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const LastOperationResponseTestDescription = "test description for last operation"

LastOperationResponseTestDescription is returned as the description to last_operation requests.


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type FakeServiceBrokerServer

type FakeServiceBrokerServer struct {

	// For inspecting on what was sent on the wire.
	RequestObject interface{}
	Request       *http.Request
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeServiceBrokerServer is a fake service broker server meant for testing that allows for customizing the response behavior. It does not support auth.

func (*FakeServiceBrokerServer) SetLastOperationState

func (f *FakeServiceBrokerServer) SetLastOperationState(state string)

SetLastOperationState sets the state to return for last_operation requests.

func (*FakeServiceBrokerServer) SetOperation

func (f *FakeServiceBrokerServer) SetOperation(operation string)

SetOperation sets the operation to return for asynchronous operations.

func (*FakeServiceBrokerServer) SetResponseStatus

func (f *FakeServiceBrokerServer) SetResponseStatus(status int)

SetResponseStatus sets the default response status of the broker to the given HTTP status code.

func (*FakeServiceBrokerServer) Start

func (f *FakeServiceBrokerServer) Start() string

Start starts the fake broker server listening on a random port, passing back the server's URL.

func (*FakeServiceBrokerServer) Stop

func (f *FakeServiceBrokerServer) Stop()

Stop shuts down the server.

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