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Published: Apr 13, 2021 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 68 Imported by: 6




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const InvalidSnapshotMinutes = 3


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var (
	ErrStrToBigInt                    = errors.New("convert to big.Int failed")
	ErrPoWNotSupportedUnderCongestion = errors.New("PoW service not supported")
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var (
	// ErrNotSupport = errors.New("not support this method")
	IllegalNodeTime = errors.New("The node time is inaccurate, quite different from the time of latest snapshot block.")

	ErrDecryptKey = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: walleterrors.ErrDecryptEntropy.Error(),
		Code:    -34001,

	// -35001 ~ -35999 vm execution error
	ErrBalanceNotEnough = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrInsufficientBalance.Error(),
		Code:    -35001,

	ErrQuotaNotEnough = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrOutOfQuota.Error(),
		Code:    -35002,

	ErrVmIdCollision = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrIDCollision.Error(),
		Code:    -35003,
	ErrVmInvaildBlockData = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrInvalidMethodParam.Error(),
		Code:    -35004,
	ErrVmCalPoWTwice = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrCalcPoWTwice.Error(),
		Code:    -35005,

	ErrVmMethodNotFound = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrAbiMethodNotFound.Error(),
		Code:    -35006,

	ErrVmInvalidResponseLatency = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrInvalidResponseLatency.Error(),
		Code:    -35007,

	ErrVmContractNotExists = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrContractNotExists.Error(),
		Code:    -35008,

	ErrVmNoReliableStatus = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrNoReliableStatus.Error(),
		Code:    -35009,

	ErrVmInvalidQuotaMultiplier = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrInvalidQuotaMultiplier.Error(),
		Code:    -35010,
	ErrVmPoWNotSupported = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: ErrPoWNotSupportedUnderCongestion.Error(),
		Code:    -35011,
	ErrVmQuotaLimitReached = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrBlockQuotaLimitReached.Error(),
		Code:    -35012,
	ErrVmInvalidRandomDegree = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: util.ErrInvalidRandomDegree.Error(),
		Code:    -35013,

	// -36001 ~ -36999 verifier_account
	ErrVerifyAccountAddr = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyAccountNotInvalid.Error(),
		Code:    -36001,
	ErrVerifyHash = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyHashFailed.Error(),
		Code:    -36002,
	ErrVerifySignature = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifySignatureFailed.Error(),
		Code:    -36003,
	ErrVerifyNonce = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyNonceFailed.Error(),
		Code:    -36004,
	ErrVerifyPrevBlock = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyPrevBlockFailed.Error(),
		Code:    -36005,
	ErrVerifyRPCBlockIsPending = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyRPCBlockPendingState.Error(),
		Code:    -36006,
	ErrVerifyDependentSendBlockNotExists = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyDependentSendBlockNotExists.Error(),
		Code:    -36007,
	ErrVerifyPowQualificationNotEnough = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyPowNotEligible.Error(),
		Code:    -36008,
	ErrVerifyProducerIllegal = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyProducerIllegal.Error(),
		Code:    -36009,
	ErrVerifyBlockFieldData = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyBlockFieldData.Error(),
		Code:    -36010,
	ErrVerifyIsAlreadyReceived = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifySendIsAlreadyReceived.Error(),
		Code:    -36011,
	ErrVerifyVmResultInconsistent = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: verifier.ErrVerifyVmResultInconsistent.Error(),
		Code:    -36012,

	// -37001 ~ -37999 contracts_dex
	ErrComposeOrderIdFail = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.ComposeOrderIdFailErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37001,
	ErrDexInvalidOrderType = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.InvalidOrderTypeErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37002,
	ErrDexInvalidOrderPrice = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.InvalidOrderPriceErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37003,
	ErrDexInvalidOrderQuantity = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.InvalidOrderQuantityErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37004,
	ErrDexOrderAmountTooSmall = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.OrderAmountTooSmallErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37005,
	ErrDexTradeMarketExists = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.TradeMarketExistsErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37006,
	ErrDexTradeMarketNotExists = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.TradeMarketNotExistsErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37007,
	ErrDexTradeOrderNotExistsErr = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.OrderNotExistsErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37008,
	ErrDexCancelOrderOwnerInvalid = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.CancelOrderOwnerInvalidErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37009,
	ErrDexCancelOrderInvalidStatus = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.CancelOrderInvalidStatusErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37010,
	ErrDexTradeMarketInvalidQuoteToken = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.TradeMarketInvalidQuoteTokenErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37011,
	ErrDexTradeMarketInvalidTokenPair = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.TradeMarketInvalidTokenPairErr.Error(),
		Code:    -37012,

	ErrDexFundUserNotExists = JsonRpc2Error{
		Message: dex.DexFundUserNotExists.Error(),
		Code:    -37013,
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var (
	NodeStatusActive   uint8 = 1
	NodeStatusInActive uint8 = 2


func CheckGetTestTokenIpFrequency

func CheckGetTestTokenIpFrequency(cache *lru.Cache, ctx context.Context) error

func FilterLog

func FilterLog(filter *FilterParam, l *ledger.VmLog) bool

func Float64ToString

func Float64ToString(f float64, prec int) string

func InitConfig added in v1.3.0

func InitConfig(id uint, dexAvailable *bool)

func InitGetTestTokenLimitPolicy

func InitGetTestTokenLimitPolicy()

func InitLog

func InitLog(dir, lvl string)

func InitTestAPIParams

func InitTestAPIParams(priv, tti string)

func StakeListToDexRpc

func StakeListToDexRpc(stakeInfos []*dex.DelegateStakeInfo, totalAmount *big.Int, count int, chain chain.Chain) (*apidex.StakeInfoList, error)

func StringToFloat64

func StringToFloat64(s string) (float64, error)

func StringToUint64 added in v1.3.2

func StringToUint64(s string) (uint64, error)

func TryMakeConcernedError

func TryMakeConcernedError(err error) (newerr error, concerned bool)

func Uint64ToString

func Uint64ToString(u uint64) string

func VIPStakingToRpc

func VIPStakingToRpc(chain chain.Chain, address types.Address, info *dex.VIPStaking, bid uint8, amount *big.Int) (vipStakingRpc *apidex.VIPStakingRpc, err error)


type AccountBalanceInfo

type AccountBalanceInfo struct {
	TokenInfo       *RpcTokenInfo `json:"tokenInfo,omitempty"`
	Available       string        `json:"available"`
	Locked          string        `json:"locked"`
	VxLocked        string        `json:"vxLocked,omitempty"`
	VxUnlocking     string        `json:"vxUnlocking,omitempty"`
	CancellingStake string        `json:"cancellingStake,omitempty"`

type AccountBlock

type AccountBlock struct {
	BlockType byte       `json:"blockType"`
	Height    string     `json:"height"`
	Hash      types.Hash `json:"hash"`

	PrevHash     types.Hash `json:"prevHash"`
	PreviousHash types.Hash `json:"previousHash"`

	AccountAddress types.Address `json:"accountAddress"`
	Address        types.Address `json:"address"`

	PublicKey []byte `json:"publicKey"`

	Producer types.Address `json:"producer"`

	FromAddress   types.Address `json:"fromAddress"`
	ToAddress     types.Address `json:"toAddress"`
	FromBlockHash types.Hash    `json:"fromBlockHash"`
	SendBlockHash types.Hash    `json:"sendBlockHash"`

	TokenId types.TokenTypeId `json:"tokenId"`
	Amount  *string           `json:"amount"`
	Fee     *string           `json:"fee"`

	Data []byte `json:"data"`

	Difficulty *string `json:"difficulty"`
	Nonce      []byte  `json:"nonce"`

	Signature []byte `json:"signature"`

	Quota        *string `json:"quota"`
	QuotaByStake *string `json:"quotaByStake"`

	QuotaUsed  *string `json:"quotaUsed"`
	TotalQuota *string `json:"totalQuota"`

	UtUsed    *string     `json:"utUsed"` // TODO: to remove
	LogHash   *types.Hash `json:"logHash"`
	VmLogHash *types.Hash `json:"vmLogHash"`

	SendBlockList          []*AccountBlock `json:"sendBlockList"`
	TriggeredSendBlockList []*AccountBlock `json:"triggeredSendBlockList"`

	// extra info below
	TokenInfo *RpcTokenInfo `json:"tokenInfo"`

	ConfirmedTimes *string `json:"confirmedTimes"`
	Confirmations  *string `json:"confirmations"`

	ConfirmedHash       *types.Hash `json:"confirmedHash"`
	FirstSnapshotHash   *types.Hash `json:"firstSnapshotHash"`
	FirstSnapshotHeight *string     `json:"firstSnapshotHeight"`

	ReceiveBlockHeight *string     `json:"receiveBlockHeight"`
	ReceiveBlockHash   *types.Hash `json:"receiveBlockHash"`

	Timestamp int64 `json:"timestamp"`

func (*AccountBlock) ComputeHash

func (block *AccountBlock) ComputeHash() (*types.Hash, error)

func (*AccountBlock) RpcToLedgerBlock

func (block *AccountBlock) RpcToLedgerBlock() (*ledger.AccountBlock, error)

type AccountInfo added in v1.2.0

type AccountInfo struct {
	Address        types.Address                      `json:"address"`
	BlockCount     string                             `json:"blockCount"`
	BalanceInfoMap map[types.TokenTypeId]*BalanceInfo `json:"balanceInfoMap,omitempty"`

func ToAccountInfo

func ToAccountInfo(chain chain.Chain, info *ledger.AccountInfo) *AccountInfo

type AgentPledgeParam

type AgentPledgeParam struct {
	PledgeAddr     types.Address `json:"pledgeAddr"`
	BeneficialAddr types.Address `json:"beneficialAddr"`
	Bid            uint8         `json:"bid"`
	StakeHeight    string        `json:"stakeHeight"`
	Amount         string        `json:"amount"`

type AssetApi

type AssetApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAssetApi

func NewAssetApi(vite *vite.Vite) *AssetApi

func (*AssetApi) GetBurnData

func (m *AssetApi) GetBurnData() ([]byte, error)


func (*AssetApi) GetChangeTokenTypeData

func (m *AssetApi) GetChangeTokenTypeData(tokenId types.TokenTypeId) ([]byte, error)


func (*AssetApi) GetIssueData

func (m *AssetApi) GetIssueData(param IssueParams) ([]byte, error)


func (*AssetApi) GetMintData

func (m *AssetApi) GetMintData(param MintageParams) ([]byte, error)


func (*AssetApi) GetTokenInfoById deprecated

func (m *AssetApi) GetTokenInfoById(tokenId types.TokenTypeId) (*RpcTokenInfo, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getTokenInfoById instead

func (*AssetApi) GetTokenInfoList deprecated

func (m *AssetApi) GetTokenInfoList(index int, count int) (*TokenInfoList, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getTokenInfoList instead

func (*AssetApi) GetTokenInfoListByOwner deprecated

func (m *AssetApi) GetTokenInfoListByOwner(owner types.Address) ([]*RpcTokenInfo, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getTokenInfoListByOwner

func (*AssetApi) GetTransferOwnerData

func (m *AssetApi) GetTransferOwnerData(param TransferOwnerParams) ([]byte, error)


func (AssetApi) String

func (m AssetApi) String() string

type BalanceInfo

type BalanceInfo struct {
	TokenInfo        *RpcTokenInfo `json:"tokenInfo,omitempty"`
	Balance          string        `json:"balance"`                    // big int
	TransactionCount *string       `json:"transactionCount,omitempty"` // uint64

type CalcPoWDifficultyParam added in v1.3.0

type CalcPoWDifficultyParam struct {
	SelfAddr types.Address `json:"selfAddr"`
	PrevHash types.Hash    `json:"prevHash"`

	BlockType byte           `json:"blockType"`
	ToAddr    *types.Address `json:"toAddr"`
	Data      []byte         `json:"data"`

	UseStakeQuota bool `json:"usePledgeQuota"`

	Multiple uint16 `json:"multipleOnCongestion"`

type CalcPoWDifficultyResult

type CalcPoWDifficultyResult struct {
	Quota         uint64  `json:"quota"`
	QuotaRequired string  `json:"quotaRequired"`
	Difficulty    string  `json:"difficulty"`
	UtRequired    string  `json:"utRequired"`
	Qc            *string `json:"qc"`
	IsCongestion  bool    `json:"isCongestion"`

type CalcQuotaRequiredParam

type CalcQuotaRequiredParam struct {
	SelfAddr  types.Address  `json:"selfAddr"`
	BlockType byte           `json:"blockType"`
	ToAddr    *types.Address `json:"toAddr"`
	Data      []byte         `json:"data"`

type CalcQuotaRequiredResult

type CalcQuotaRequiredResult struct {
	QuotaRequired string `json:"quotaRequired"`
	TxNumRequired string `json:"utRequired"`

type CallContractParam added in v1.2.0

type CallContractParam struct {
	ContractAddr types.Address  `json:"contractAddr"`
	AccountAddr  *types.Address `json:"accountAddr"`
	Amount       string         `json:"amount"`
	MethodName   string         `json:"methodName"`
	Params       []string       `json:"params"`

type CallContractResult added in v1.2.0

type CallContractResult struct {
	ContractAddr      types.Address `json:"contractAddr"`
	AccountAddr       types.Address `json:"accountAddr"`
	AccountPrivateKey string        `json:"accountPrivateKey"`
	SendBlockHash     types.Hash    `json:"sendBlockHash"`

type CallOffChainMethodParam added in v1.3.0

type CallOffChainMethodParam struct {
	SelfAddr          types.Address  `json:"selfAddr"` // Deprecated: use address field instead
	Addr              *types.Address `json:"address"`
	OffChainCode      string         `json:"offchainCode"`      // Deprecated: use code field instead
	OffChainCodeBytes []byte         `json:"offchainCodeBytes"` // Deprecated: use code field instead
	Code              []byte         `json:"code"`
	Data              []byte         `json:"data"`
	Height            *uint64        `json:"height"`
	SnapshotHash      *types.Hash    `json:"snapshotHash"`

type CandidateInfo

type CandidateInfo struct {
	Name     string        `json:"name"`
	NodeAddr types.Address `json:"nodeAddr"`
	VoteNum  string        `json:"voteNum"`

type ConsensusGroup

type ConsensusGroup struct {
	Gid                    types.Gid               `json:"gid"`
	NodeCount              uint8                   `json:"nodeCount"`
	Interval               int64                   `json:"interval"`
	PerCount               int64                   `json:"perCount"`
	RandCount              uint8                   `json:"randCount"`
	RandRank               uint8                   `json:"randRank"`
	Repeat                 uint16                  `json:"repeat"`
	CheckLevel             uint8                   `json:"checkLevel"`
	CountingTokenId        types.TokenTypeId       `json:"countingTokenId"`
	RegisterConditionId    uint8                   `json:"registerConditionId"`
	RegisterConditionParam *RegisterConditionParam `json:"registerConditionParam"`
	VoteConditionId        uint8                   `json:"voteConditionId"`
	VoteConditionParam     *VoteConditionParam     `json:"voerConditionParam"`
	Owner                  types.Address           `json:"owner"`
	PledgeAmount           string                  `json:"pledgeAmount"`
	WithdrawHeight         string                  `json:"withdrawHeight"`

type ConsensusGroupApi

type ConsensusGroupApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConsensusGroupApi

func NewConsensusGroupApi(vite *vite.Vite) *ConsensusGroupApi

func (*ConsensusGroupApi) GetConsensusGroupById

func (c *ConsensusGroupApi) GetConsensusGroupById(gid types.Gid) (*ConsensusGroup, error)

func (*ConsensusGroupApi) GetConsensusGroupList

func (c *ConsensusGroupApi) GetConsensusGroupList() ([]*ConsensusGroup, error)

func (ConsensusGroupApi) String

func (c ConsensusGroupApi) String() string

type ConstructorParam added in v1.2.0

type ConstructorParam struct {
	Amount string   `json:"amount"`
	Params []string `json:"params"`

type ContractApi

type ContractApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewContractApi

func NewContractApi(vite *vite.Vite) *ContractApi

func (*ContractApi) CallOffChainMethod added in v1.3.0

func (c *ContractApi) CallOffChainMethod(param CallOffChainMethodParam) ([]byte, error)

func (*ContractApi) CreateContractAddress

func (c *ContractApi) CreateContractAddress(address types.Address, height string, previousHash types.Hash) (*types.Address, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetCallContractData added in v1.2.0

func (c *ContractApi) GetCallContractData(abiStr string, methodName string, params []string) ([]byte, error)


func (*ContractApi) GetCallOffChainData added in v1.3.0

func (c *ContractApi) GetCallOffChainData(abiStr string, offChainName string, params []string) ([]byte, error)


func (*ContractApi) GetContractInfo

func (c *ContractApi) GetContractInfo(addr types.Address) (*ContractInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetContractStorage

func (c *ContractApi) GetContractStorage(addr types.Address, prefix string) (map[string]string, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetCreateContractData added in v1.2.0

func (c *ContractApi) GetCreateContractData(param CreateContractDataParam) ([]byte, error)


func (*ContractApi) GetCreateContractParams

func (c *ContractApi) GetCreateContractParams(abiStr string, params []string) ([]byte, error)


func (*ContractApi) GetCreateContractToAddress deprecated

func (c *ContractApi) GetCreateContractToAddress(selfAddr types.Address, heightStr string, prevHash types.Hash) (*types.Address, error)

Deprecated: use contract_createContractAddress instead

func (*ContractApi) GetDelegatedStakeInfo

func (p *ContractApi) GetDelegatedStakeInfo(params StakeQueryParams) (*StakeInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetQuotaByAccount

func (p *ContractApi) GetQuotaByAccount(addr types.Address) (*QuotaInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetRequiredStakeAmount

func (p *ContractApi) GetRequiredStakeAmount(qStr string) (*string, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBP

func (r *ContractApi) GetSBP(name string) (*SBPInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBPList

func (r *ContractApi) GetSBPList(stakeAddress types.Address) ([]*SBPInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBPRewardByCycle

func (r *ContractApi) GetSBPRewardByCycle(cycle string) (*SBPRewardInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBPRewardByTimestamp

func (r *ContractApi) GetSBPRewardByTimestamp(timestamp int64) (*SBPRewardInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBPRewardPendingWithdrawal

func (r *ContractApi) GetSBPRewardPendingWithdrawal(name string) (*SBPReward, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBPVoteDetailsByCycle

func (v *ContractApi) GetSBPVoteDetailsByCycle(cycle string) ([]*VoteDetail, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetSBPVoteList

func (r *ContractApi) GetSBPVoteList() ([]*SBPVoteInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetStakeList

func (p *ContractApi) GetStakeList(address types.Address, pageIndex int, pageSize int) (*StakeInfoList, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetStakeListBySearchKey

func (p *ContractApi) GetStakeListBySearchKey(snapshotHash types.Hash, lastKey string, size uint64) (*StakeInfoListBySearchKey, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetTokenInfoById

func (m *ContractApi) GetTokenInfoById(tokenId types.TokenTypeId) (*RpcTokenInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetTokenInfoList

func (m *ContractApi) GetTokenInfoList(pageIndex int, pageSize int) (*TokenInfoList, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetTokenInfoListByOwner

func (m *ContractApi) GetTokenInfoListByOwner(owner types.Address) ([]*RpcTokenInfo, error)

func (*ContractApi) GetVotedSBP

func (v *ContractApi) GetVotedSBP(addr types.Address) (*VotedSBPInfo, error)

func (ContractApi) String

func (c ContractApi) String() string

type ContractInfo

type ContractInfo struct {
	Code            []byte    `json:"code"`
	Gid             types.Gid `json:"gid"`
	ConfirmTime     uint8     `json:"confirmTime"` // Deprecated: use responseLatency instead
	ResponseLatency uint8     `json:"responseLatency"`
	SeedCount       uint8     `json:"seedCount"` // Deprecated: use randomness instead
	RandomDegree    uint8     `json:"randomDegree"`
	QuotaRatio      uint8     `json:"quotaRatio"` // Deprecated: use quotaMultiplier instead
	QuotaMultiplier uint8     `json:"quotaMultiplier"`

type CreateContractDataParam

type CreateContractDataParam struct {
	Gid         types.Gid `json:"gid"`
	ConfirmTime uint8     `json:"confirmTime"`
	SeedCount   uint8     `json:"seedCount"`
	QuotaRatio  uint8     `json:"quotaRatio"`
	HexCode     string    `json:"hexCode"`
	Params      []byte    `json:"params"`

type CreateContractParam added in v1.2.0

type CreateContractParam struct {
	FileName    string                      `json:"fileName"`
	Params      map[string]ConstructorParam `json:"params"`
	AccountAddr *types.Address              `json:"accountAddr"`

type CreateContractResult added in v1.2.0

type CreateContractResult struct {
	AccountAddr       types.Address       `json:"accountAddr"`
	AccountPrivateKey string              `json:"accountPrivateKey"`
	ContractAddr      types.Address       `json:"contractAddr"`
	SendBlockHash     types.Hash          `json:"sendBlockHash"`
	MethodList        []CallContractParam `json:"methodList"`

type CreateEntropyFileResponse

type CreateEntropyFileResponse struct {
	Mnemonics      string        `json:"mnemonics"`
	PrimaryAddress types.Address `json:"primaryAddress"`
	FilePath       string        `json:"filePath"`

type CreateReceiveTxParms

type CreateReceiveTxParms struct {
	SelfAddr   types.Address
	FromHash   types.Hash
	PrivKeyStr string
	Difficulty *big.Int

type CreateTransactionParms

type CreateTransactionParms struct {
	EntropyFile *string           `json:"entropyFile,omitempty"`
	Address     types.Address     `json:"address"`
	ToAddress   types.Address     `json:"toAddress"`
	TokenId     types.TokenTypeId `json:"tokenId"`
	Passphrase  string            `json:"passphrase"`
	Amount      string            `json:"amount"`
	Data        []byte            `json:"data,omitempty"`
	Difficulty  *string           `json:"difficulty,omitempty"`

type CreateTransferTxParms

type CreateTransferTxParms struct {
	EntropystoreFile *string           `json:"entropystoreFile,omitempty"`
	SelfAddr         types.Address     `json:"selfAddr"`
	ToAddr           types.Address     `json:"toAddr"`
	TokenTypeId      types.TokenTypeId `json:"tokenTypeId"`
	Passphrase       string            `json:"passphrase"`
	Amount           string            `json:"amount"`
	Data             []byte            `json:"data,omitempty"`
	Difficulty       *string           `json:"difficulty,omitempty"`

type CreateTxWithPrivKeyParmsTest

type CreateTxWithPrivKeyParmsTest struct {
	SelfAddr    types.Address
	ToAddr      types.Address
	TokenTypeId types.TokenTypeId
	PrivateKey  string
	Amount      string
	Data        []byte
	Difficulty  *big.Int

type DashboardApi

type DashboardApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDashboardApi

func NewDashboardApi(v *vite.Vite) *DashboardApi

func (DashboardApi) NetId added in v1.3.0

func (api DashboardApi) NetId() uint

func (DashboardApi) OsInfo

func (api DashboardApi) OsInfo(id *string) map[string]interface{}

func (DashboardApi) ProcessInfo

func (api DashboardApi) ProcessInfo(id *string) map[string]interface{}

func (DashboardApi) RuntimeInfo

func (api DashboardApi) RuntimeInfo(id *string) map[string]interface{}

type DataApi

type DataApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDataApi

func NewDataApi(vite *vite.Vite) *DataApi

func (DataApi) GetDexPledgeListByPage

func (p DataApi) GetDexPledgeListByPage(snapshotHash types.Hash, lastKey string, count int) (*GetPledgeListByPageResult, error)

func (DataApi) GetDexUserFundsByPage

func (p DataApi) GetDexUserFundsByPage(snapshotHash types.Hash, lastAddress string, count int) (*apidex.Funds, error)

func (*DataApi) GetPledgeListByPage

func (p *DataApi) GetPledgeListByPage(snapshotHash types.Hash, lastKey string, count uint64) (*GetPledgeListByPageResult, error)

func (DataApi) String

func (p DataApi) String() string

type DebugApi

type DebugApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDebugApi

func NewDebugApi(v *vite.Vite) *DebugApi

func (DebugApi) ClearOnRoadUnconfirmedCache

func (api DebugApi) ClearOnRoadUnconfirmedCache(addr types.Address, hashList []*types.Hash) error

func (DebugApi) ConsensusBlockRate

func (api DebugApi) ConsensusBlockRate(gid types.Gid, startIndex, endIndex uint64) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) ConsensusProducers

func (api DebugApi) ConsensusProducers(gid types.Gid, offset int64, index uint64) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) Free

func (api DebugApi) Free()

func (DebugApi) GetForkInfo added in v1.2.0

func (api DebugApi) GetForkInfo() config.ForkPoints

func (DebugApi) GetOnRoadInfoUnconfirmed

func (api DebugApi) GetOnRoadInfoUnconfirmed(addr types.Address) ([]*types.Hash, error)

func (DebugApi) GetRecentActiveFork

func (api DebugApi) GetRecentActiveFork() *fork.ForkPointItem

func (DebugApi) MachineInfo

func (api DebugApi) MachineInfo() map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolAccount

func (api DebugApi) PoolAccount(addr types.Address) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolAccountBlockDetail added in v1.3.2

func (api DebugApi) PoolAccountBlockDetail(addr types.Address, hash types.Hash) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolAccountChainDetail

func (api DebugApi) PoolAccountChainDetail(addr types.Address, chainId string, height uint64) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolInfo

func (api DebugApi) PoolInfo() map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolIrreversible

func (api DebugApi) PoolIrreversible() string

func (DebugApi) PoolSnapshot

func (api DebugApi) PoolSnapshot() map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolSnapshotBlockDetail added in v1.3.2

func (api DebugApi) PoolSnapshotBlockDetail(hash types.Hash) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) PoolSnapshotChainDetail

func (api DebugApi) PoolSnapshotChainDetail(chainId string, height uint64) map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) RoadInfo

func (api DebugApi) RoadInfo() map[string]interface{}

func (DebugApi) SetGetTestTokenLimitSize

func (api DebugApi) SetGetTestTokenLimitSize(size int) error

func (DebugApi) UpdateOnRoadInfo

func (api DebugApi) UpdateOnRoadInfo(addr types.Address, tkId types.TokenTypeId, number uint64, amountStr *string) error

type DeriveResult

type DeriveResult struct {
	Bip44Path  string        `json:"bip44Path"`
	Address    types.Address `json:"address"`
	PrivateKey []byte        `json:"privateKey"`

type DexApi

type DexApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDexApi

func NewDexApi(vite *vite.Vite) *DexApi

func (DexApi) GetAccountBalanceInfo

func (f DexApi) GetAccountBalanceInfo(addr types.Address, tokenId *types.TokenTypeId) (map[types.TokenTypeId]*AccountBalanceInfo, error)

func (DexApi) GetCancelStakeList

func (f DexApi) GetCancelStakeList(address types.Address, pageIndex int, pageSize int) (*apidex.CancelStakeList, error)

func (DexApi) GetCurrentFeesValidForMining

func (f DexApi) GetCurrentFeesValidForMining() (fees map[int32]string, err error)

func (DexApi) GetCurrentMiningInfo

func (f DexApi) GetCurrentMiningInfo() (mineInfo *apidex.NewRpcVxMineInfo, err error)

func (DexApi) GetCurrentStakingValidForMining

func (f DexApi) GetCurrentStakingValidForMining() (string, error)

func (DexApi) GetDividendPoolsInfo

func (f DexApi) GetDividendPoolsInfo() (map[types.TokenTypeId]*apidex.DividendPoolInfo, error)

func (DexApi) GetInviteCode

func (f DexApi) GetInviteCode(address types.Address) (uint32, error)

func (DexApi) GetInviteCodeBinding

func (f DexApi) GetInviteCodeBinding(address types.Address) (uint32, error)

func (DexApi) GetMarketInfo

func (f DexApi) GetMarketInfo(tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId) (*apidex.NewRpcMarketInfo, error)

func (DexApi) GetMiningStakeInfoList

func (f DexApi) GetMiningStakeInfoList(address types.Address, pageIndex int, pageSize int) (*apidex.StakeInfoList, error)

func (DexApi) GetOrderById

func (f DexApi) GetOrderById(orderIdStr string) (*apidex.RpcOrder, error)

func (DexApi) GetOrderByTransactionHash

func (f DexApi) GetOrderByTransactionHash(sendHash types.Hash) (*apidex.RpcOrder, error)

func (DexApi) GetOrdersForMarket

func (f DexApi) GetOrdersForMarket(tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId, side bool, begin, end int) (ordersRes *apidex.OrdersRes, err error)

func (DexApi) GetPlaceOrderInfo

func (f DexApi) GetPlaceOrderInfo(address types.Address, tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId, side bool) (*apidex.PlaceOrderInfo, error)

func (DexApi) GetStakedForVIP

func (f DexApi) GetStakedForVIP(address types.Address) (*apidex.VIPStakingRpc, error)

func (DexApi) GetTokenInfo

func (f DexApi) GetTokenInfo(token types.TokenTypeId) (*apidex.RpcDexTokenInfo, error)

func (DexApi) GetVIPStakeInfoList

func (f DexApi) GetVIPStakeInfoList(address types.Address, pageIndex int, pageSize int) (*apidex.StakeInfoList, error)

func (DexApi) GetVxUnlockList

func (f DexApi) GetVxUnlockList(address types.Address, pageIndex int, pageSize int) (*apidex.VxUnlockList, error)

func (DexApi) HasStakedForSVIP

func (f DexApi) HasStakedForSVIP(address types.Address) (bool, error)

func (DexApi) HasStakedForVIP

func (f DexApi) HasStakedForVIP(address types.Address) (bool, error)

func (DexApi) IsAutoLockMinedVx

func (f DexApi) IsAutoLockMinedVx(address types.Address) (bool, error)

func (DexApi) IsDexStopped

func (f DexApi) IsDexStopped() (bool, error)

func (DexApi) IsInviteCodeValid

func (f DexApi) IsInviteCodeValid(code uint32) (bool, error)

func (DexApi) IsMarketDelegatedTo

func (f DexApi) IsMarketDelegatedTo(principal, agent types.Address, tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId) (bool, error)

func (DexApi) String

func (f DexApi) String() string

type DexFundApi

type DexFundApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDexFundApi

func NewDexFundApi(vite *vite.Vite) *DexFundApi

func (DexFundApi) GetAccountFundInfo

func (f DexFundApi) GetAccountFundInfo(addr types.Address, tokenId *types.TokenTypeId) (map[types.TokenTypeId]*AccountBalanceInfo, error)

func (DexFundApi) GetCurrentDividendPools

func (f DexFundApi) GetCurrentDividendPools() (map[types.TokenTypeId]*apidex.DividendPoolInfo, error)

func (DexFundApi) GetCurrentFeesForMine

func (f DexFundApi) GetCurrentFeesForMine() (fees map[int32]string, err error)

func (DexFundApi) GetCurrentPledgeForVxSum

func (f DexFundApi) GetCurrentPledgeForVxSum() (string, error)

func (DexFundApi) GetCurrentVxMineInfo

func (f DexFundApi) GetCurrentVxMineInfo() (mineInfo *apidex.RpcVxMineInfo, err error)

func (DexFundApi) GetInviteeCode

func (f DexFundApi) GetInviteeCode(address types.Address) (uint32, error)

func (DexFundApi) GetInviterCode

func (f DexFundApi) GetInviterCode(address types.Address) (uint32, error)

func (DexFundApi) GetMarketInfo

func (f DexFundApi) GetMarketInfo(tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId) (*apidex.RpcMarketInfo, error)

func (DexFundApi) GetTokenInfo

func (f DexFundApi) GetTokenInfo(token types.TokenTypeId) (*apidex.RpcDexTokenInfo, error)

func (DexFundApi) IsMarketGrantedToAgent

func (f DexFundApi) IsMarketGrantedToAgent(principal, agent types.Address, tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId) (bool, error)

func (DexFundApi) IsPledgeSuperVip

func (f DexFundApi) IsPledgeSuperVip(address types.Address) (bool, error)

func (DexFundApi) IsPledgeVip

func (f DexFundApi) IsPledgeVip(address types.Address) (bool, error)

func (DexFundApi) IsViteXStopped

func (f DexFundApi) IsViteXStopped() (bool, error)

func (DexFundApi) String

func (f DexFundApi) String() string

type DexPrivateApi

type DexPrivateApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDexPrivateApi

func NewDexPrivateApi(vite *vite.Vite) *DexPrivateApi

func (DexPrivateApi) GetAllFeesOfAddress

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetAllFeesOfAddress(address types.Address) (*apidex.RpcUserFees, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetAllMiningStakingInfo

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetAllMiningStakingInfo() (*apidex.RpcMiningStakings, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetAllMiningStakingInfoByAddress

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetAllMiningStakingInfoByAddress(address types.Address) (*apidex.RpcMiningStakings, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetAllTotalVxBalance

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetAllTotalVxBalance() (*apidex.RpcVxFunds, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetAllVxBalanceByAddress

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetAllVxBalanceByAddress(address types.Address) (*apidex.RpcVxFunds, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetCurrentDexFees

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetCurrentDexFees() (*apidex.RpcDexFeesByPeriod, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetCurrentMiningStakingAmountByAddress

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetCurrentMiningStakingAmountByAddress(address types.Address) (map[string]string, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetCurrentOperatorFees

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetCurrentOperatorFees(operator types.Address) (*apidex.RpcOperatorFeesByPeriod, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetDelegateStakeInfoById

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetDelegateStakeInfoById(id types.Hash) (*apidex.DelegateStakeInfo, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetDexConfig

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetDexConfig() (map[string]string, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetDexFeesByPeriod

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetDexFeesByPeriod(periodId uint64) (*apidex.RpcDexFeesByPeriod, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetFirstMiningPeriodId

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetFirstMiningPeriodId() (uint64, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetLastPeriodIdByJobType

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetLastPeriodIdByJobType(bizType uint8) (uint64, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetLastSettledMakerMiningInfo

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetLastSettledMakerMiningInfo() (map[string]uint64, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetMakerMiningPool

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetMakerMiningPool(periodId uint64) (string, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetMarketInfoById

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetMarketInfoById(marketId int32) (ordersRes *apidex.RpcMarketInfo, err error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetMinThresholdForTradeAndMining

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetMinThresholdForTradeAndMining() (map[int]*apidex.RpcThresholdForTradeAndMine, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetOperatorFeesByPeriod

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetOperatorFeesByPeriod(periodId uint64, operator types.Address) (*apidex.RpcOperatorFeesByPeriod, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetOwner

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetOwner() (*types.Address, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetPeriodId

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetPeriodId() (uint64, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetTime

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetTime() (int64, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetTradeTimestamp

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetTradeTimestamp() (timestamp int64, err error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetVIPStakingInfoByAddress

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetVIPStakingInfoByAddress(address types.Address) (*dex.VIPStaking, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetVxBurnBalance

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetVxBurnBalance() (string, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) GetVxPoolBalance

func (f DexPrivateApi) GetVxPoolBalance() (string, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) IsNormalMiningStarted

func (f DexPrivateApi) IsNormalMiningStarted() (bool, error)

func (DexPrivateApi) String

func (f DexPrivateApi) String() string

func (DexPrivateApi) VerifyDexBalance

func (f DexPrivateApi) VerifyDexBalance() (*dex.FundVerifyRes, error)

type DexTradeApi

type DexTradeApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDexTradeApi

func NewDexTradeApi(vite *vite.Vite) *DexTradeApi

func (DexTradeApi) GetMarketInfoById

func (f DexTradeApi) GetMarketInfoById(marketId int32) (ordersRes *apidex.RpcMarketInfo, err error)

func (DexTradeApi) GetOrderById

func (f DexTradeApi) GetOrderById(orderIdStr string) (*apidex.RpcOrder, error)

func (DexTradeApi) GetOrderBySendHash

func (f DexTradeApi) GetOrderBySendHash(sendHash types.Hash) (*apidex.RpcOrder, error)

func (DexTradeApi) GetOrdersFromMarket

func (f DexTradeApi) GetOrdersFromMarket(tradeToken, quoteToken types.TokenTypeId, side bool, begin, end int) (ordersRes *apidex.OrdersRes, err error)

func (DexTradeApi) GetTimestamp

func (f DexTradeApi) GetTimestamp() (timestamp int64, err error)

func (DexTradeApi) String

func (f DexTradeApi) String() string

type FilterParam

type FilterParam struct {
	AddrRange map[types.Address]HeightRange
	Topics    [][]types.Hash

func ToFilterParam

func ToFilterParam(rangeMap map[string]*Range, topics [][]types.Hash) (*FilterParam, error)

type FindAddrResponse

type FindAddrResponse struct {
	EntropyFile string `json:"entropyFile"`
	Index       uint32 `json:"index"`

type FindAddrResult

type FindAddrResult struct {
	EntropyStoreFile string `json:"entropyStoreFile"`
	Index            uint32 `json:"index"`

type GcStatus

type GcStatus struct {
	Code        uint8  `json:"code"`
	Description string `json:"description"`

	ClearedHeight uint64 `json:"clearedHeight"`
	MarkedHeight  uint64 `json:"markedHeight"`

type GetBalancesRes

type GetBalancesRes map[types.Address]map[types.TokenTypeId]*big.Int

type GetPledgeListByPageResult

type GetPledgeListByPageResult struct {
	PledgeInfoList []*types.StakeInfo `json:"list"`
	LastKey        string             `json:"lastKey"`

type GetPoWDifficultyParam

type GetPoWDifficultyParam struct {
	SelfAddr  types.Address  `json:"address"`
	PrevHash  types.Hash     `json:"previousHash"`
	BlockType byte           `json:"blockType"`
	ToAddr    *types.Address `json:"toAddress"`
	Data      []byte         `json:"data"`
	Multiple  uint16         `json:"congestionMultiplier"`

type GetPoWDifficultyResult

type GetPoWDifficultyResult struct {
	Quota        string `json:"requiredQuota"`
	Difficulty   string `json:"difficulty"`
	Qc           string `json:"qc"`
	IsCongestion bool   `json:"isCongestion"`

type GetQuotaRequiredParam

type GetQuotaRequiredParam struct {
	SelfAddr  types.Address  `json:"address"`
	BlockType byte           `json:"blockType"`
	ToAddr    *types.Address `json:"toAddress"`
	Data      []byte         `json:"data"`

type GetQuotaRequiredResult

type GetQuotaRequiredResult struct {
	QuotaRequired string `json:"requiredQuota"`

type Health

type Health struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHealthApi

func NewHealthApi(vite *vite.Vite) *Health

func (*Health) Health

func (h *Health) Health() error

type HeightRange

type HeightRange struct {
	FromHeight uint64
	ToHeight   uint64

type HexSignedTuple

type HexSignedTuple struct {
	Message    string `json:"message"`
	SignedData string `json:"signedData"`
	Pubkey     string `json:"pubkey"`

type IsMayValidKeystoreFileResponse

type IsMayValidKeystoreFileResponse struct {
	Maybe      bool
	MayAddress types.Address

type IssueParams added in v1.3.0

type IssueParams struct {
	TokenId    types.TokenTypeId
	Amount     string
	Beneficial types.Address

type JsonRpc2Error

type JsonRpc2Error struct {
	Message string
	Code    int

func (JsonRpc2Error) Error

func (e JsonRpc2Error) Error() string

func (JsonRpc2Error) ErrorCode

func (e JsonRpc2Error) ErrorCode() int

type LedgerApi

type LedgerApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLedgerApi

func NewLedgerApi(vite *vite.Vite) *LedgerApi

func (*LedgerApi) GetAccountBlockByHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAccountBlockByHash(blockHash types.Hash) (*AccountBlock, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetAccountBlockByHeight

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAccountBlockByHeight(addr types.Address, height interface{}) (*AccountBlock, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetAccountBlocks

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAccountBlocks(addr types.Address, originBlockHash *types.Hash, tokenTypeId *types.TokenTypeId, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetAccountBlocksByAddress

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAccountBlocksByAddress(addr types.Address, index int, count int) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetAccountByAccAddr

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAccountByAccAddr(addr types.Address) (*RpcAccountInfo, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetAccountInfoByAddress

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAccountInfoByAddress(addr types.Address) (*AccountInfo, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetAllUnconfirmedBlocks

func (l *LedgerApi) GetAllUnconfirmedBlocks() []*ledger.AccountBlock

func (*LedgerApi) GetBlockByHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetBlockByHash(blockHash types.Hash) (*AccountBlock, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetBlockByHeight added in v1.1.2

func (l *LedgerApi) GetBlockByHeight(addr types.Address, height interface{}) (*AccountBlock, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetBlocksByAccAddr

func (l *LedgerApi) GetBlocksByAccAddr(addr types.Address, index int, count int) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetBlocksByHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetBlocksByHash(addr types.Address, originBlockHash *types.Hash, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetBlocksByHashInToken added in v1.2.0

func (l *LedgerApi) GetBlocksByHashInToken(addr types.Address, originBlockHash *types.Hash, tokenTypeId types.TokenTypeId, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

in token

func (*LedgerApi) GetBlocksByHeight added in v1.1.2

func (l *LedgerApi) GetBlocksByHeight(addr types.Address, height interface{}, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetChainStatus

func (l *LedgerApi) GetChainStatus() []interfaces.DBStatus

func (*LedgerApi) GetChunks

func (l *LedgerApi) GetChunks(startHeight interface{}, endHeight interface{}) ([]*SnapshotChunk, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetCompleteBlockByHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetCompleteBlockByHash(blockHash types.Hash) (*AccountBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetConfirmedBalances

func (l *LedgerApi) GetConfirmedBalances(snapshotHash types.Hash, addrList []types.Address, tokenIds []types.TokenTypeId) (GetBalancesRes, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetLatestAccountBlock

func (l *LedgerApi) GetLatestAccountBlock(addr types.Address) (*AccountBlock, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetLatestBlock

func (l *LedgerApi) GetLatestBlock(addr types.Address) (*AccountBlock, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetLatestSnapshotBlock

func (l *LedgerApi) GetLatestSnapshotBlock() (*SnapshotBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetLatestSnapshotChainHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetLatestSnapshotChainHash() *types.Hash

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetLatestSnapshotHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetLatestSnapshotHash() *types.Hash

new api

func (LedgerApi) GetPoWDifficulty

func (t LedgerApi) GetPoWDifficulty(param GetPoWDifficultyParam) (*GetPoWDifficultyResult, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetRawBlockByHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetRawBlockByHash(blockHash types.Hash) (*ledger.AccountBlock, error)

func (LedgerApi) GetRequiredQuota

func (t LedgerApi) GetRequiredQuota(param GetQuotaRequiredParam) (*GetQuotaRequiredResult, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetSeed

func (l *LedgerApi) GetSeed(snapshotHash types.Hash, fromHash types.Hash) (uint64, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlockBeforeTime

func (l *LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlockBeforeTime(timestamp int64) (*SnapshotBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlockByHash

func (l *LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlockByHash(hash types.Hash) (*SnapshotBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlockByHeight

func (l *LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlockByHeight(height interface{}) (*SnapshotBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlocks

func (l *LedgerApi) GetSnapshotBlocks(height interface{}, count int) ([]*SnapshotBlock, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetSnapshotChainHeight

func (l *LedgerApi) GetSnapshotChainHeight() string

func (*LedgerApi) GetUnconfirmedBlocks

func (l *LedgerApi) GetUnconfirmedBlocks(addr types.Address) []*ledger.AccountBlock

func (*LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedBlocksByAddress

func (l *LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedBlocksByAddress(address types.Address, index, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

new api: ledger_getUnreceivedBlocksByAddress <- onroad_getOnroadBlocksByAddress

func (*LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedBlocksInBatch

func (l *LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedBlocksInBatch(queryList []PagingQueryBatch) (map[types.Address][]*AccountBlock, error)

new api: ledger_getUnreceivedBlocksInBatch <- onroad_getOnroadBlocksInBatch

func (*LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedTransactionSummaryByAddress

func (l *LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedTransactionSummaryByAddress(address types.Address) (*AccountInfo, error)

new api: ledger_getUnreceivedTransactionSummaryByAddress <- onroad_getOnroadInfoByAddress

func (*LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedTransactionSummaryInBatch

func (l *LedgerApi) GetUnreceivedTransactionSummaryInBatch(addressList []types.Address) ([]*AccountInfo, error)

new api: ledger_getUnreceivedTransactionSummaryInBatch <- onroad_getOnroadInfoInBatch

func (*LedgerApi) GetVmLogList

func (l *LedgerApi) GetVmLogList(blockHash types.Hash) (ledger.VmLogList, error)

old api

func (*LedgerApi) GetVmLogListByHash added in v1.1.2

func (l *LedgerApi) GetVmLogListByHash(logHash types.Hash) (ledger.VmLogList, error)

func (*LedgerApi) GetVmLogs

func (l *LedgerApi) GetVmLogs(blockHash types.Hash) (ledger.VmLogList, error)

new api

func (*LedgerApi) GetVmLogsByFilter

func (l *LedgerApi) GetVmLogsByFilter(param VmLogFilterParam) ([]*Logs, error)

func (*LedgerApi) SendRawTransaction

func (l *LedgerApi) SendRawTransaction(block *AccountBlock) error

new api

func (LedgerApi) String

func (l LedgerApi) String() string

type LedgerDebugApi

type LedgerDebugApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLedgerDebugApi

func NewLedgerDebugApi(vite *vite.Vite) *LedgerDebugApi

func (LedgerDebugApi) String

func (ld LedgerDebugApi) String() string

type Logs

type Logs struct {
	Log              *ledger.VmLog  `json:"vmlog"`
	AccountBlockHash types.Hash     `json:"accountBlockHash"`
	AccountHeight    string         `json:"accountBlockHeight"`
	Addr             *types.Address `json:"address"`

func GetLogs

func GetLogs(c chain.Chain, rangeMap map[string]*Range, topics [][]types.Hash) ([]*Logs, error)

type MintageParams

type MintageParams struct {
	TokenName     string
	TokenSymbol   string
	TotalSupply   string
	Decimals      uint8
	IsReIssuable  bool
	MaxSupply     string
	OwnerBurnOnly bool

type NetApi

type NetApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewNetApi

func NewNetApi(vite *vite.Vite) *NetApi

func (*NetApi) NodeInfo added in v1.3.0

func (n *NetApi) NodeInfo() net.NodeInfo

func (*NetApi) Nodes added in v1.2.0

func (n *NetApi) Nodes() Nodes

func (*NetApi) PeerCount

func (n *NetApi) PeerCount() int

func (*NetApi) Peers

func (n *NetApi) Peers() net.NodeInfo

Peers is for old api

func (*NetApi) SyncDetail added in v1.3.0

func (n *NetApi) SyncDetail() net.SyncDetail

func (*NetApi) SyncInfo

func (n *NetApi) SyncInfo() SyncInfo

type NewStoreResponse

type NewStoreResponse struct {
	Mnemonic    string        `json:"mnemonic"`
	PrimaryAddr types.Address `json:"primaryAddr"`
	Filename    string        `json:"filename"`

type Nodes

type Nodes struct {
	Count int
	Nodes []*vnode.Node

type NormalRequestRawTxParam

type NormalRequestRawTxParam struct {
	BlockType byte       `json:"blockType"` // 1
	Height    string     `json:"height"`
	Hash      types.Hash `json:"hash"`

	PrevHash     types.Hash `json:"prevHash"`
	PreviousHash types.Hash `json:"previousHash"`

	AccountAddress types.Address `json:"accountAddress"`
	Address        types.Address `json:"address"`

	PublicKey []byte `json:"publicKey"`

	ToAddress types.Address     `json:"toAddress"`
	TokenId   types.TokenTypeId `json:"tokenId"`
	Amount    string            `json:"amount"`

	Data []byte `json:"data"`

	Difficulty *string `json:"difficulty"`
	Nonce      []byte  `json:"nonce"`

	Signature []byte `json:"signature"`

func (NormalRequestRawTxParam) LedgerAccountBlock

func (param NormalRequestRawTxParam) LedgerAccountBlock() (*ledger.AccountBlock, error)

type OnroadPagingQuery

type OnroadPagingQuery struct {
	Addr types.Address `json:"addr"`

	PageNum   uint64 `json:"pageNum"`
	PageCount uint64 `json:"pageCount"`

type PagingQueryBatch

type PagingQueryBatch struct {
	Address types.Address `json:"address"`

	PageNumber uint64 `json:"pageNumber"`
	PageCount  uint64 `json:"pageCount"`

type PeriodStats

type PeriodStats struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type PledgeInfo

type PledgeInfo struct {
	Amount         string        `json:"amount"`
	BeneficialAddr types.Address `json:"beneficialAddr"`
	WithdrawHeight string        `json:"withdrawHeight"`
	WithdrawTime   int64         `json:"withdrawTime"`
	Agent          bool          `json:"agent"`
	AgentAddress   types.Address `json:"agentAddress"`
	Bid            uint8         `json:"bid"`
	Id             *types.Hash   `json:"id"`

func NewPledgeInfo

func NewPledgeInfo(info *types.StakeInfo, snapshotBlock *ledger.SnapshotBlock) *PledgeInfo

type PledgeInfoList

type PledgeInfoList struct {
	TotalPledgeAmount string        `json:"totalPledgeAmount"`
	Count             int           `json:"totalCount"`
	List              []*PledgeInfo `json:"pledgeInfoList"`

type PledgeQueryParams

type PledgeQueryParams struct {
	PledgeAddr     types.Address `json:"pledgeAddr"`
	AgentAddr      types.Address `json:"agentAddr"`
	BeneficialAddr types.Address `json:"beneficialAddr"`
	Bid            uint8         `json:"bid"`

type Pow

type Pow struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPow

func NewPow(vite *vite.Vite) *Pow

func (Pow) CancelPow

func (p Pow) CancelPow(data types.Hash) error

func (Pow) GetPowNonce

func (p Pow) GetPowNonce(difficulty string, data types.Hash) ([]byte, error)

func (Pow) GetPowNoncePrivate

func (p Pow) GetPowNoncePrivate(address types.Address, height uint64, difficulty string, data types.Hash, timestamp uint64, sig []byte, cnt uint64) (result []byte, e error)

Pow Plan Ref[] todo

type PrivateOnroadApi

type PrivateOnroadApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPrivateOnroadApi

func NewPrivateOnroadApi(vite *vite.Vite) *PrivateOnroadApi

func (PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadBlocksByAddress deprecated

func (pri PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadBlocksByAddress(address types.Address, index, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

Deprecated: to use ledger_getUnreceivedBlocksByAddress instead

func (PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadBlocksInBatch deprecated

func (pri PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadBlocksInBatch(queryList []OnroadPagingQuery) (map[types.Address][]*AccountBlock, error)

Deprecated: to use unreceived_getUnreceivedBlocksInBatch instead

func (PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadInfoByAddress deprecated

func (pri PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadInfoByAddress(address types.Address) (*RpcAccountInfo, error)

Deprecated: to use ledger_getUnreceivedTransactionSummaryByAddress instead

func (PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadInfoInBatch deprecated

func (pri PrivateOnroadApi) GetOnroadInfoInBatch(addrList []types.Address) ([]*RpcAccountInfo, error)

Deprecated: to use unreceived_getUnreceivedTransactionSummaryInBatch instead

func (PrivateOnroadApi) String

func (pri PrivateOnroadApi) String() string

type PublicOnroadApi

type PublicOnroadApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPublicOnroadApi

func NewPublicOnroadApi(vite *vite.Vite) *PublicOnroadApi

func (PublicOnroadApi) GetOnroadBlocksByAddress deprecated

func (pub PublicOnroadApi) GetOnroadBlocksByAddress(address types.Address, index, count uint64) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

Deprecated: to use ledger_getUnreceivedBlocksByAddress instead

func (PublicOnroadApi) GetOnroadInfoByAddress deprecated

func (pub PublicOnroadApi) GetOnroadInfoByAddress(address types.Address) (*RpcAccountInfo, error)

Deprecated: to use ledger_getUnreceivedTransactionSummaryByAddress instead

func (PublicOnroadApi) String

func (pub PublicOnroadApi) String() string

type QuotaAndTxNum

type QuotaAndTxNum struct {
	QuotaPerSnapshotBlock string `json:"quotaPerSnapshotBlock"` // Deprecated
	CurrentQuota          string `json:"current"`               // Deprecated
	CurrentTxNumPerSec    string `json:"utps"`                  // Deprecated: use currentUt field instead
	CurrentUt             string `json:"currentUt"`
	Utpe                  string `json:"utpe"`
	PledgeAmount          string `json:"pledgeAmount"`

type QuotaApi

type QuotaApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewQuotaApi

func NewQuotaApi(vite *vite.Vite) *QuotaApi

func (*QuotaApi) GetAgentCancelPledgeData

func (p *QuotaApi) GetAgentCancelPledgeData(param AgentPledgeParam) ([]byte, error)


func (*QuotaApi) GetAgentPledgeData

func (p *QuotaApi) GetAgentPledgeData(param AgentPledgeParam) ([]byte, error)


func (*QuotaApi) GetAgentPledgeInfo

func (p *QuotaApi) GetAgentPledgeInfo(params PledgeQueryParams) (*PledgeInfo, error)


func (*QuotaApi) GetCancelPledgeData

func (p *QuotaApi) GetCancelPledgeData(beneficialAddr types.Address, amount string) ([]byte, error)


func (*QuotaApi) GetPledgeAmountByUtps deprecated

func (p *QuotaApi) GetPledgeAmountByUtps(utps string) (*string, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getRequiredStakeAmount instead

func (*QuotaApi) GetPledgeBeneficialAmount deprecated

func (p *QuotaApi) GetPledgeBeneficialAmount(addr types.Address) (string, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getBeneficialStakingAmount instead

func (*QuotaApi) GetPledgeData

func (p *QuotaApi) GetPledgeData(beneficialAddr types.Address) ([]byte, error)


func (*QuotaApi) GetPledgeList deprecated

func (p *QuotaApi) GetPledgeList(addr types.Address, index int, count int) (*PledgeInfoList, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getStakeList instead

func (*QuotaApi) GetPledgeQuota deprecated

func (p *QuotaApi) GetPledgeQuota(addr types.Address) (*QuotaAndTxNum, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getQuotaByAccount instead

func (*QuotaApi) GetQuotaCoefficient

func (p *QuotaApi) GetQuotaCoefficient() (*QuotaCoefficientInfo, error)


func (*QuotaApi) GetQuotaUsedList

func (p *QuotaApi) GetQuotaUsedList(addr types.Address) ([]types.QuotaInfo, error)


func (QuotaApi) String

func (p QuotaApi) String() string

type QuotaCoefficientInfo

type QuotaCoefficientInfo struct {
	Qc           *string `json:"qc"`
	GlobalQuota  string  `json:"globalQuota"`
	GlobalUt     string  `json:"globalUtPerSecond"`
	IsCongestion bool    `json:"isCongestion"`

type QuotaInfo

type QuotaInfo struct {
	CurrentQuota string  `json:"currentQuota"`
	MaxQuota     string  `json:"maxQuota"`
	StakeAmount  *string `json:"stakeAmount"`

type Range

type Range struct {
	FromHeight string `json:"fromHeight"`
	ToHeight   string `json:"toHeight"`

func (*Range) ToHeightRange

func (r *Range) ToHeightRange() (*HeightRange, error)

type RegistParam

type RegistParam struct {
	Name string     `json:"name"`
	Gid  *types.Gid `json:"gid"`

type RegisterApi

type RegisterApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRegisterApi

func NewRegisterApi(vite *vite.Vite) *RegisterApi

func (*RegisterApi) GetAvailableReward deprecated

func (r *RegisterApi) GetAvailableReward(gid types.Gid, name string) (*Reward, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getSBPRewardPendingWithdrawal

func (*RegisterApi) GetCancelRegisterData

func (r *RegisterApi) GetCancelRegisterData(gid types.Gid, name string) ([]byte, error)


func (*RegisterApi) GetCandidateList deprecated

func (r *RegisterApi) GetCandidateList() ([]*CandidateInfo, error)

Deprecated: usecontract_getSBPVoteList instead

func (*RegisterApi) GetRegisterData

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRegisterData(gid types.Gid, name string, nodeAddr types.Address) ([]byte, error)


func (*RegisterApi) GetRegisterPledgeAddrList

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRegisterPledgeAddrList(paramList []*RegistParam) ([]*types.Address, error)


func (*RegisterApi) GetRegistration deprecated

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRegistration(name string, gid types.Gid) (*types.Registration, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getSBP instead

func (*RegisterApi) GetRegistrationList deprecated

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRegistrationList(gid types.Gid, pledgeAddr types.Address) ([]*RegistrationInfo, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getSBPList

func (*RegisterApi) GetRewardByDay deprecated

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRewardByDay(gid types.Gid, timestamp int64) (map[string]*Reward, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getSBPRewardByTimestamp instead

func (*RegisterApi) GetRewardByIndex deprecated

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRewardByIndex(gid types.Gid, indexStr string) (*RewardInfo, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getSBPRewardByCycle instead

func (*RegisterApi) GetRewardData

func (r *RegisterApi) GetRewardData(gid types.Gid, name string, beneficialAddr types.Address) ([]byte, error)


func (*RegisterApi) GetUpdateRegistrationData

func (r *RegisterApi) GetUpdateRegistrationData(gid types.Gid, name string, nodeAddr types.Address) ([]byte, error)


func (RegisterApi) String

func (r RegisterApi) String() string

type RegisterConditionParam

type RegisterConditionParam struct {
	PledgeAmount string            `json:"pledgeAmount"`
	PledgeToken  types.TokenTypeId `json:"pledgeToken"`
	PledgeHeight string            `json:"pledgeHeight"`

type RegistrationInfo

type RegistrationInfo struct {
	Name                  string        `json:"name"`
	NodeAddr              types.Address `json:"nodeAddr"`
	PledgeAddr            types.Address `json:"pledgeAddr"`
	RewardWithdrawAddress types.Address `json:"rewardWithdrawAddress"`
	PledgeAmount          string        `json:"pledgeAmount"`
	WithdrawHeight        string        `json:"withdrawHeight"`
	WithdrawTime          int64         `json:"withdrawTime"`
	CancelTime            int64         `json:"cancelTime"`

type Reward

type Reward struct {
	BlockReward      string `json:"blockReward"`
	VoteReward       string `json:"voteReward"`
	TotalReward      string `json:"totalReward"`
	BlockNum         string `json:"blockNum"`
	ExpectedBlockNum string `json:"expectedBlockNum"`
	Drained          bool   `json:"drained"`

func ToReward

func ToReward(source *contracts.Reward) *Reward

type RewardInfo

type RewardInfo struct {
	RewardMap map[string]*Reward `json:"rewardMap"`
	StartTime int64              `json:"startTime"`
	EndTime   int64              `json:"endTime"`

type RpcAccountInfo

type RpcAccountInfo struct {
	AccountAddress      types.Address                              `json:"accountAddress"`
	TotalNumber         string                                     `json:"totalNumber"` // uint64
	TokenBalanceInfoMap map[types.TokenTypeId]*RpcTokenBalanceInfo `json:"tokenBalanceInfoMap,omitempty"`

func ToRpcAccountInfo

func ToRpcAccountInfo(chain chain.Chain, info *ledger.AccountInfo) *RpcAccountInfo

type RpcTokenBalanceInfo

type RpcTokenBalanceInfo struct {
	TokenInfo   *RpcTokenInfo `json:"tokenInfo,omitempty"`
	TotalAmount string        `json:"totalAmount"`
	Number      *string       `json:"number,omitempty"`

type RpcTokenInfo

type RpcTokenInfo struct {
	TokenName     string            `json:"tokenName"`
	TokenSymbol   string            `json:"tokenSymbol"`
	TotalSupply   *string           `json:"totalSupply,omitempty"` // *big.Int
	Decimals      uint8             `json:"decimals"`
	Owner         types.Address     `json:"owner"`
	TokenId       types.TokenTypeId `json:"tokenId"`
	MaxSupply     *string           `json:"maxSupply"`     // *big.Int
	OwnerBurnOnly bool              `json:"ownerBurnOnly"` // Deprecated: use IsOwnerBurnOnly instead
	IsReIssuable  bool              `json:"isReIssuable"`
	Index         uint16            `json:"index"`

	// mainnet new
	IsOwnerBurnOnly bool `json:"isOwnerBurnOnly"`

func RawTokenInfoToRpc

func RawTokenInfoToRpc(tinfo *types.TokenInfo, tti types.TokenTypeId) *RpcTokenInfo

type SBPInfo

type SBPInfo struct {
	Name                  string        `json:"name"`
	BlockProducingAddress types.Address `json:"blockProducingAddress"`
	RewardWithdrawAddress types.Address `json:"rewardWithdrawAddress"`
	StakeAddr             types.Address `json:"stakeAddress"`
	StakeAmount           string        `json:"stakeAmount"`
	ExpirationHeight      string        `json:"expirationHeight"`
	ExpirationTime        int64         `json:"expirationTime"`
	RevokeTime            int64         `json:"revokeTime"`

type SBPReward

type SBPReward struct {
	BlockReward      string `json:"blockProducingReward"`
	VoteReward       string `json:"votingReward"`
	TotalReward      string `json:"totalReward"`
	BlockNum         string `json:"producedBlocks"`
	ExpectedBlockNum string `json:"targetBlocks"`
	Drained          bool   `json:"allRewardWithdrawed"`

func ToSBPReward

func ToSBPReward(source *contracts.Reward) *SBPReward

type SBPRewardInfo

type SBPRewardInfo struct {
	RewardMap map[string]*SBPReward `json:"rewardMap"`
	StartTime int64                 `json:"startTime"`
	EndTime   int64                 `json:"endTime"`
	Cycle     string                `json:"cycle"`

type SBPVoteInfo

type SBPVoteInfo struct {
	Name                  string        `json:"sbpName"`
	BlockProducingAddress types.Address `json:"blockProducingAddress"`
	VoteNum               string        `json:"votes"`

type SendTxWithPrivateKeyParam

type SendTxWithPrivateKeyParam struct {
	SelfAddr     *types.Address    `json:"selfAddr"`
	ToAddr       *types.Address    `json:"toAddr"`
	TokenTypeId  types.TokenTypeId `json:"tokenTypeId"`
	PrivateKey   *string           `json:"privateKey"` //hex16
	Amount       *string           `json:"amount"`
	Data         []byte            `json:"data"` //base64
	Difficulty   *string           `json:"difficulty,omitempty"`
	PreBlockHash *types.Hash       `json:"preBlockHash,omitempty"`
	BlockType    byte              `json:"blockType"`

type SnapshotBlock

type SnapshotBlock struct {
	Producer types.Address `json:"producer"`

	PreviousHash types.Hash             `json:"previousHash"`
	NextSeedHash *types.Hash            `json:"nextSeedHash"`
	SnapshotData ledger.SnapshotContent `json:"snapshotData"`
	Timestamp    int64                  `json:"timestamp"`

type SnapshotChunk

type SnapshotChunk struct {
	AccountBlocks []*ledger.AccountBlock
	SnapshotBlock *SnapshotBlock

type StakeInfo

type StakeInfo struct {
	Amount           string        `json:"stakeAmount"`
	Beneficiary      types.Address `json:"beneficiary"`
	ExpirationHeight string        `json:"expirationHeight"`
	ExpirationTime   int64         `json:"expirationTime"`
	IsDelegated      bool          `json:"isDelegated"`
	DelegateAddress  types.Address `json:"delegateAddress"`
	StakeAddress     types.Address `json:"stakeAddress"`
	Bid              uint8         `json:"bid"`
	Id               *types.Hash   `json:"id"`

func NewStakeInfo

func NewStakeInfo(addr types.Address, info *types.StakeInfo, snapshotBlock *ledger.SnapshotBlock) *StakeInfo

type StakeInfoList

type StakeInfoList struct {
	StakeAmount string       `json:"totalStakeAmount"`
	Count       int          `json:"totalStakeCount"`
	StakeList   []*StakeInfo `json:"stakeList"`

type StakeInfoListBySearchKey

type StakeInfoListBySearchKey struct {
	StakingInfoList []*StakeInfo `json:"stakeList"`
	LastKey         string       `json:"lastSearchKey"`

type StakeQueryParams

type StakeQueryParams struct {
	StakeAddress    types.Address `json:"stakeAddress"`
	DelegateAddress types.Address `json:"delegateAddress"`
	Beneficiary     types.Address `json:"beneficiary"`
	Bid             uint8         `json:"bid"`

type StatsApi

type StatsApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStatsApi

func NewStatsApi(vite *vite.Vite) *StatsApi

func (StatsApi) GetDaySBPStats

func (c StatsApi) GetDaySBPStats(startIdx uint64, endIdx uint64) ([]map[string]interface{}, error)

func (StatsApi) GetHourSBPStats

func (c StatsApi) GetHourSBPStats(startIdx uint64, endIdx uint64) ([]map[string]interface{}, error)

func (StatsApi) GetPeriodSBPStats

func (c StatsApi) GetPeriodSBPStats(startIdx uint64, endIdx uint64) ([]*PeriodStats, error)

func (StatsApi) Index2Time

func (c StatsApi) Index2Time(i uint64, level int) map[string]time.Time

func (StatsApi) String

func (c StatsApi) String() string

func (StatsApi) Time2Index

func (c StatsApi) Time2Index(t *time.Time, level int) uint64

type SyncInfo

type SyncInfo struct {
	From    string `json:"from"`
	To      string `json:"to"`
	Current string `json:"current"`
	State   uint   `json:"state"`
	Status  string `json:"status"`

type TestApi

type TestApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTestApi

func NewTestApi(walletApi *WalletApi) *TestApi

func (TestApi) Bazinga

func (t TestApi) Bazinga(ctx context.Context) error

func (TestApi) CreateTxWithPrivKey

func (t TestApi) CreateTxWithPrivKey(params CreateTxWithPrivKeyParmsTest) error

func (TestApi) GetTestToken

func (t TestApi) GetTestToken(ctx context.Context, ToAddr types.Address) (string, error)

func (TestApi) ReceiveOnroadTx

func (t TestApi) ReceiveOnroadTx(params CreateReceiveTxParms) error

type TokenInfoList added in v1.3.0

type TokenInfoList struct {
	Count int             `json:"totalCount"`
	List  []*RpcTokenInfo `json:"tokenInfoList"`

type TransferOwnerParams added in v1.3.0

type TransferOwnerParams struct {
	TokenId  types.TokenTypeId
	NewOwner types.Address

type Tx

type Tx struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTxApi

func NewTxApi(vite *vite.Vite) *Tx

func (Tx) CalcPoWDifficulty deprecated added in v1.3.0

func (t Tx) CalcPoWDifficulty(param CalcPoWDifficultyParam) (result *CalcPoWDifficultyResult, err error)

Deprecated: use ledger_getPoWDifficulty instead

func (Tx) CalcQuotaRequired deprecated

func (t Tx) CalcQuotaRequired(param CalcQuotaRequiredParam) (*CalcQuotaRequiredResult, error)

Deprecated: use ledger_getRequiredQuota instead

func (Tx) SendRawTx

func (t Tx) SendRawTx(block *AccountBlock) error

func (Tx) SendTxWithPrivateKey

func (t Tx) SendTxWithPrivateKey(param SendTxWithPrivateKeyParam) (*AccountBlock, error)

type TxParam

type TxParam interface {
	LedgerAccountBlock() (*ledger.AccountBlock, error)

type TypesApi

type TypesApi struct {

func (TypesApi) IsValidHexAddress

func (TypesApi) IsValidHexAddress(addr string) bool

func (TypesApi) IsValidHexTokenTypeId

func (TypesApi) IsValidHexTokenTypeId(tti string) bool

func (TypesApi) String

func (TypesApi) String() string

type UnreceivedDebugApi

type UnreceivedDebugApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUnreceivedDebugApi

func NewUnreceivedDebugApi(vite *vite.Vite) *UnreceivedDebugApi

func (*UnreceivedDebugApi) GetContractUnreceivedFrontBlocks

func (pu *UnreceivedDebugApi) GetContractUnreceivedFrontBlocks(addr types.Address, gid *types.Gid) ([]*AccountBlock, error)

private: unreceived_getContractUnreceivedFrontBlocks <- onorad_getContractOnRoadFrontBlocks

func (*UnreceivedDebugApi) GetContractUnreceivedTransactionCount

func (ud *UnreceivedDebugApi) GetContractUnreceivedTransactionCount(addr types.Address, gid *types.Gid) (uint64, error)

private: unreceived_getContractUnreceivedTransactionCount <- onroad_getContractOnRoadTotalNum

type UtilApi

type UtilApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUtilApi

func NewUtilApi(vite *vite.Vite) *UtilApi

func (UtilApi) GetPoWNonce

func (p UtilApi) GetPoWNonce(difficulty string, data types.Hash) ([]byte, error)

type VmAccountInfo

type VmAccountInfo struct {
	Addr       types.Address `json:"address"`
	PrivateKey string        `json:"privateKey"`

type VmDebugApi added in v1.2.0

type VmDebugApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewVmDebugApi added in v1.2.0

func NewVmDebugApi(vite *vite.Vite) *VmDebugApi

func (*VmDebugApi) CallContract added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) CallContract(param CallContractParam) (*CallContractResult, error)

func (*VmDebugApi) ClearData added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) ClearData() error

func (*VmDebugApi) CreateContract added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) CreateContract(param CreateContractParam) ([]*CreateContractResult, error)

func (*VmDebugApi) GetContractList added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) GetContractList() (map[types.Address][]CallContractParam, error)

func (*VmDebugApi) GetContractStorage added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) GetContractStorage(addr types.Address) (map[string]string, error)

func (*VmDebugApi) Init added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) Init() (*VmAccountInfo, error)

func (*VmDebugApi) NewAccount added in v1.2.0

func (v *VmDebugApi) NewAccount() (*VmAccountInfo, error)

func (VmDebugApi) String added in v1.2.0

func (v VmDebugApi) String() string

type VmLogFilterParam

type VmLogFilterParam struct {
	AddrRange map[string]*Range `json:"addressHeightRange"`
	Topics    [][]types.Hash    `json:"topics"`

type VoteApi

type VoteApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewVoteApi

func NewVoteApi(vite *vite.Vite) *VoteApi

func (*VoteApi) GetCancelVoteData

func (v *VoteApi) GetCancelVoteData(gid types.Gid) ([]byte, error)


func (*VoteApi) GetVoteData

func (v *VoteApi) GetVoteData(gid types.Gid, name string) ([]byte, error)


func (*VoteApi) GetVoteDetails deprecated

func (v *VoteApi) GetVoteDetails(index *uint64) ([]*consensus.VoteDetails, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getSBPVotingDetailsByCycle instead

func (*VoteApi) GetVoteInfo deprecated

func (v *VoteApi) GetVoteInfo(gid types.Gid, addr types.Address) (*VoteInfo, error)

Deprecated: use contract_getVotedSBP instead

func (VoteApi) String

func (v VoteApi) String() string

type VoteConditionParam

type VoteConditionParam struct {

type VoteDetail

type VoteDetail struct {
	Name            string                   `json:"blockProducerName"`
	VoteNum         string                   `json:"totalVotes"`
	CurrentAddr     types.Address            `json:"blockProducingAddress"`
	HistoryAddrList []types.Address          `json:"historyProducingAddresses"`
	VoteMap         map[types.Address]string `json:"addressVoteMap"`

type VoteInfo

type VoteInfo struct {
	Name       string `json:"nodeName"`
	NodeStatus uint8  `json:"nodeStatus"`
	Balance    string `json:"balance"`

type VotedSBPInfo

type VotedSBPInfo struct {
	Name       string `json:"blockProducerName"`
	NodeStatus uint8  `json:"status"`
	Balance    string `json:"votes"`

type WalletApi

type WalletApi struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWalletApi

func NewWalletApi(vite *vite.Vite) *WalletApi

func (WalletApi) AddEntropyStore

func (m WalletApi) AddEntropyStore(filename string) error

func (WalletApi) CreateEntropyFile

func (m WalletApi) CreateEntropyFile(passphrase string) (*CreateEntropyFileResponse, error)

func (WalletApi) CreateTransaction

func (m WalletApi) CreateTransaction(params CreateTransactionParms) (*types.Hash, error)

func (WalletApi) CreateTxWithPassphrase

func (m WalletApi) CreateTxWithPassphrase(params CreateTransferTxParms) (*types.Hash, error)

func (WalletApi) DeriveAddressByIndex

func (m WalletApi) DeriveAddressByIndex(entropyFile string, index uint32) (*DeriveResult, error)

func (WalletApi) DeriveAddressByPath

func (m WalletApi) DeriveAddressByPath(entropyFile string, bip44Path string) (*DeriveResult, error)

func (WalletApi) DeriveAddressesByIndexRange

func (m WalletApi) DeriveAddressesByIndexRange(entropyFile string, startIndex, endIndex uint32) ([]types.Address, error)

func (WalletApi) DeriveByFullPath

func (m WalletApi) DeriveByFullPath(entropyStore string, fullpath string) (*DeriveResult, error)

func (WalletApi) DeriveByIndex

func (m WalletApi) DeriveByIndex(entropyStore string, index uint32) (*DeriveResult, error)

func (WalletApi) ExportMnemonic

func (m WalletApi) ExportMnemonic(entropyFile string, passphrase string) (string, error)

func (WalletApi) ExtractMnemonic

func (m WalletApi) ExtractMnemonic(entropyStore string, passphrase string) (string, error)

func (WalletApi) FindAddr

func (m WalletApi) FindAddr(entropyStore string, addr types.Address) (findResult *FindAddrResult, e error)

func (WalletApi) FindAddrWithPassphrase

func (m WalletApi) FindAddrWithPassphrase(entropyStore string, passphrase string, addr types.Address) (findResult *FindAddrResult, e error)

func (WalletApi) FindAddress

func (m WalletApi) FindAddress(address types.Address) (findResult *FindAddrResponse, e error)

func (WalletApi) FindAddressInEntropyFile

func (m WalletApi) FindAddressInEntropyFile(entropyFile string, address types.Address) (findResult *FindAddrResponse, e error)

func (WalletApi) GetAllEntropyFiles

func (m WalletApi) GetAllEntropyFiles() []string

func (WalletApi) GetDataDir

func (m WalletApi) GetDataDir() string

func (WalletApi) GetEntropyFilesInStandardDir

func (m WalletApi) GetEntropyFilesInStandardDir() ([]string, error)

func (WalletApi) GetPrivateKey

func (m WalletApi) GetPrivateKey(entropyStore string, passphrase string) (*string, error)

func (WalletApi) GlobalCheckAddrUnlocked

func (m WalletApi) GlobalCheckAddrUnlocked(addr types.Address) bool

func (WalletApi) GlobalFindAddr

func (m WalletApi) GlobalFindAddr(addr types.Address) (findResult *FindAddrResult, e error)

func (WalletApi) GlobalFindAddrWithPassphrase

func (m WalletApi) GlobalFindAddrWithPassphrase(addr types.Address, passphrase string) (findResult *FindAddrResult, e error)

func (WalletApi) IsAddrUnlocked

func (m WalletApi) IsAddrUnlocked(entropyStore string, addr types.Address) bool

func (WalletApi) IsMayValidKeystoreFile

func (m WalletApi) IsMayValidKeystoreFile(path string) IsMayValidKeystoreFileResponse

func (WalletApi) IsUnlocked

func (m WalletApi) IsUnlocked(entropyFile string) bool

func (WalletApi) ListAllEntropyFiles

func (m WalletApi) ListAllEntropyFiles() []string

func (WalletApi) ListEntropyFilesInStandardDir

func (m WalletApi) ListEntropyFilesInStandardDir() ([]string, error)

func (WalletApi) ListEntropyStoreAddresses

func (m WalletApi) ListEntropyStoreAddresses(entropyStore string, from, to uint32) ([]types.Address, error)

func (WalletApi) Lock

func (m WalletApi) Lock(entropyFile string) error

func (WalletApi) NewMnemonicAndEntropyStore

func (m WalletApi) NewMnemonicAndEntropyStore(passphrase string) (*NewStoreResponse, error)

func (WalletApi) RecoverEntropyFile

func (m WalletApi) RecoverEntropyFile(mnemonics string, passphrase string) (*CreateEntropyFileResponse, error)

func (WalletApi) RecoverEntropyStoreFromMnemonic

func (m WalletApi) RecoverEntropyStoreFromMnemonic(mnemonic string, newPassphrase string) (*NewStoreResponse, error)

func (WalletApi) RefreshCache

func (m WalletApi) RefreshCache()

func (WalletApi) SignData

func (m WalletApi) SignData(addr types.Address, hexMsg string) (*HexSignedTuple, error)

func (WalletApi) SignDataWithPassphrase

func (m WalletApi) SignDataWithPassphrase(addr types.Address, hexMsg string, passphrase string) (*HexSignedTuple, error)

func (WalletApi) String

func (m WalletApi) String() string

func (WalletApi) Unlock

func (m WalletApi) Unlock(entropyFile string, passphrase string) error


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