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func ErrorRes

func ErrorRes(c *fiber.Ctx, status int, err error) error

ErrorRes returns the error response

func FiberErrorHandler

func FiberErrorHandler(c *fiber.Ctx, err error) error

FiberErrorHandler handles errors in fiber In our case that means we change the errors from text to json

func InsertData

func InsertData(dbConn db.Connection, serverSeed string) routeBuilder.M

InsertData adds the profiles to every route

func Routes

func Routes(app *fiber.App, dbConn db.Connection, serverSeed string, testing bool)

Routes defines the routes used


type IMap

type IMap map[string]interface{}

IMap is a wrapper around map[string]interface{} that's faster to use

type RouteScraperScanCVBody

type RouteScraperScanCVBody struct {
	CV    models.CV `json:"cv"`
	Debug bool      `json:"debug"`

RouteScraperScanCVBody is the request body of the routeScraperScanCV

type RouteUpdateOrCreateSecret

type RouteUpdateOrCreateSecret struct {
	Value       json.RawMessage
	Description string

RouteUpdateOrCreateSecret is the post data for the route below

type SeedRes

type SeedRes struct {
	Seed string `json:"seed"`

SeedRes is the response data for auth seed


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