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const (
	APIServerPort                = 8443             // Port that the API server should listen on
	MiniShiftEnvPrefix           = "MINISHIFT"      // Prefix for the environmental variables
	MiniShiftHomeEnv             = "MINISHIFT_HOME" // Environment variable used to change the Minishift home directory
	VersionPrefix                = "v"
	MinOpenshiftSupportedVersion = "v1.4.1"
	DefaultMemory                = "2GB"
	DefaultCPUS                  = 2
	DefaultDiskSize              = "20GB"
	UpdateMarkerFileName         = "updated"
	DefaultMachineName           = "minishift"
	DefaultProfileName           = "minishift"
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const DefaultVMDriver = "kvm"
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const OC_BINARY_NAME = "oc"


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var (
	// Fix for windows
	Minipath    = GetMinishiftHomeDir()
	ProfileName = DefaultProfileName
	MachineName = DefaultMachineName // Name to use for the VM

	KubeConfigPath        = filepath.Join(Minipath, "machines", MachineName+"_kubeconfig")
	ConfigFile            = MakeMiniPath("config", "config.json")
	AllInstanceConfigPath = filepath.Join(Minipath, "config", "allinstances.json")

	DefaultB2dIsoUrl      = "" + version.GetB2dIsoVersion() + "/" + "minishift-b2d.iso"
	DefaultCentOsIsoUrl   = "" + version.GetCentOsIsoVersion() + "/" + "minishift-centos7.iso"
	DefaultMinikubeIsoURL = "" + version.GetMinikubeIsoVersion() + ".iso"
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var SupportedVMDrivers = [...]string{


func GetMinishiftHomeDir added in v1.6.0

func GetMinishiftHomeDir() string

getMinishiftHomeDir determines the Minishift home directory where all state information is kept. The default directory is .minishift in the users HOME directory which can be overwritten by the MINISHIFT_HOME environment variable

func GetProfileHomeDir added in v1.6.0

func GetProfileHomeDir() string

GetProfileHomeDir determines the Minishift home directory for the profile.

func MakeMiniPath

func MakeMiniPath(fileName ...string) string

MakeMiniPath is a utility to calculate a relative path to our directory.


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