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Published: Apr 19, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 17 Imported by: 30



Package protoutil provides utility functions for protobuf messages in ../proto package.



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const BuildMediaType = "application/luci+proto; message=buildbucket.v2.Build"

BuildMediaType is a media type for a binary-encoded Build message.

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const StepNameSep = "|"

StepNameSep is the separator between each node in step names.

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const SummaryMarkdownMaxLength = 4 * 1000

SummaryMarkdownMaxLength is the maximum size of Build.summary_markdown field in bytes. Find more details at


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var ExperimentNameRE = regexp.MustCompile(`^[a-z][a-z0-9_]*(?:\.[a-z][a-z0-9_]*)*$`)

ExperimentNameRE is the regular expression that a valid Buildbucket experiment name must match.


func AddBotDimensionsToTaskDetails

func AddBotDimensionsToTaskDetails(botDims []*pb.StringPair, details *structpb.Struct) (*structpb.Struct, error)

AddBotDimensionsToTaskDetails converts bot_dimensions from a list of StringPairs to a field in task details struct.

If details is nil, construct a struct with bot_dimensions as the only field.

func BotDimensions

func BotDimensions(b *pb.Build) ([]*pb.StringPair, error)

BotDimensions retrieves bot dimensions from the backend task running the build.

Supports both builds running on raw Swarming or backend.

func BotDimensionsFromBackend

func BotDimensionsFromBackend(b *pb.Build) ([]*pb.StringPair, error)

BotDimensionsFromBackend retrieves bot dimensions from the backend task running the build.

Exclusively for builds running on backend.

func BuildSets

func BuildSets(b *pb.Build) []string

BuildSets returns all of the buildsets of the build.

func CacheDir

func CacheDir(b *pb.Build) string

CacheDir returns the cache dir of the build.

func ExePayloadPath

func ExePayloadPath(b *pb.Build) string

ExePayloadPath returns the payload path of the build.

func FormatBucketID

func FormatBucketID(project, bucket string) string

FormatBucketID returns "{project}/{bucket}" string.

func FormatBuilderID

func FormatBuilderID(id *pb.BuilderID) string

FormatBuilderID returns "{project}/{bucket}/{builder}" string.

func GerritBuildSet

func GerritBuildSet(c *pb.GerritChange) string

GerritBuildSet returns a buildset representation of c, e.g. "patch/gerrit/"

func GerritChangeURL

func GerritChangeURL(c *pb.GerritChange) string

GerritChangeURL returns URL of the change.

func GitilesBuildSet

func GitilesBuildSet(c *pb.GitilesCommit) string

GitilesBuildSet returns a buildset representation of c. e.g. "commit/gitiles/"

Returns an empty string if not all of {Host, Project, Id} are set.

func GitilesCommitURL

func GitilesCommitURL(c *pb.GitilesCommit) string

GitilesCommitURL returns the URL for the gitiles commit. e.g. "" or "" if id is not available.

func GitilesRepoURL

func GitilesRepoURL(c *pb.GitilesCommit) string

GitilesRepoURL returns the URL for the gitiles repo. e.g. ""

func IsEnded

func IsEnded(s pb.Status) bool

IsEnded returns true if s is final.

func MergeSummary

func MergeSummary(b *pb.Build) string

MergeSummary combines the contents of all summary fields.

func MustBotDimensions

func MustBotDimensions(b *pb.Build) []*pb.StringPair

MustBotDimensions retrieves bot dimensions from the backend task running the build.

Supports both builds running on raw Swarming or backend.

panic on error.

func ParentStepName

func ParentStepName(stepName string) string

ParentStepName returns the name of the parent step.

If stepName is empty or doesn't have a parent, an empty string is returned.

func ParseBucketID

func ParseBucketID(s string) (string, string, error)

ParseBucketID parses a "{project}/{bucket}" string. Opposite of FormatBucketID.

func ParseBuildSet

func ParseBuildSet(buildSet string) proto.Message

ParseBuildSet tries to parse buildset as one of the known formats. May return *pb.GerritChange, *pb.GitilesCommit or nil.

func ParseBuilderID

func ParseBuilderID(s string) (*pb.BuilderID, error)

ParseBuilderID parses a "{project}/{bucket}/{builder}" string. Opposite of FormatBuilderID.

func ParseGetBuildRequest

func ParseGetBuildRequest(s string) (*pb.GetBuildRequest, error)

ParseGetBuildRequest parses a GetBuild request. Supports two forms: - <build-id> - <project>/<bucket>/<builder>/<build-number>

func RunDuration

func RunDuration(b *pb.Build) (duration time.Duration, ok bool)

RunDuration returns duration between build start and end.

func SchedulingDuration

func SchedulingDuration(b *pb.Build) (duration time.Duration, ok bool)

SchedulingDuration returns duration between build creation and start.

func Search(ctx context.Context, buildC chan<- *pb.Build, client pb.BuildsClient, requests ...*pb.SearchBuildsRequest) error

Search searches for builds continuously, sending findings to `buildC` until the search is exhausted or context is canceled. The builds are ordered newest-to-oldest and deduplicated.

If len(requests) > 1, the builds represent a union of the search requests.

Search does not return a next page token because ctx can be canceled in the middle of a page and because Search supports multiple requests.

func SetStatus

func SetStatus(now time.Time, b *pb.Build, st pb.Status)

SetStatus sets the status field on `b`, and also correctly adjusts StartTime and EndTime.

Will set UpdateTime iff `st` is different than `b.Status`.

func SortStringPairs

func SortStringPairs(pairs []*pb.StringPair)

SortStringPairs sorts string pairs.

func StringPairMap

func StringPairMap(pairs []*pb.StringPair) strpair.Map

StringPairMap converts a slice of StringPair messages to a strpair.Map.

func StringPairs

func StringPairs(m strpair.Map) []*pb.StringPair

StringPairs converts a strpair.Map to a slice of StringPair messages.

func Tags

func Tags(b *pb.Build) strpair.Map

Tags parses b.Tags as a strpair.Map.

func ValidateBuilderID

func ValidateBuilderID(b *pb.BuilderID) error

ValidateBuilderID validates the given builder ID. Bucket and Builder are optional and only validated if specified.

func ValidateRequiredBuilderID

func ValidateRequiredBuilderID(b *pb.BuilderID) error

ValidateRequiredBuilderID validates the given builder ID, requiring Bucket and Builder.

func ValidateStepName

func ValidateStepName(stepName string) error

ValidateStepName validates a given step name.

func WellKnownExperiments

func WellKnownExperiments(globalCfg *pb.SettingsCfg) stringset.Set

WellKnownExperiments computes all known 'global' experiments from the global SettingsCfg.


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