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Mock for spf13/afero

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aferomock is a mock library for spf13/afero


  • Go >= 1.17


go get


package mypackage_test

import (


func TestMyPackage(t *testing.T) {

	testCases := []struct {
		scenario      string
		mockFs        aferomock.FsMocker
		expectedError string
			scenario: "no error",
			mockFs: aferomock.MockFs(func(fs *aferomock.Fs) {
				fs.MkdirAll("highway/to/hell", os.ModePerm).Return(nil)
			scenario: "error",
			mockFs: aferomock.MockFs(func(fs *aferomock.Fs) {
				fs.MkdirAll("highway/to/hell", os.ModePerm).Return(errors.New("mkdir error"))
			expectedError: "mkdir error",

	for _, tc := range testCases {
		tc := tc
		t.Run(tc.scenario, func(t *testing.T) {

			err := tc.mockFs(t).MkdirAll("highway/to/hell")

			if tc.expectedError == "" {
				assert.NoError(t, err)
			} else {
				assert.EqualError(t, err, tc.expectedError)


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Package aferomock provides mock for spf13/afero.



This section is empty.


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var NoMockFileInfo = MockFileInfo()

NoMockFileInfo is no mock FileInfo.

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var NoMockFs = MockFs()

NoMockFs is no mock Fs.


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type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {

FileInfo is a os.FileInfo.

func NewFileInfo

func NewFileInfo(mocks ...func(i *FileInfo)) *FileInfo

NewFileInfo mocks os.FileInfo interface.

func (*FileInfo) IsDir

func (f *FileInfo) IsDir() bool

IsDir satisfies os.FileInfo.

func (*FileInfo) ModTime

func (f *FileInfo) ModTime() time.Time

ModTime satisfies os.FileInfo.

func (*FileInfo) Mode

func (f *FileInfo) Mode() os.FileMode

Mode satisfies os.FileInfo.

func (*FileInfo) Name

func (f *FileInfo) Name() string

Name satisfies os.FileInfo.

func (*FileInfo) Size

func (f *FileInfo) Size() int64

Size satisfies os.FileInfo.

func (*FileInfo) Sys

func (f *FileInfo) Sys() interface{}

Sys satisfies os.FileInfo.

type FileInfoMocker

type FileInfoMocker func(tb testing.TB) *FileInfo

FileInfoMocker is FileInfo mocker.

func MockFileInfo

func MockFileInfo(mocks ...func(i *FileInfo)) FileInfoMocker

MockFileInfo creates FileInfo mock with cleanup to ensure all the expectations are met.

type Fs

type Fs struct {

Fs is a afero.Fs.

func NewFs

func NewFs(mocks ...func(fs *Fs)) *Fs

NewFs mocks afero.Fs interface.

func (*Fs) Chmod

func (f *Fs) Chmod(name string, mode os.FileMode) error

Chmod satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Chown

func (f *Fs) Chown(name string, uid, gid int) error

Chown satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Chtimes

func (f *Fs) Chtimes(name string, atime time.Time, mtime time.Time) error

Chtimes satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Create

func (f *Fs) Create(name string) (afero.File, error)

Create satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Mkdir

func (f *Fs) Mkdir(name string, perm os.FileMode) error

Mkdir satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) MkdirAll

func (f *Fs) MkdirAll(path string, perm os.FileMode) error

MkdirAll satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Name

func (f *Fs) Name() string

Name satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Open

func (f *Fs) Open(name string) (afero.File, error)

Open satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) OpenFile

func (f *Fs) OpenFile(name string, flag int, perm os.FileMode) (afero.File, error)

OpenFile satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Remove

func (f *Fs) Remove(name string) error

Remove satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) RemoveAll

func (f *Fs) RemoveAll(path string) error

RemoveAll satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Rename

func (f *Fs) Rename(oldname, newname string) error

Rename satisfies afero.Fs.

func (*Fs) Stat

func (f *Fs) Stat(name string) (os.FileInfo, error)

Stat satisfies afero.Fs.

type FsMocker

type FsMocker func(tb testing.TB) *Fs

FsMocker is Fs mocker.

func MockFs

func MockFs(mocks ...func(fs *Fs)) FsMocker

MockFs creates Fs mock with cleanup to ensure all the expectations are met.

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