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var ENV = defaults.String(os.Getenv("GO_ENV"), "development")

ENV is used to help switch settings based on where the application is being run. Default is "development".


func App

func App() *buffalo.App

App is where all routes and middleware for buffalo should be defined. This is the nerve center of your application.


type UsersResource

type UsersResource struct {

UsersResource allows CRUD with HTTP against the User model

func (*UsersResource) Create

func (ur *UsersResource) Create(c buffalo.Context) error

Create is a JSON API endpoint that adds a new user

func (*UsersResource) Destroy

func (ur *UsersResource) Destroy(c buffalo.Context) error

Destroy is an API endpoint that deletes a user

func (*UsersResource) Edit

func (ur *UsersResource) Edit(c buffalo.Context) error

Edit renders an html form for editing a user

func (*UsersResource) List

func (ur *UsersResource) List(c buffalo.Context) error

List shows all users in an HTML page

func (*UsersResource) New

func (ur *UsersResource) New(c buffalo.Context) error

New renders a form for adding a new user

func (*UsersResource) Show

func (ur *UsersResource) Show(c buffalo.Context) error

Show renders a target user in an HTML page

func (*UsersResource) Update

func (ur *UsersResource) Update(c buffalo.Context) error

Update is a JSON API endpoint that updates a user

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