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const MediaTypeConfig = "application/vndr.docker.config"

MediaTypeConfig is the media type used for configuration files.


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func ListRepositories

func ListRepositories(ctx context.Context, endpoint string, opts RegistryOptions) ([]string, error)

ListRepositories lists all the repositories in a registry

func ListTags

func ListTags(ctx context.Context, reponame string, opts RegistryOptions) ([]string, error)

ListTags lists all the tags in a repository

func NewRepository

func NewRepository(ctx context.Context, endpoint string, repository string, opts RegistryOptions) (distribution.Repository, error)

NewRepository instantiates a distribution.Repository pointing to the given target, with credentials

func NewTransportCatalog

func NewTransportCatalog(endpoint string, opts RegistryOptions) (http.RoundTripper, error)

NewTransportCatalog returns a transport suitable for a catalog operation

func PullConfig

func PullConfig(ctx context.Context, repoTag string, opts RegistryOptions) (string, error)

PullConfig pulls a configuration file from a registry

func PullConfigMulti

func PullConfigMulti(ctx context.Context, repoTag string, opts RegistryOptions) (map[string]string, error)

PullConfigMulti pulls a set of configuration files from a registry

func PushConfig

func PushConfig(ctx context.Context, payload, repoTag string, opts RegistryOptions, labels map[string]string) (string, error)

PushConfig pushes a configuration file to a registry and returns its digest

func PushConfigMulti

func PushConfigMulti(ctx context.Context, payload map[string]string, repoTag string, opts RegistryOptions, labels map[string]string) (string, error)

PushConfigMulti pushes a set of configuration files to a registry and returns its digest


type ConfigManifest

type ConfigManifest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigManifest is a Manifest type holding arbitrary data.

func NewConfigManifest

func NewConfigManifest(mediaType string, payload []byte) *ConfigManifest

NewConfigManifest creates and returns an new ConfigManifest.

func (*ConfigManifest) Payload

func (c *ConfigManifest) Payload() (string, []byte, error)

Payload returns the mediatype and payload of this manifest.

func (*ConfigManifest) References

func (c *ConfigManifest) References() []distribution.Descriptor

References returns the objects this Manifest refers to.

type ManifestAny

type ManifestAny struct {
	Payload string `json:"payload,omitempty"`

ManifestAny is a manifest type for arbitrary configuration data

type RegistryOptions

type RegistryOptions struct {
	Username             string
	Password             string
	Insecure             bool
	CleartextCredentials bool

RegistryOptions contains optional configuration for Registry operations

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