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type BalanceMode

type BalanceMode int
const (
	ALL BalanceMode = iota

type Config

type Config struct {
	// Whether to enable to Subscriber service
	Enabled bool `toml:"enabled"`

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() Config

type PointsWriter

type PointsWriter interface {
	WritePoints(p *cluster.WritePointsRequest) error

type Service

type Service struct {
	MetaStore interface {
		Databases() ([]meta.DatabaseInfo, error)
		WaitForDataChanged() error
	NewPointsWriter func(u url.URL) (PointsWriter, error)
	Logger          *log.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

The Subscriber service manages forking the incoming data from InfluxDB to defined third party destinations. Subscriptions are defined per database and retention policy.

func NewService

func NewService(c Config) *Service

func (*Service) Close

func (s *Service) Close() error

func (*Service) Open

func (s *Service) Open() error

func (*Service) Points

func (s *Service) Points() chan<- *cluster.WritePointsRequest

Return channel into which write point requests can be sent.

func (*Service) SetLogger added in v0.2.1

func (s *Service) SetLogger(l *log.Logger)

SetLogger sets the internal logger to the logger passed in.

func (*Service) Update

func (s *Service) Update() error

start new and stop deleted subscriptions.

type UDP

type UDP struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Writes points over UDP using the line protocol

func NewUDP

func NewUDP(addr string) *UDP

func (*UDP) WritePoints

func (u *UDP) WritePoints(p *cluster.WritePointsRequest) (err error)

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