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Published: Oct 13, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


Package api is the root of the packages used to access Google Cloud Services. See for a full list of sub-packages.

Within api there exist numerous clients which connect to Google APIs, and various utility packages.

Client Options

All clients in sub-packages are configurable via client options. These options are described here:

Authentication and Authorization

All the clients in sub-packages support authentication via Google Application Default Credentials (see, or by providing a JSON key file for a Service Account. See the authentication examples in for more details.

Versioning and Stability

Due to the auto-generated nature of this collection of libraries, complete APIs or specific versions can appear or go away without notice. As a result, you should always locally vendor any API(s) that your code relies upon.

Google APIs follow semver as specified by The code generator and the code it produces - the libraries in the subpackages - are beta.

Note that versioning and stability is strictly not communicated through Go modules. Go modules are used only for dependency management.


Many parameters are specified using ints. However, underlying APIs might operate on a finer granularity, expecting int64, int32, uint64, or uint32, all of whom have different maximum values. Subsequently, specifying an int parameter in one of these clients may result in an error from the API because the value is too large.

To see the exact type of int that the API expects, you can inspect the API's discovery doc. A global catalogue pointing to the discovery doc of APIs can be found at

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