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rewrite performs internal message rewriting.

Rewrites are invisible to the client. There are simple rewrites (fast) and complex rewrites (slower), but they're powerful enough to accommodate most dynamic back-end applications.


rewrite [continue|stop] FIELD FROM TO
  • FIELD is (type, class, name, ...)
  • FROM is the exact name of type to match
  • TO is the destination name or type to rewrite to

When the FIELD is type and FROM is (A, MX, etc.), the type of the message will be rewritten; e.g., to rewrite ANY queries to HINFO, use rewrite type ANY HINFO.

When the FIELD is class and FROM is (IN, CH, or HS) the class of the message will be rewritten; e.g., to rewrite CH queries to IN use rewrite class CH IN.

When the FIELD is name the query name in the message is rewritten; this needs to be a full match of the name, e.g., rewrite name

When the FIELD is edns0 an EDNS0 option can be appended to the request as described below.

If you specify multiple rules and an incoming query matches on multiple rules, the rewrite will behave as following

  • continue will continue apply the next rule in the rule list.
  • stop will consider the current rule is the last rule and will not continue. Default behaviour for not specifying this rule processing mode is stop

EDNS0 Options

Using FIELD edns0, you can set, append, or replace specific EDNS0 options on the request.

  • replace will modify any matching (what that means may vary based on EDNS0 type) option with the specified option
  • append will add the option regardless of what options already exist
  • set will modify a matching option or add one if none is found

Currently supported are EDNS0_LOCAL, EDNS0_NSID and EDNS0_SUBNET.


This has two fields, code and data. A match is defined as having the same code. Data may be a string or a variable.

  • A string data can be treated as hex if it starts with 0x. Example:
. {
    rewrite edns0 local set 0xffee 0x61626364

rewrites the first local option with code 0xffee, setting the data to "abcd". Equivalent:

. {
    rewrite edns0 local set 0xffee abcd
  • A variable data is specified with a pair of curly brackets {}. Following are the supported variables:
    • {qname}
    • {qtype}
    • {client_ip}
    • {client_port}
    • {protocol}
    • {server_ip}
    • {server_port}


rewrite edns0 local set 0xffee {client_ip}

This has no fields; it will add an NSID option with an empty string for the NSID. If the option already exists and the action is replace or set, then the NSID in the option will be set to the empty string.


This has two fields, IPv4 bitmask length and IPv6 bitmask length. The bitmask length is used to extract the client subnet from the source IP address in the query.


rewrite edns0 subnet set 24 56
  • If the query has source IP as IPv4, the first 24 bits in the IP will be the network subnet.
  • If the query has source IP as IPv6, the first 56 bits in the IP will be the network subnet.



Package rewrite is plugin for rewriting requests internally to something different.

Package rewrite is plugin for rewriting requests internally to something different.



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const (
	Is         = "is"
	Not        = "not"
	Has        = "has"
	NotHas     = "not_has"
	StartsWith = "starts_with"
	EndsWith   = "ends_with"
	Match      = "match"
	NotMatch   = "not_match"


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const (
	Replace = "replace"
	Set     = "set"
	Append  = "append"

These are all defined actions.

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const (
	// Processing should stop after completing this rule
	Stop = "stop"
	// Processing should continue to next rule
	Continue = "continue"

These are defined processing mode.


This section is empty.


This section is empty.


type If

type If struct {
	A        string
	Operator string
	B        string

If is statement for a rewrite condition.

func NewIf

func NewIf(a, operator, b string) (If, error)

NewIf creates a new If condition.

func (If) True

func (i If) True(r *dns.Msg) bool

True returns true if the condition is true and false otherwise. If r is not nil, it replaces placeholders before comparison.

type ResponseReverter

type ResponseReverter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ResponseReverter reverses the operations done on the question section of a packet. This is need because the client will otherwise disregards the response, i.e. dig will complain with ';; Question section mismatch: got'

func NewResponseReverter

func NewResponseReverter(w dns.ResponseWriter, r *dns.Msg) *ResponseReverter

NewResponseReverter returns a pointer to a new ResponseReverter.

func (*ResponseReverter) Hijack

func (r *ResponseReverter) Hijack()

Hijack implements dns.Hijacker. It simply wraps the underlying ResponseWriter's Hijack method if there is one, or returns an error.

func (*ResponseReverter) Write

func (r *ResponseReverter) Write(buf []byte) (int, error)

Write is a wrapper that records the size of the message that gets written.

func (*ResponseReverter) WriteMsg

func (r *ResponseReverter) WriteMsg(res *dns.Msg) error

WriteMsg records the status code and calls the underlying ResponseWriter's WriteMsg method.

type Result

type Result int

Result is the result of a rewrite

const (
	// RewriteIgnored is returned when rewrite is not done on request.
	RewriteIgnored Result = iota
	// RewriteDone is returned when rewrite is done on request.
	// RewriteStatus is returned when rewrite is not needed and status code should be set
	// for the request.

type Rewrite

type Rewrite struct {
	Next  plugin.Handler
	Rules []Rule
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Rewrite is plugin to rewrite requests internally before being handled.

func (Rewrite) Name

func (rw Rewrite) Name() string

Name implements the Handler interface.

func (Rewrite) ServeDNS

func (rw Rewrite) ServeDNS(ctx context.Context, w dns.ResponseWriter, r *dns.Msg) (int, error)

ServeDNS implements the plugin.Handler interface.

type Rule

type Rule interface {
	// Rewrite rewrites the current request.
	Rewrite(dns.ResponseWriter, *dns.Msg) Result
	// Mode returns the processing mode stop or continue
	Mode() string

Rule describes a rewrite rule.

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