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Published: Mar 3, 2017 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 28 Imported by: 0



Package accounts implements encrypted storage of secp256k1 private keys.

Keys are stored as encrypted JSON files according to the Web3 Secret Storage specification. See for more information.



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const (
	// n,r,p = 2^18, 8, 1 uses 256MB memory and approx 1s CPU time on a modern CPU.
	StandardScryptN = 1 << 18
	StandardScryptP = 1

	// n,r,p = 2^12, 8, 6 uses 4MB memory and approx 100ms CPU time on a modern CPU.
	LightScryptN = 1 << 12
	LightScryptP = 6


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var (
	ErrLocked  = errors.New("account is locked")
	ErrNoMatch = errors.New("no key for given address or file")
	ErrDecrypt = errors.New("could not decrypt key with given passphrase")


func Web3PrivateKey

func Web3PrivateKey(web3JSON []byte, secret string) (*ecdsa.PrivateKey, error)

Web3PrivateKey decrypts the record with secret and returns the private key.


type Account

type Account struct {
	Address common.Address // Earthdollar account address derived from the key

	// File contains the key file name.
	// When Acccount is used as an argument to select a key, File can be left blank to
	// select just by address or set to the basename or absolute path of a file in the key
	// directory. Accounts returned by Manager will always contain an absolute path.
	File string

Account represents a stored key. When used as an argument, it selects a unique key file to act on.

func (*Account) MarshalJSON

func (acc *Account) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*Account) UnmarshalJSON

func (acc *Account) UnmarshalJSON(raw []byte) error

type AmbiguousAddrError

type AmbiguousAddrError struct {
	Addr    common.Address
	Matches []Account

AmbiguousAddrError is returned when attempting to unlock an address for which more than one file exists.

func (*AmbiguousAddrError) Error

func (err *AmbiguousAddrError) Error() string

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager manages a key storage directory on disk.

func NewManager

func NewManager(keydir string, scryptN, scryptP int) (*Manager, error)

NewManager creates a manager for the given directory.

func (*Manager) AccountByIndex

func (am *Manager) AccountByIndex(i int) (Account, error)

AccountByIndex returns the ith account.

func (*Manager) Accounts

func (am *Manager) Accounts() []Account

Accounts returns all key files present in the directory.

func (*Manager) DeleteAccount

func (am *Manager) DeleteAccount(a Account, passphrase string) error

DeleteAccount deletes the key matched by account if the passphrase is correct. If a contains no filename, the address must match a unique key.

func (*Manager) Export

func (am *Manager) Export(a Account, passphrase, newPassphrase string) (keyJSON []byte, err error)

Export exports as a JSON key, encrypted with newPassphrase.

func (*Manager) HasAddress

func (am *Manager) HasAddress(addr common.Address) bool

HasAddress reports whether a key with the given address is present.

func (*Manager) Import

func (am *Manager) Import(keyJSON []byte, passphrase, newPassphrase string) (Account, error)

Import stores the given encrypted JSON key into the key directory.

func (*Manager) ImportECDSA

func (am *Manager) ImportECDSA(priv *ecdsa.PrivateKey, passphrase string) (Account, error)

ImportECDSA stores the given key into the key directory, encrypting it with the passphrase.

func (*Manager) ImportPreSaleKey

func (am *Manager) ImportPreSaleKey(keyJSON []byte, passphrase string) (Account, error)

ImportPreSaleKey decrypts the given Earthdollar presale wallet and stores a key file in the key directory. The key file is encrypted with the same passphrase.

func (*Manager) Lock

func (am *Manager) Lock(addr common.Address) error

Lock removes the private key with the given address from memory.

func (*Manager) NewAccount

func (am *Manager) NewAccount(passphrase string) (Account, error)

NewAccount generates a new key and stores it into the key directory, encrypting it with the passphrase.

func (*Manager) Sign

func (am *Manager) Sign(addr common.Address, hash []byte) (signature []byte, err error)

Sign signs hash with an unlocked private key matching the given address.

func (*Manager) SignWithPassphrase

func (am *Manager) SignWithPassphrase(addr common.Address, passphrase string, hash []byte) (signature []byte, err error)

SignWithPassphrase signs hash if the private key matching the given address can be decrypted with the given passphrase.

func (*Manager) TimedUnlock

func (am *Manager) TimedUnlock(a Account, passphrase string, timeout time.Duration) error

TimedUnlock unlocks the given account with the passphrase. The account stays unlocked for the duration of timeout. A timeout of 0 unlocks the account until the program exits. The account must match a unique key file.

If the account address is already unlocked for a duration, TimedUnlock extends or shortens the active unlock timeout. If the address was previously unlocked indefinitely the timeout is not altered.

func (*Manager) Unlock

func (am *Manager) Unlock(a Account, passphrase string) error

Unlock unlocks the given account indefinitely.

func (*Manager) Update

func (am *Manager) Update(a Account, passphrase, newPassphrase string) error

Update changes the passphrase of an existing account.


Path Synopsis
Package abi implements the Earthdollar ABI (Application Binary Interface).
Package abi implements the Earthdollar ABI (Application Binary Interface).
Package bind generates Earthdollar contract Go bindings.
Package bind generates Earthdollar contract Go bindings.

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