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const (
	MinioBackendEnvVar     = "MINIO"
	AmazonBackendEnvVar    = "AMAZON"
	GoogleBackendEnvVar    = "GOOGLE"
	MicrosoftBackendEnvVar = "MICROSOFT"
	LocalBackendEnvVar     = "LOCAL"

Valid object storage backends


This section is empty.


func GetPachClient added in v1.7.7

func GetPachClient(t testing.TB) *client.APIClient

GetPachClient initializes a new PFSAPIServer and blockAPIServer and begins serving requests for them on a new port, and then returns a client connected to the new servers (allows PFS tests to run in parallel without conflict)

func IsPermissionError added in v1.4.1

func IsPermissionError(err error) bool

IsPermissionError returns true if a given error is a permission error.

func RegisterCacheStats added in v1.7.2

func RegisterCacheStats(cacheName string, groupCacheStats *groupcache.Stats)

RegisterCacheStats creates a new wrapper for groupcache stats that implements the prometheus.Collector interface, and registers it


type APIServer

type APIServer interface {

APIServer represents and api server.

func NewAPIServer

func NewAPIServer(address string, etcdAddresses []string, etcdPrefix string, treeCache *hashtree.Cache, storageRoot string, memoryRequest int64) (APIServer, error)

NewAPIServer creates an APIServer.

type BlockAPIServer added in v1.3.9

type BlockAPIServer interface {

BlockAPIServer combines BlockAPIServer and ObjectAPIServer.

func NewBlockAPIServer

func NewBlockAPIServer(dir string, cacheBytes int64, backend string, etcdAddress string) (BlockAPIServer, error)

NewBlockAPIServer creates a BlockAPIServer using the credentials it finds in the environment

type CommitEvent added in v1.4.1

type CommitEvent struct {
	Err   error
	Value *pfs.CommitInfo

CommitEvent is an event that contains a CommitInfo or an error

type CommitStream added in v1.4.1

type CommitStream interface {
	Stream() <-chan CommitEvent

CommitStream is a stream of CommitInfos

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