root-ls lists the content of a ROOT file.

Usage: root-ls [options] file1.root [file2.root [...]]


$> root-ls -t ./testdata/graphs.root ./testdata/small-flat-tree.root
=== [./testdata/graphs.root] ===
version: 60806
TGraph            tg      graph without errors         (cycle=1)
TGraphErrors      tge     graph with errors            (cycle=1)
TGraphAsymmErrors tgae    graph with asymmetric errors (cycle=1)

=== [./testdata/small-flat-tree.root] ===
version: 60804
TTree          tree                 my tree title (entries=100)
  Int32        "Int32/I"            TBranch
  Int64        "Int64/L"            TBranch
  UInt32       "UInt32/i"           TBranch
  UInt64       "UInt64/l"           TBranch
  Float32      "Float32/F"          TBranch
  Float64      "Float64/D"          TBranch
  ArrayInt32   "ArrayInt32[10]/I"   TBranch
  ArrayInt64   "ArrayInt64[10]/L"   TBranch
  ArrayUInt32  "ArrayInt32[10]/i"   TBranch
  ArrayUInt64  "ArrayInt64[10]/l"   TBranch
  ArrayFloat32 "ArrayFloat32[10]/F" TBranch
  ArrayFloat64 "ArrayFloat64[10]/D" TBranch
  N            "N/I"                TBranch
  SliceInt32   "SliceInt32[N]/I"    TBranch
  SliceInt64   "SliceInt64[N]/L"    TBranch
  SliceUInt32  "SliceInt32[N]/i"    TBranch
  SliceUInt64  "SliceInt64[N]/l"    TBranch
  SliceFloat32 "SliceFloat32[N]/F"  TBranch
  SliceFloat64 "SliceFloat64[N]/D"  TBranch

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