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Published: May 20, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package adapter provides gRPC adapters between client and server gRPC interfaces without needing to go through a gRPC connection.


func AuthServerToAuthClient

func AuthServerToAuthClient(as pb.AuthServer) pb.AuthClient

func ClusterServerToClusterClient

func ClusterServerToClusterClient(cls pb.ClusterServer) pb.ClusterClient

func KvServerToKvClient

func KvServerToKvClient(kvs pb.KVServer) pb.KVClient

func LeaseServerToLeaseClient

func LeaseServerToLeaseClient(ls pb.LeaseServer) pb.LeaseClient

func LockServerToLockClient

func LockServerToLockClient(ls v3lockpb.LockServer) v3lockpb.LockClient

func MaintenanceServerToMaintenanceClient

func MaintenanceServerToMaintenanceClient(mts pb.MaintenanceServer) pb.MaintenanceClient

func WatchServerToWatchClient

func WatchServerToWatchClient(wserv pb.WatchServer) pb.WatchClient
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