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Published: Jun 22, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


Gobenchdata is a tool for inspecting golang benchmark outputs. To install it, you must have Go installed:

go get -u
gobenchdata help

Then pipe your benchmark into the tool:

go test -bench . -benchmem ./... | gobenchdata --json bench.json

You can create a sort of database of benchmarks by appending new benchmarks to an existing file:

go test -benchtime 10000x -bench . -benchmem ./... | gobenchdata --json benchmarks.json --append

You can also merge results:

gobenchdata merge file1.json file2.json file3.json

Visualize the results:

gobenchdata web serve

Compare results:

gobenchdata checks generate # generates config file to define checks
gobenchdata checks eval base-benchmarks.json current-benchmarks.json --checks.pretty

Learn more in the repository README:

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