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var ErrNotCommit = fmt.Errorf("one or both of the provided commits was not a valid commit")
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var SupportedHosts = map[string]int{
	"bitbucket.org":     3,
	"cloud.google.com":  2,
	"code.google.com":   3,
	"github.com":        3,
	"golang.org":        3,
	"google.golang.org": 2,
	"gopkg.in":          2,
	"k8s.io":            2,
	"speter.net":        2,

supportedHosts maps source hosts to the number of path segments that represent the account/repo for that host. This is necessary because we can't tell just by looking at an import path whether the repo is identified by the first 2 or 3 path segments.

If dependencies are introduced from new hosts, they'll need to be added here.

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var UpstreamSummaryPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`UPSTREAM: (revert: [a-f0-9]{7,}: )?(([\w\.-]+\/[\w-\.-]+)?: )?(\d+:|<carry>:|<drop>:)`)


func Checkout

func Checkout(commit, repoDir string) error

func CommitDate

func CommitDate(commit, repoDir string) (string, error)

func CurrentRev

func CurrentRev(repoDir string) (string, error)

func FetchRepo

func FetchRepo(repoDir string) error

func IsAncestor

func IsAncestor(commit1, commit2, repoDir string) (bool, error)

func IsCommit

func IsCommit(a string) bool


type Commit

type Commit struct {
	Sha     string
	Summary string
	Files   []File

func CommitsBetween

func CommitsBetween(a, b string) ([]Commit, error)

func NewCommitFromOnelineLog

func NewCommitFromOnelineLog(log string) (Commit, error)

func (Commit) DeclaredUpstreamRepo

func (c Commit) DeclaredUpstreamRepo() (string, error)

func (Commit) DeclaresUpstreamChange

func (c Commit) DeclaresUpstreamChange() bool

func (Commit) GodepsReposChanged

func (c Commit) GodepsReposChanged() ([]string, error)

func (Commit) HasGodepsChanges

func (c Commit) HasGodepsChanges() bool

HasGodepsChanges verifies if the commit has any changes to Godeps/Godeps.json file.

func (Commit) HasNonVendoredCodeChanges

func (c Commit) HasNonVendoredCodeChanges() bool

HasNonVendoredCodeChanges verifies if the commit didn't modify Godeps/_workspace/ or vendor directories.

func (Commit) HasVendoredCodeChanges

func (c Commit) HasVendoredCodeChanges() bool

HasVendoredCodeChanges verifies if the commit has any changes to Godeps/_workspace/ or vendor/ directories.

func (Commit) MatchesUpstreamSummaryPattern

func (c Commit) MatchesUpstreamSummaryPattern() bool

type File

type File string

func (File) GodepsRepoChanged

func (f File) GodepsRepoChanged() (string, error)

func (File) HasGodepsChanges

func (f File) HasGodepsChanges() bool

HasGodepsChanges verifies if the modified file is Godeps/Godeps.json.

func (File) HasVendoredCodeChanges

func (f File) HasVendoredCodeChanges() bool

HasVendoredCodeChanges verifies if the modified file is from Godeps/_workspace/ or vendor/ directories.

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