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Package math provides structures and functions to handle mathematical functions. Example of use: cartesian functions with different types, round numbers, conversion of number types.



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func MulPointWithInt

func MulPointWithInt(a *sdl.Point, b int32) *sdl.Point

MulPointWithInt multiply a point with an int

func Round

func Round(num float32) int32

Round rounds the float point to int

func Round64

func Round64(num float64) int64

Round64 rounds the float point to int

func SumPoint

func SumPoint(a *sdl.Point, b *sdl.Point) *sdl.Point

SumPoint sums two Points

func SumPointWithFPoint

func SumPointWithFPoint(a *sdl.Point, b *FPoint) *sdl.Point

SumPointWithFPoint sums a Point to a FPoint. It loses precision. The result is rounded.


type FPoint

type FPoint struct {
	X float32
	Y float32

FPoint is the float point

func ConvertPointToFPoint

func ConvertPointToFPoint(a *sdl.Point) *FPoint

ConvertPointToFPoint converts a Point to a FPoint

func MulFPointWithFloat

func MulFPointWithFloat(a *FPoint, b float32) *FPoint

MulFPointWithFloat multiply a FPoint with a float

func SumFPoint

func SumFPoint(a *FPoint, b *FPoint) *FPoint

SumFPoint sums two FPoints

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