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type FakeJobDB

type FakeJobDB struct {
	GetConfigStub func() (atc.Config, db.ConfigVersion, error)

	GetJobStub func(string) (db.SavedJob, error)

	GetAllJobBuildsStub func(job string) ([]db.Build, error)

	GetCurrentBuildStub func(job string) (db.Build, error)

	GetPipelineNameStub func() string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuilds

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuilds(job string) ([]db.Build, error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuildsArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuildsArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuildsCallCount

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuildsCallCount() int

func (*FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuildsReturns

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetAllJobBuildsReturns(result1 []db.Build, result2 error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetConfig

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetConfig() (atc.Config, db.ConfigVersion, error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetConfigCallCount

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetConfigCallCount() int

func (*FakeJobDB) GetConfigReturns

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetConfigReturns(result1 atc.Config, result2 db.ConfigVersion, result3 error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuild

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuild(job string) (db.Build, error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuildArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuildArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuildCallCount

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuildCallCount() int

func (*FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuildReturns

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetCurrentBuildReturns(result1 db.Build, result2 error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetJob

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetJob(arg1 string) (db.SavedJob, error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetJobArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetJobArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeJobDB) GetJobCallCount

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetJobCallCount() int

func (*FakeJobDB) GetJobReturns

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetJobReturns(result1 db.SavedJob, result2 error)

func (*FakeJobDB) GetPipelineName

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetPipelineName() string

func (*FakeJobDB) GetPipelineNameCallCount

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetPipelineNameCallCount() int

func (*FakeJobDB) GetPipelineNameReturns

func (fake *FakeJobDB) GetPipelineNameReturns(result1 string)

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