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func AddStatusFuncs

func AddStatusFuncs(fmap template.FuncMap)

AddStatusFuncs merges the provided functions into the set of functions used to render /debug/status. Call this before AddStatusPart if your template requires custom functions.

func AddStatusPart

func AddStatusPart(banner, frag string, f func(context.Context) interface{})

AddStatusPart adds a new section to status. frag is used as a subtemplate of the template used to render /debug/status, and will be executed using the value of invoking f at the time of the /debug/status request. frag is parsed and executed with the html/template package. Functions registered with AddStatusFuncs may be used in the template.

func AddStatusSection

func AddStatusSection(banner string, f func(context.Context) string)

AddStatusSection registers a function that generates extra information for /debug/status. If banner is not empty, it will be used as a header before the information. If more complex output than a simple string is required use AddStatusPart instead.

func StatusURLPath

func StatusURLPath() string

StatusURLPath returns the path to the status page.


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