Package rcmd provides helper functions containing the logic of various root-xyz commands.



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    func Copy

    func Copy(oname string, fnames []string) error

      Copy copies the content of the ROOT files fnames into the output ROOT file named oname.

      func Diff

      func Diff(w io.Writer, ref, chk *riofs.File, keys []string) error

        Diff compares the values of the list of keys between the two provided ROOT files. Diff writes the differing data (if any) to w.

        if w is nil, os.Stdout is used. if the slice of keys is nil, all keys are considered.

        func Dump

        func Dump(w io.Writer, fname string, deep bool, filter func(name string) bool) error

          Dump dumps the content of the fname ROOT file to the provided io.Writer. If deep is true, Dump will recursively inspect directories and trees. Dump only display the content of ROOT objects satisfying the provided filter function.

          If filter is nil, Dump will consider all ROOT objects.

          func List

          func List(w io.Writer, fname string, opts ...ListOption) error

            List displays the summary content of the named ROOT file into the provided io Writer.

            List's behaviour can be customized with a set of optional ListOptions.

            func Merge

            func Merge(oname string, fnames []string, verbose bool) error

              Merge merges all input fnames ROOT files into the output oname one.

              func Split

              func Split(oname, fname, tname string, nevts int64, verbose bool) ([]string, error)

                Split splits the tree from the input file into multiple trees, each with nevts entries. Split returns the name of the split output files, and an error, if any.


                type ListOption

                type ListOption func(*lsCmd)

                  ListOption controls how List behaves.

                  func ListStreamers

                  func ListStreamers(v bool) ListOption

                    ListStreamers enables the display of streamer informations contained in the provided ROOT file.

                    func ListTrees

                    func ListTrees(v bool) ListOption

                      ListTrees enables the detailed display of trees contained in the provided ROOT file.