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func Exec added in v0.2.9

func Exec(ctx context.Context, db *ch.DB, f io.Reader) error

Exec reads and executes the SQL migration in the f.


type GoMigrationOption

type GoMigrationOption func(cfg *goMigrationConfig)

func WithPackageName

func WithPackageName(name string) GoMigrationOption

type Migration

type Migration struct {
	Name       string `ch:",pk"`
	Comment    string `ch:"-"`
	GroupID    int64
	MigratedAt time.Time
	Sign       int8

	Up   MigrationFunc `ch:"-"`
	Down MigrationFunc `ch:"-"`

func (*Migration) IsApplied

func (m *Migration) IsApplied() bool

func (*Migration) String

func (m *Migration) String() string

type MigrationFile

type MigrationFile struct {
	Name    string
	Path    string
	Content string

type MigrationFunc

type MigrationFunc func(ctx context.Context, db *ch.DB) error

func NewSQLMigrationFunc

func NewSQLMigrationFunc(fsys fs.FS, name string) MigrationFunc

type MigrationGroup

type MigrationGroup struct {
	ID         int64
	Migrations MigrationSlice

func (*MigrationGroup) IsZero

func (g *MigrationGroup) IsZero() bool

func (*MigrationGroup) String

func (g *MigrationGroup) String() string

type MigrationOption

type MigrationOption func(cfg *migrationConfig)

func WithNopMigration

func WithNopMigration() MigrationOption

type MigrationSlice

type MigrationSlice []Migration

func (MigrationSlice) Applied

func (ms MigrationSlice) Applied() MigrationSlice

Applied returns applied migrations in descending order (the order is important and is used in Rollback).

func (MigrationSlice) LastGroup

func (ms MigrationSlice) LastGroup() *MigrationGroup

LastGroup returns the last applied migration group.

func (MigrationSlice) LastGroupID

func (ms MigrationSlice) LastGroupID() int64

LastGroupID returns the last applied migration group id. The id is 0 when there are no migration groups.

func (MigrationSlice) String

func (ms MigrationSlice) String() string

func (MigrationSlice) Unapplied

func (ms MigrationSlice) Unapplied() MigrationSlice

Unapplied returns unapplied migrations in ascending order (the order is important and is used in Migrate).

type Migrations

type Migrations struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMigrations

func NewMigrations(opts ...MigrationsOption) *Migrations

func (*Migrations) Add

func (m *Migrations) Add(migration Migration)

func (*Migrations) Discover

func (m *Migrations) Discover(fsys fs.FS) error

func (*Migrations) DiscoverCaller

func (m *Migrations) DiscoverCaller() error

func (*Migrations) MustRegister

func (m *Migrations) MustRegister(up, down MigrationFunc)

func (*Migrations) Register

func (m *Migrations) Register(up, down MigrationFunc) error

func (*Migrations) Sorted

func (m *Migrations) Sorted() MigrationSlice

type MigrationsOption

type MigrationsOption func(m *Migrations)

func WithMigrationsDirectory

func WithMigrationsDirectory(directory string) MigrationsOption

type Migrator

type Migrator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMigrator

func NewMigrator(db *ch.DB, migrations *Migrations, opts ...MigratorOption) *Migrator

func (*Migrator) AppliedMigrations added in v0.2.9

func (m *Migrator) AppliedMigrations(ctx context.Context) (MigrationSlice, error)

AppliedMigrations selects applied migrations in descending order.

func (*Migrator) CreateGoMigration

func (m *Migrator) CreateGoMigration(
	ctx context.Context, name string, opts ...GoMigrationOption,
) (*MigrationFile, error)

CreateGoMigration creates a Go migration file.

func (*Migrator) CreateSQLMigrations

func (m *Migrator) CreateSQLMigrations(ctx context.Context, name string) ([]*MigrationFile, error)

CreateSQLMigrations creates an up and down SQL migration files.

func (*Migrator) DB

func (m *Migrator) DB() *ch.DB

func (*Migrator) Init

func (m *Migrator) Init(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Migrator) Lock

func (m *Migrator) Lock(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Migrator) MarkApplied

func (m *Migrator) MarkApplied(ctx context.Context, migration *Migration) error

MarkApplied marks the migration as applied (completed).

func (*Migrator) MarkUnapplied

func (m *Migrator) MarkUnapplied(ctx context.Context, migration *Migration) error

MarkUnapplied marks the migration as unapplied (new).

func (*Migrator) Migrate

func (m *Migrator) Migrate(ctx context.Context, opts ...MigrationOption) (*MigrationGroup, error)

Migrate runs unapplied migrations. If a migration fails, migrate immediately exits.

func (*Migrator) MigrationsWithStatus

func (m *Migrator) MigrationsWithStatus(ctx context.Context) (MigrationSlice, error)

MigrationsWithStatus returns migrations with status in ascending order.

func (*Migrator) MissingMigrations added in v0.2.9

func (m *Migrator) MissingMigrations(ctx context.Context) (MigrationSlice, error)

MissingMigrations returns applied migrations that can no longer be found.

func (*Migrator) Reset

func (m *Migrator) Reset(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Migrator) Rollback

func (m *Migrator) Rollback(ctx context.Context, opts ...MigrationOption) (*MigrationGroup, error)

func (*Migrator) TruncateTable added in v0.2.9

func (m *Migrator) TruncateTable(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Migrator) Unlock

func (m *Migrator) Unlock(ctx context.Context) error

type MigratorOption

type MigratorOption func(m *Migrator)

func WithLocksTableName

func WithLocksTableName(table string) MigratorOption

func WithMarkAppliedOnSuccess added in v0.2.9

func WithMarkAppliedOnSuccess(enabled bool) MigratorOption

WithMarkAppliedOnSuccess sets the migrator to only mark migrations as applied/unapplied when their up/down is successful

func WithReplicated added in v0.2.9

func WithReplicated(on bool) MigratorOption

func WithTableName

func WithTableName(table string) MigratorOption

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