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const EnvKey = "VALIST_SIGNER"


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type Signer

type Signer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Signer signs transactions.

func NewSigner

func NewSigner(chainID *big.Int, backends ...accounts.Backend) (*Signer, error)

NewSigner returns a signer that uses the given backends to sign transactions. If VALIST_SIGNER env is set, an ephemeral keystore is created and the default account is set.

func (*Signer) Account

func (s *Signer) Account() accounts.Account

Account returns the default signer account.

func (*Signer) List

func (s *Signer) List() []accounts.Account

List returns a list of all signer accounts.

func (*Signer) NewTransactor

func (s *Signer) NewTransactor() *gasless.TransactOpts

NewTransactor returns TransactOpts for meta or regular transactions.

func (*Signer) SetAccount

func (s *Signer) SetAccount(account accounts.Account)

SetAccount sets the default signer account.

func (*Signer) SetAccountWithPassphrase

func (s *Signer) SetAccountWithPassphrase(account accounts.Account, passphrase string)

SetAccountWithPassphrase sets the default signer account and passphrase to unlock the account.

func (*Signer) SignTx

func (s *Signer) SignTx(address common.Address, tx *types.Transaction) (*types.Transaction, error)

SignTx signs the given transaction using the given account's wallet.

func (*Signer) SignTypedData

func (s *Signer) SignTypedData(address common.Address, typedData core.TypedData) ([]byte, error)

SignTypedData signs the given typedData using the given account's wallet.

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