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Package context provides single entry to all resources



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func Fatal

func Fatal(err error)

Fatal panics and aborts execution with exit code 1


type AptlyContext

type AptlyContext struct {

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AptlyContext is a common context shared by all commands

func NewContext

func NewContext(flags *flag.FlagSet) (*AptlyContext, error)

NewContext initializes context with default settings

func (*AptlyContext) ArchitecturesList

func (context *AptlyContext) ArchitecturesList() []string

ArchitecturesList returns list of architectures fixed via command line or config

func (*AptlyContext) Cleanup

func (context *AptlyContext) Cleanup()

Cleanup does partial shutdown of context

func (*AptlyContext) CloseDatabase

func (context *AptlyContext) CloseDatabase() error

CloseDatabase closes the db temporarily

func (*AptlyContext) CollectionFactory

func (context *AptlyContext) CollectionFactory() *deb.CollectionFactory

CollectionFactory builds factory producing all kinds of collections

func (*AptlyContext) Config

func (context *AptlyContext) Config() *utils.ConfigStructure

Config loads and returns current configuration

func (*AptlyContext) DBPath

func (context *AptlyContext) DBPath() string

DBPath builds path to database

func (*AptlyContext) Database

func (context *AptlyContext) Database() (database.Storage, error)

Database opens and returns current instance of database

func (*AptlyContext) DependencyOptions

func (context *AptlyContext) DependencyOptions() int

DependencyOptions calculates options related to dependecy handling

func (*AptlyContext) Downloader

func (context *AptlyContext) Downloader() aptly.Downloader

Downloader returns instance of current downloader

func (*AptlyContext) Flags

func (context *AptlyContext) Flags() *flag.FlagSet

Flags returns current command flags

func (*AptlyContext) GetPublishedStorage

func (context *AptlyContext) GetPublishedStorage(name string) aptly.PublishedStorage

GetPublishedStorage returns instance of PublishedStorage

func (*AptlyContext) GetSigner added in v1.1.0

func (context *AptlyContext) GetSigner() pgp.Signer

GetSigner returns Signer with respect to provider

func (*AptlyContext) GetVerifier added in v1.1.0

func (context *AptlyContext) GetVerifier() pgp.Verifier

GetVerifier returns Verifier with respect to provider

func (*AptlyContext) GlobalFlags

func (context *AptlyContext) GlobalFlags() *flag.FlagSet

GlobalFlags returns flags passed to all commands

func (*AptlyContext) GoContextHandleSignals added in v1.2.0

func (context *AptlyContext) GoContextHandleSignals()

GoContextHandleSignals upgrades context to handle ^C by aborting context

func (*AptlyContext) LookupOption

func (context *AptlyContext) LookupOption(defaultValue bool, name string) (result bool)

LookupOption checks boolean flag with default (usually config) and command-line setting

func (*AptlyContext) PackagePool

func (context *AptlyContext) PackagePool() aptly.PackagePool

PackagePool returns instance of PackagePool

func (*AptlyContext) Progress

func (context *AptlyContext) Progress() aptly.Progress

Progress creates or returns Progress object

func (*AptlyContext) ReOpenDatabase

func (context *AptlyContext) ReOpenDatabase() error

ReOpenDatabase reopens the db after close

func (*AptlyContext) Shutdown

func (context *AptlyContext) Shutdown()

Shutdown shuts context down

func (*AptlyContext) UpdateFlags

func (context *AptlyContext) UpdateFlags(flags *flag.FlagSet)

UpdateFlags sets internal copy of flags in the context

func (*AptlyContext) UploadPath

func (context *AptlyContext) UploadPath() string

UploadPath builds path to upload storage

type FatalError

type FatalError struct {
	ReturnCode int
	Message    string

FatalError is type for panicking to abort execution with non-zero exit code and print meaningful explanation

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