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const SALTS_BUCKET = "salts_bucket"
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const USERS_BUCKET = "users_bucket"


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func HandleRequest

func HandleRequest(query []byte, conn *DatabaseConnection)

HandleRequest recieves a plain text string query, and hanles it. In most cases it adds it to the requests queue. Whilst in AUTH requests it validates the credentials and returns an answer.

func StartServer

func StartServer()

StartServer starts the database server - listens at a specific port for any incoming TCP connections.


type AuthRequest

type AuthRequest struct {
	Conn     *DatabaseConnection
	Username string
	Password string

type CreateBucketRequest

type CreateBucketRequest struct {
	Conn       *DatabaseConnection
	BucketName string

CreateBucketRequest creates a database file(bucket) in the db folder

type CreateUserRequest

type CreateUserRequest struct {
	Conn     *DatabaseConnection
	Username string
	Password string

type DatabaseConnection

type DatabaseConnection struct {
	Bucket      string
	Connections int
	Username    string

DatabaseConnection is an extension of the net.Conn struct, added additional required properties.

type DeleteRequest

type DeleteRequest struct {
	Conn       *DatabaseConnection
	ObjectType string
	Object     string

DeleteRequest describes the DELETE request to the database - when the client wants to delete a bucket or a key

type GetRequest

type GetRequest struct {
	Conn *DatabaseConnection
	Key  string

GetRequest describes the GET request to the database - when the client wants to know the value of a certain key

type SetRequest

type SetRequest struct {
	Conn     *DatabaseConnection
	Key      string
	Value    string
	TTL      int
	Override bool

SetRequest describes the SET request to the database - when the client wants to set a value to a certain key

type UseRequest

type UseRequest struct {
	Conn       *DatabaseConnection
	BucketName string

UseRequest is a request that sets the current bucket that is used

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