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type Info

type Info struct {
	Style string

    Info gathers debugging information and stores everything in a buffer in order to write it to somewhere later. It directly inherits a bytes.Buffer, so you can also use all these functions too.

    func (*Info) AddGoroutineStack

    func (di *Info) AddGoroutineStack()

      AddGoroutineStack adds the current goroutine stack.

      func (*Info) AddLastReportedModuleError

      func (di *Info) AddLastReportedModuleError()

        AddLastReportedModuleError adds the last reported module error, if one exists.

        func (*Info) AddLastUnexpectedLogs

        func (di *Info) AddLastUnexpectedLogs()

          AddLastUnexpectedLogs adds the last 10 unexpected log lines, if any.

          func (*Info) AddPlatformInfo

          func (di *Info) AddPlatformInfo(ctx context.Context)

            AddPlatformInfo adds OS and platform information.

            func (*Info) AddSection

            func (di *Info) AddSection(name string, flags InfoFlag, content ...string)

              AddSection adds a debug section to the Info. The result is directly written into the buffer.

              func (*Info) AddVersionInfo

              func (di *Info) AddVersionInfo()

                AddVersionInfo adds version information from the info pkg.

                type InfoFlag

                type InfoFlag int

                  InfoFlag defines possible options for adding sections to a Info.

                  const (
                  	// NoFlags does nothing.
                  	NoFlags InfoFlag = 0
                  	// UseCodeSection wraps the section content in a markdown code section.
                  	UseCodeSection InfoFlag = 1
                  	// AddContentLineBreaks adds a line breaks after each line of content,
                  	// except for the last.
                  	AddContentLineBreaks InfoFlag = 2

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