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type EmptyResponse

type EmptyResponse struct{}

EmptyResponse is a empty response swagger:response empty

type ErrorDetails

type ErrorDetails struct {
	// The error code
	// Required: true
	Code int `json:"code"`
	// The error message
	// Required: true
	Message string `json:"message"`
	// Additional error messages
	// Required: false
	Additional []string `json:"details,omitempty"`

ErrorDetails contains details about the error

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse struct {
	// The error details
	// in: body
	Error ErrorDetails `json:"error"`

ErrorResponse is the default representation of an error swagger:model errorResponse

type Routing

type Routing struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Routing represents an object which binds endpoints to http handlers.

func NewRouting

func NewRouting(
	logger *zap.SugaredLogger,
	presetsProvider provider.PresetProvider,
	seedsGetter provider.SeedsGetter,
	seedsClientGetter provider.SeedClientGetter,
	clusterProviderGetter provider.ClusterProviderGetter,
	addonProviderGetter provider.AddonProviderGetter,
	addonConfigProvider provider.AddonConfigProvider,
	newSSHKeyProvider provider.SSHKeyProvider,
	privilegedSSHKeyProvider provider.PrivilegedSSHKeyProvider,
	userProvider provider.UserProvider,
	serviceAccountProvider provider.ServiceAccountProvider,
	privilegedServiceAccountProvider provider.PrivilegedServiceAccountProvider,
	serviceAccountTokenProvider provider.ServiceAccountTokenProvider,
	privilegedServiceAccountTokenProvider provider.PrivilegedServiceAccountTokenProvider,
	projectProvider provider.ProjectProvider,
	privilegedProject provider.PrivilegedProjectProvider,
	oidcIssuerVerifier auth.OIDCIssuerVerifier,
	tokenVerifiers auth.TokenVerifier,
	tokenExtractors auth.TokenExtractor,
	updateManager common.UpdateManager,
	prometheusClient prometheusapi.Client,
	projectMemberProvider provider.ProjectMemberProvider,
	privilegedProjectMemberProvider provider.PrivilegedProjectMemberProvider,
	userProjectMapper provider.ProjectMemberMapper,
	saTokenAuthenticator serviceaccount.TokenAuthenticator,
	saTokenGenerator serviceaccount.TokenGenerator,
	eventRecorderProvider provider.EventRecorderProvider,
	exposeStrategy corev1.ServiceType,
	accessibleAddons sets.String,
	userInfoGetter provider.UserInfoGetter,
	settingsProvider provider.SettingsProvider,
	adminProvider provider.AdminProvider,
	admissionPluginProvider provider.AdmissionPluginsProvider,
	settingsWatcher watcher.SettingsWatcher,
) Routing

NewRouting creates a new Routing.

func (Routing) RegisterV1

func (r Routing) RegisterV1(mux *mux.Router, metrics common.ServerMetrics)

RegisterV1 declares all router paths for v1

func (Routing) RegisterV1Admin

func (r Routing) RegisterV1Admin(mux *mux.Router)

RegisterV1Admin declares all router paths for the admin users

func (Routing) RegisterV1Legacy

func (r Routing) RegisterV1Legacy(mux *mux.Router)

RegisterV1Legacy declares legacy HTTP paths that can be deleted in the future At the time of this writing, there is no clear deprecation policy

func (Routing) RegisterV1Optional

func (r Routing) RegisterV1Optional(mux *mux.Router, oidcKubeConfEndpoint bool, oidcCfg common.OIDCConfiguration, mainMux *mux.Router)

RegisterV1Optional declares all router paths for v1

func (Routing) RegisterV1Websocket

func (r Routing) RegisterV1Websocket(mux *mux.Router)

type WebsocketWriter

type WebsocketWriter func(providers watcher.Providers, ws *websocket.Conn)

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