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func InternetLatencyDelayGenerator

func InternetLatencyDelayGenerator(
	mediumDelay time.Duration,
	largeDelay time.Duration,
	percentMedium float64,
	percentLarge float64,
	std time.Duration,
	rng *rand.Rand) delay.Generator

InternetLatencyDelayGenerator generates three clusters of delays, typical of the type of peers you would encounter on the interenet. Given a base delay time T, the wait time generated will be either: 1. A normalized distribution around the base time 2. A normalized distribution around the base time plus a "medium" delay 3. A normalized distribution around the base time plus a "large" delay The size of the medium & large delays are determined when the generator is constructed, as well as the relative percentages with which delays fall into each of the three different clusters, and the standard deviation for the normalized distribution. This can be used to generate a number of scenarios typical of latency distribution among peers on the internet.


type Network

type Network interface {
	Adapter(tnet.Identity) gsnet.GraphSyncNetwork
	HasPeer(peer.ID) bool

Network is an interface for generating graphsync network interfaces based on a test network.

func RateLimitedVirtualNetwork

func RateLimitedVirtualNetwork(rs mockrouting.Server, d delay.D, rateLimitGenerator RateLimitGenerator) Network

RateLimitedVirtualNetwork generates a testnet instance where nodes are rate limited in the upload/download speed.

func StreamNet

func StreamNet(ctx context.Context, net mockpeernet.Mocknet) Network

StreamNet is a testnet that uses p2p's MockNet

func VirtualNetwork

func VirtualNetwork(d delay.D) Network

VirtualNetwork generates a new testnet instance - a fake network that is used to simulate sending messages.

type RateLimitGenerator

type RateLimitGenerator interface {
	NextRateLimit() float64

RateLimitGenerator is an interface for generating rate limits across peers

func FixedRateLimitGenerator

func FixedRateLimitGenerator(rateLimit float64) RateLimitGenerator

FixedRateLimitGenerator returns a rate limit generatoe that always generates the specified rate limit in bytes/sec.

func VariableRateLimitGenerator

func VariableRateLimitGenerator(rateLimit float64, std float64, rng *rand.Rand) RateLimitGenerator

VariableRateLimitGenerator makes rate limites that following a normal distribution.

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