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var FilterPluginNames = []string{


func FiltersRun

func FiltersRun(config common.MapStr, plugins map[Filter]FilterPlugin,
	next chan common.MapStr, stopCb func()) (input chan common.MapStr, err error)


type Filter

type Filter int
const (
	NopFilter Filter = iota

func FilterFromName

func FilterFromName(name string) (Filter, error)

func (Filter) String

func (filter Filter) String() string

type FilterPlugin

type FilterPlugin interface {

	// New creates a new FilterPlugin instance with the
	// given name and configuration.
	New(name string, config map[string]interface{}) (FilterPlugin, error)

	// Filter executes the filter.
	Filter(event common.MapStr) (common.MapStr, error)

	// String returns the name of the filter.
	String() string

	// Type returns the type of the filter.
	Type() Filter

The FilterPlugin interface needs to be implemented by all the filtering plugins.

func LoadConfiguredFilters

func LoadConfiguredFilters(config map[string]interface{}) ([]FilterPlugin, error)

LoadConfiguredFilters interprets the filters configuration, loads the configured plugins and returns the order in which they need to be executed.

type FilterRunner

type FilterRunner struct {
	FiltersQueue chan common.MapStr
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Executes the filters

func NewFilterRunner

func NewFilterRunner(results chan common.MapStr, order []FilterPlugin) *FilterRunner

Create a new FilterRunner

func (*FilterRunner) Run

func (runner *FilterRunner) Run() error

Goroutine that reads the objects from the FiltersQueue, executes all filters on them and writes the modified objects in the results channel.

type FiltersList

type FiltersList struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Contains a list of the available filter plugins.

var Filters FiltersList

func (FiltersList) Get

func (filters FiltersList) Get(filter Filter) FilterPlugin

func (FiltersList) Register

func (filters FiltersList) Register(filter Filter, plugin FilterPlugin)


Path Synopsis
Package nop implements a Packetbeat filter that does absolutely nothing.
Package nop implements a Packetbeat filter that does absolutely nothing.

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