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Package blockfile provides methods for reading packets from blockfiles generated by stenotype.



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type BlockFile

type BlockFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BlockFile provides an interface to a single stenotype file on disk and its associated index.

func NewBlockFile

func NewBlockFile(filename string) (*BlockFile, error)

NewBlockFile opens up a named block file (and its index), returning a handle which can be used to look up packets.

func (*BlockFile) AllPackets

func (b *BlockFile) AllPackets() *base.PacketChan

AllPackets returns a packet channel to which all packets in the blockfile are sent.

func (*BlockFile) Close

func (b *BlockFile) Close() (err error)

Close cleans up this blockfile.

func (*BlockFile) DumpIndex

func (b *BlockFile) DumpIndex(out io.Writer, start, finish []byte)

DumpIndex dumps out a "human-readable" debug version of the blockfile's index to the given writer.

func (*BlockFile) Lookup

func (b *BlockFile) Lookup(ctx context.Context, q query.Query, out *base.PacketChan)

Lookup returns all packets in the blockfile matched by the passed-in query.

func (*BlockFile) Name

func (b *BlockFile) Name() string

Name returns the name of the file underlying this blockfile.

func (*BlockFile) Positions

func (b *BlockFile) Positions(ctx context.Context, q query.Query) (base.Positions, error)

Positions returns the positions in the blockfile of all packets matched by the passed-in query.

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