPerRandomSubnetSubscription uint64 `yaml:"EPOCHS_PER_RANDOM_SUBNET_SUBSCRIPTION" spec:"true"` // EpochsPerRandomSubnetSubscription specifies the minimum duration a validator is connected to their subnet.

	// State list lengths
	EpochsPerHistoricalVector types.Epoch `yaml:"EPOCHS_PER_HISTORICAL_VECTOR" spec:"true"` // EpochsPerHistoricalVector defines max length in epoch to store old historical stats in beacon state.
	EpochsPerSlashingsVector  types.Epoch `yaml:"EPOCHS_PER_SLASHINGS_VECTOR" spec:"true"`  // EpochsPerSlashingsVector defines max length in epoch to store old stats to recompute slashing witness.
	HistoricalRootsLimit      uint64      `yaml:"HISTORICAL_ROOTS_LIMIT" spec:"true"`       // HistoricalRootsLimit defines max historical roots that can be saved in state before roll over.
	ValidatorRegistryLimit    uint64      `yaml:"VALIDATOR_REGISTRY_LIMIT" spec:"true"`     // ValidatorRegistryLimit defines the upper bound of validators can participate in eth2.

	// Reward and penalty quotients constants.
	BaseRewardFactor               uint64 `yaml:"BASE_REWARD_FACTOR" spec:"true"`               // BaseRewardFactor is used to calculate validator per-slot interest rate.
	WhistleBlowerRewardQuotient    uint64 `yaml:"WHISTLEBLOWER_REWARD_QUOTIENT" spec:"true"`    // WhistleBlowerRewardQuotient is used to calculate whistle blower reward.
	ProposerRewardQuotient         uint64 `yaml:"PROPOSER_REWARD_QUOTIENT" spec:"true"`         // ProposerRewardQuotient is used to calculate the reward for proposers.
	InactivityPenaltyQuotient      uint64 `yaml:"INACTIVITY_PENALTY_QUOTIENT" spec:"true"`      // InactivityPenaltyQuotient is used to calculate the penalty for a validator that is offline.
	MinSlashingPenaltyQuotient     uint64 `yaml:"MIN_SLASHING_PENALTY_QUOTIENT" spec:"true"`    // MinSlashingPenaltyQuotient is used to calculate the minimum penalty to prevent DoS attacks.
	ProportionalSlashingMultiplier uint64 `yaml:"PROPORTIONAL_SLASHING_MULTIPLIER" spec:"true"` // ProportionalSlashingMultiplier is used as a multiplier on slashed penalties.

	// Max operations per block constants.
	MaxProposerSlashings uint64 `yaml:"MAX_PROPOSER_SLASHINGS" spec:"true"` // MaxProposerSlashings defines the maximum number of slashings of proposers possible in a block.
	MaxAttesterSlashings uint64 `yaml:"MAX_ATTESTER_SLASHINGS" spec:"true"` // MaxAttesterSlashings defines the maximum number of casper FFG slashings possible in a block.
	MaxAttestations      uint64 `yaml:"MAX_ATTESTATIONS" spec:"true"`       // MaxAttestations defines the maximum allowed attestations in a beacon block.
	MaxDeposits          uint64 `yaml:"MAX_DEPOSITS" spec:"true"`           // MaxDeposits defines the maximum number of validator deposits in a block.
	MaxVoluntaryExits    uint64 `yaml:"MAX_VOLUNTARY_EXITS" spec:"true"`    // MaxVoluntaryExits defines the maximum number of validator exits in a block.

	// BLS domain values.
	DomainBeaconProposer    [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_BEACON_PROPOSER" spec:"true"`     // DomainBeaconProposer defines the BLS signature domain for beacon proposal verification.
	DomainRandao            [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_RANDAO" spec:"true"`              // DomainRandao defines the BLS signature domain for randao verification.
	DomainBeaconAttester    [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_BEACON_ATTESTER" spec:"true"`     // DomainBeaconAttester defines the BLS signature domain for attestation verification.
	DomainDeposit           [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_DEPOSIT" spec:"true"`             // DomainDeposit defines the BLS signature domain for deposit verification.
	DomainVoluntaryExit     [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_VOLUNTARY_EXIT" spec:"true"`      // DomainVoluntaryExit defines the BLS signature domain for exit verification.
	DomainSelectionProof    [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_SELECTION_PROOF" spec:"true"`     // DomainSelectionProof defines the BLS signature domain for selection proof.
	DomainAggregateAndProof [4]byte `yaml:"DOMAIN_AGGREGATE_AND_PROOF" spec:"true"` // DomainAggregateAndProof defines the BLS signature domain for aggregate and proof.

	// Prysm constants.
	GweiPerEth                uint64        // GweiPerEth is the amount of gwei corresponding to 1 eth.
	BLSSecretKeyLength        int           // BLSSecretKeyLength defines the expected length of BLS secret keys in bytes.
	BLSPubkeyLength           int           // BLSPubkeyLength defines the expected length of BLS public keys in bytes.
	BLSSignatureLength        int           // BLSSignatureLength defines the expected length of BLS signatures in bytes.
	DefaultBufferSize         int           // DefaultBufferSize for channels across the Prysm repository.
	ValidatorPrivkeyFileName  string        // ValidatorPrivKeyFileName specifies the string name of a validator private key file.
	WithdrawalPrivkeyFileName string        // WithdrawalPrivKeyFileName specifies the string name of a withdrawal private key file.
	RPCSyncCheck              time.Duration // Number of seconds to query the sync service, to find out if the node is synced or not.
	EmptySignature            [96]byte      // EmptySignature is used to represent a zeroed out BLS Signature.
	DefaultPageSize           int           // DefaultPageSize defines the default page size for RPC server request.
	MaxPeersToSync            int           // MaxPeersToSync describes the limit for number of peers in round robin sync.
	SlotsPerArchivedPoint     types.Slot    // SlotsPerArchivedPoint defines the number of slots per one archived point.
	GenesisCountdownInterval  time.Duration // How often to log the countdown until the genesis time is reached.
	BeaconStateFieldCount     int           // BeaconStateFieldCount defines how many fields are in beacon state.

	// Slasher constants.
	WeakSubjectivityPeriod    types.Epoch // WeakSubjectivityPeriod defines the time period expressed in number of epochs were proof of stake network should validate block headers and attestations for slashable events.
	PruneSlasherStoragePeriod types.Epoch // PruneSlasherStoragePeriod defines the time period expressed in number of epochs were proof of stake network should prune attestation and block header store.

	// Slashing protection constants.
	SlashingProtectionPruningEpochs types.Epoch // SlashingProtectionPruningEpochs defines a period after which all prior epochs are pruned in the validator database.

	// Fork-related values.
	GenesisForkVersion  []byte                 `yaml:"GENESIS_FORK_VERSION" spec:"true"` // GenesisForkVersion is used to track fork version between state transitions.
	NextForkVersion     []byte                 `yaml:"NEXT_FORK_VERSION"`                // NextForkVersion is used to track the upcoming fork version, if any.
	NextForkEpoch       types.Epoch            `yaml:"NEXT_FORK_EPOCH"`                  // NextForkEpoch is used to track the epoch of the next fork, if any.
	ForkVersionSchedule map[types.Epoch][]byte // Schedule of fork versions by epoch number.

	// Weak subjectivity values.
	SafetyDecay uint64 // SafetyDecay is defined as the loss in the 1/3 consensus safety margin of the casper FFG mechanism.

BeaconChainConfig contains constant configs for node to participate in beacon chain.

func BeaconConfig

func BeaconConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

BeaconConfig retrieves beacon chain config.

func E2ETestConfig added in v1.0.0

func E2ETestConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

E2ETestConfig retrieves the configurations made specifically for E2E testing. Warning: This config is only for testing, it is not meant for use outside of E2E.

func MainnetConfig

func MainnetConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

MainnetConfig returns the configuration to be used in the main network.

func MinimalSpecConfig

func MinimalSpecConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

MinimalSpecConfig retrieves the minimal config used in spec tests.

func PraterConfig added in v1.3.4

func PraterConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

PraterConfig defines the config for the Prater testnet.

func PyrmontConfig added in v1.0.0

func PyrmontConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

PyrmontConfig defines the config for the Pyrmont testnet.

func ToledoConfig added in v1.0.0

func ToledoConfig() *BeaconChainConfig

ToledoConfig defines the config for the Toledo testnet.

func (*BeaconChainConfig) Copy added in v1.0.0

Copy returns a copy of the config object.

type ConfigName added in v1.3.4

type ConfigName = int

ConfigName enum describes the type of known network in use.

const (
	Mainnet ConfigName = iota

type IoConfig added in v1.0.0

type IoConfig struct {
	ReadWritePermissions        os.FileMode
	ReadWriteExecutePermissions os.FileMode
	BoltTimeout                 time.Duration

IoConfig defines the shared io parameters.

func BeaconIoConfig added in v1.0.0

func BeaconIoConfig() *IoConfig

BeaconIoConfig returns the current io config for the beacon chain.

type NetworkConfig added in v1.0.0

type NetworkConfig struct {
	GossipMaxSize                   uint64        `yaml:"GOSSIP_MAX_SIZE"`                    // GossipMaxSize is the maximum allowed size of uncompressed gossip messages.
	MaxChunkSize                    uint64        `yaml:"MAX_CHUNK_SIZE"`                     // MaxChunkSize is the the maximum allowed size of uncompressed req/resp chunked responses.
	AttestationSubnetCount          uint64        `yaml:"ATTESTATION_SUBNET_COUNT"`           // AttestationSubnetCount is the number of attestation subnets used in the gossipsub protocol.
	AttestationPropagationSlotRange types.Slot    `yaml:"ATTESTATION_PROPAGATION_SLOT_RANGE"` // AttestationPropagationSlotRange is the maximum number of slots during which an attestation can be propagated.
	MaxRequestBlocks                uint64        `yaml:"MAX_REQUEST_BLOCKS"`                 // MaxRequestBlocks is the maximum number of blocks in a single request.
	TtfbTimeout                     time.Duration `yaml:"TTFB_TIMEOUT"`                       // TtfbTimeout is the maximum time to wait for first byte of request response (time-to-first-byte).
	RespTimeout                     time.Duration `yaml:"RESP_TIMEOUT"`                       // RespTimeout is the maximum time for complete response transfer.
	MaximumGossipClockDisparity     time.Duration `yaml:"MAXIMUM_GOSSIP_CLOCK_DISPARITY"`     // MaximumGossipClockDisparity is the maximum milliseconds of clock disparity assumed between honest nodes.
	MessageDomainInvalidSnappy      [4]byte       `yaml:"MESSAGE_DOMAIN_INVALID_SNAPPY"`      // MessageDomainInvalidSnappy is the 4-byte domain for gossip message-id isolation of invalid snappy messages.
	MessageDomainValidSnappy        [4]byte       `yaml:"MESSAGE_DOMAIN_VALID_SNAPPY"`        // MessageDomainValidSnappy is the 4-byte domain for gossip message-id isolation of valid snappy messages.

	// DiscoveryV5 Config
	ETH2Key                    string // ETH2Key is the ENR key of the Ethereum consensus object in an enr.
	AttSubnetKey               string // AttSubnetKey is the ENR key of the subnet bitfield in the enr.
	MinimumPeersInSubnet       uint64 // MinimumPeersInSubnet is the required amount of peers that a node is to have its in subnet.
	MinimumPeersInSubnetSearch uint64 // PeersInSubnetSearch is the required amount of peers that we need to be able to lookup in a subnet search.

	// Chain Network Config
	ContractDeploymentBlock uint64   // ContractDeploymentBlock is the eth1 block in which the deposit contract is deployed.
	BootstrapNodes          []string // BootstrapNodes are the addresses of the bootnodes.

NetworkConfig defines the spec based network parameters.

func BeaconNetworkConfig added in v1.0.0

func BeaconNetworkConfig() *NetworkConfig

BeaconNetworkConfig returns the current network config for the beacon chain.

func (*NetworkConfig) Copy added in v1.0.0

func (c *NetworkConfig) Copy() *NetworkConfig

Copy returns Copy of the config object.

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