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func NewJSONTracesMarshaler

func NewJSONTracesMarshaler() pdata.TracesMarshaler

NewJSONTracesMarshaler returns a marshaler to JSON bytes.

func NewJSONTracesUnmarshaler

func NewJSONTracesUnmarshaler(parseStringTags bool) pdata.TracesUnmarshaler

NewJSONTracesUnmarshaler returns an unmarshaler for JSON bytes.

func NewProtobufTracesMarshaler

func NewProtobufTracesMarshaler() pdata.TracesMarshaler

NewProtobufTracesMarshaler returns a new pdata.TracesMarshaler to protobuf bytes.

func NewProtobufTracesUnmarshaler

func NewProtobufTracesUnmarshaler(debugWasSet, parseStringTags bool) pdata.TracesUnmarshaler

NewProtobufTracesUnmarshaler returns an pdata.TracesUnmarshaler of protobuf bytes.


type FromTranslator

type FromTranslator struct{}

FromTranslator converts from pdata to Zipkin data model.

func (FromTranslator) FromTraces

func (t FromTranslator) FromTraces(td pdata.Traces) ([]*zipkinmodel.SpanModel, error)

FromTraces translates internal trace data into Zipkin v2 spans. Returns a slice of Zipkin SpanModel's.

type ToTranslator

type ToTranslator struct {
	// ParseStringTags should be set to true if tags should be converted to numbers when possible.
	ParseStringTags bool

ToTranslator converts from Zipkin data model to pdata.

func (ToTranslator) ToTraces

func (t ToTranslator) ToTraces(zipkinSpans []*zipkinmodel.SpanModel) (pdata.Traces, error)

ToTraces translates Zipkin v2 spans into pdata.Traces.

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