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func Init

func Init(ctx context.Context, tracer TracerBackend) (func() error, error)

func InitOpenTelemetry

func InitOpenTelemetry(ctx context.Context, exporter sdktrace.SpanProcessor) (apitrace.Tracer, error)

func TagStrToMap

func TagStrToMap(tagStr string) map[string]string

TagStrToMap converts a user-passed string of tags of the form `key1=val1,key2=val2` to a map.

func TraceID

func TraceID(ctx context.Context) (string, error)


type SpanCollector

type SpanCollector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SpanCollector does 3 things: 1) Accepts spans from OpenTelemetry. 2) Stores spans (for now, in memory) 3) Allows consumers to read spans they might want to send elsewhere Numbers 2 and 3 access the same data, and so it's a concurrency issue.

func NewSpanCollector

func NewSpanCollector(ctx context.Context) *SpanCollector

func (*SpanCollector) Close

func (c *SpanCollector) Close() error

func (*SpanCollector) GetOutgoingSpans

func (c *SpanCollector) GetOutgoingSpans() (io.Reader, func(), error)


func (*SpanCollector) OnEnd

func (c *SpanCollector) OnEnd(sd *exporttrace.SpanData)

func (*SpanCollector) OnStart

func (c *SpanCollector) OnStart(sd *exporttrace.SpanData)

OpenTelemetry exporter methods

func (*SpanCollector) Shutdown

func (c *SpanCollector) Shutdown()

type SpanSource

type SpanSource interface {
	// GetOutgoingSpans gives a consumer access to spans they should send
	// If there are no outoing spans, err will be io.EOF
	// rejectFn allows client to reject spans, so they can be requeued
	// rejectFn must be called, if at all, before the next call to GetOutgoingSpans
	GetOutgoingSpans() (data io.Reader, rejectFn func(), err error)

	// Close closes the SpanSource; the client may not interact with this SpanSource after calling Close
	Close() error

SpanSource is the interface for consumers (generally telemetry.Controller)

type TracerBackend

type TracerBackend int
const (
	Windmill TracerBackend = iota

func StringToTracerBackend

func StringToTracerBackend(s string) (TracerBackend, error)