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Published: Jun 10, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 1



Package dataqna aliases all exported identifiers in package "".

Deprecated: Please use types in: Please read for more details.



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const (
	AnnotatedString_BLOCKED                                = src.AnnotatedString_BLOCKED
	AnnotatedString_DIMENSION                              = src.AnnotatedString_DIMENSION
	AnnotatedString_FILTER                                 = src.AnnotatedString_FILTER
	AnnotatedString_MARKUP_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED                = src.AnnotatedString_MARKUP_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED
	AnnotatedString_METRIC                                 = src.AnnotatedString_METRIC
	AnnotatedString_ROW                                    = src.AnnotatedString_ROW
	AnnotatedString_UNUSED                                 = src.AnnotatedString_UNUSED
	ExecutionInfo_FAILED                                   = src.ExecutionInfo_FAILED
	ExecutionInfo_NOT_EXECUTED                             = src.ExecutionInfo_NOT_EXECUTED
	ExecutionInfo_RUNNING                                  = src.ExecutionInfo_RUNNING
	ExecutionInfo_SUCCEEDED                                = src.ExecutionInfo_SUCCEEDED
	InterpretEntity_DIMENSION                              = src.InterpretEntity_DIMENSION
	InterpretEntity_METRIC                                 = src.InterpretEntity_METRIC
	InterpretError_FAILED_TO_ANSWER                        = src.InterpretError_FAILED_TO_ANSWER
	InterpretError_FAILED_TO_UNDERSTAND                    = src.InterpretError_FAILED_TO_UNDERSTAND
	InterpretError_INVALID_QUERY                           = src.InterpretError_INVALID_QUERY
	InterpretationStructure_AREA_CHART                     = src.InterpretationStructure_AREA_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_BAR_CHART                      = src.InterpretationStructure_BAR_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_CHART_NOT_UNDERSTOOD           = src.InterpretationStructure_CHART_NOT_UNDERSTOOD
	InterpretationStructure_COLUMN_CHART                   = src.InterpretationStructure_COLUMN_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_COMBO_CHART                    = src.InterpretationStructure_COMBO_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_GENERIC_CHART                  = src.InterpretationStructure_GENERIC_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_HISTOGRAM                      = src.InterpretationStructure_HISTOGRAM
	InterpretationStructure_LINE_CHART                     = src.InterpretationStructure_LINE_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_PIE_CHART                      = src.InterpretationStructure_PIE_CHART
	InterpretationStructure_SCATTER_PLOT                   = src.InterpretationStructure_SCATTER_PLOT
	InterpretationStructure_TABLE                          = src.InterpretationStructure_TABLE
	InterpretationStructure_TIMELINE                       = src.InterpretationStructure_TIMELINE
	SuggestionType_ENTITY                                  = src.SuggestionType_ENTITY
	SuggestionType_TEMPLATE                                = src.SuggestionType_TEMPLATE
	UserFeedback_NEGATIVE                                  = src.UserFeedback_NEGATIVE
	UserFeedback_POSITIVE                                  = src.UserFeedback_POSITIVE

Deprecated: Please use consts in:


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var (
	AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType_name                         = src.AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType_name
	AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType_value                        = src.AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType_value
	ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState_name                            = src.ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState_name
	ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState_value                           = src.ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState_value
	File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_annotated_string_proto        = src.File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_annotated_string_proto
	File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_auto_suggestion_service_proto = src.File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_auto_suggestion_service_proto
	File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_question_proto                = src.File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_question_proto
	File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_question_service_proto        = src.File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_question_service_proto
	File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_user_feedback_proto           = src.File_google_cloud_dataqna_v1alpha_user_feedback_proto
	InterpretEntity_name                                            = src.InterpretEntity_name
	InterpretEntity_value                                           = src.InterpretEntity_value
	InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode_name                          = src.InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode_name
	InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode_value                         = src.InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode_value
	InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType_name                  = src.InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType_name
	InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType_value                 = src.InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType_value
	SuggestionType_name                                             = src.SuggestionType_name
	SuggestionType_value                                            = src.SuggestionType_value
	UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating_name                            = src.UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating_name
	UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating_value                           = src.UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating_value

Deprecated: Please use vars in:


func RegisterAutoSuggestionServiceServer deprecated

func RegisterAutoSuggestionServiceServer(s *grpc.Server, srv AutoSuggestionServiceServer)

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

func RegisterQuestionServiceServer deprecated

func RegisterQuestionServiceServer(s *grpc.Server, srv QuestionServiceServer)

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:


type AnnotatedString deprecated

type AnnotatedString = src.AnnotatedString

Describes string annotation from both semantic and formatting perspectives. Example: User Query: top countries by population in Africa 0 4 14 17 28 31 37 Table Data: + "country" - dimension + "population" - metric + "Africa" - value in the "continent" column text_formatted = `"top countries by population in Africa"` html_formatted = `"top <b>countries</b> by <b>population</b> in <i>Africa</i>"` ``` markups = [ {DIMENSION, 4, 12}, // 'countries' {METRIC, 17, 26}, // 'population' {FILTER, 31, 36} // 'Africa' ] ``` Note that html formattings for 'DIMENSION' and 'METRIC' are the same, while semantic markups are different.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkup deprecated

type AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkup = src.AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkup

Semantic markup denotes a substring (by index and length) with markup information.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType deprecated

type AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType = src.AnnotatedString_SemanticMarkupType

Semantic markup types.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type AutoSuggestionServiceClient deprecated

type AutoSuggestionServiceClient = src.AutoSuggestionServiceClient

AutoSuggestionServiceClient is the client API for AutoSuggestionService service. For semantics around ctx use and closing/ending streaming RPCs, please refer to

Deprecated: Please use types in:

func NewAutoSuggestionServiceClient deprecated

func NewAutoSuggestionServiceClient(cc grpc.ClientConnInterface) AutoSuggestionServiceClient

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

type AutoSuggestionServiceServer deprecated

type AutoSuggestionServiceServer = src.AutoSuggestionServiceServer

AutoSuggestionServiceServer is the server API for AutoSuggestionService service.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type BigQueryJob deprecated

type BigQueryJob = src.BigQueryJob

BigQuery job information. This can be used to query the BigQuery API and retrieve the current job's status (using [jobs.get](

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type CreateQuestionRequest deprecated

type CreateQuestionRequest = src.CreateQuestionRequest

Request to create a question resource.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DataQuery deprecated

type DataQuery = src.DataQuery

Representation of the data query for the backend. This is provided for informational purposes only. Clients should not use it to send it to the backend directly, but rather use the `execute` RPC to trigger the execution. Using the `execute` RPC is needed in order to track the state of a question and report on it correctly to the data administrators.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DebugFlags deprecated

type DebugFlags = src.DebugFlags

Configuriation of debug flags.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ExecuteQuestionRequest deprecated

type ExecuteQuestionRequest = src.ExecuteQuestionRequest

Request to execute an interpretation.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ExecutionInfo deprecated

type ExecutionInfo = src.ExecutionInfo

Information about the backend status (such as BigQuery) of the execution.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState deprecated

type ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState = src.ExecutionInfo_JobExecutionState

Enum of possible job execution statuses.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type GetQuestionRequest deprecated

type GetQuestionRequest = src.GetQuestionRequest

A request to get a previously created question.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type GetUserFeedbackRequest deprecated

type GetUserFeedbackRequest = src.GetUserFeedbackRequest

Request to get user feedback.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type HumanReadable deprecated

type HumanReadable = src.HumanReadable

Human readable interpretation.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretEntity deprecated

type InterpretEntity = src.InterpretEntity

Query entities of an interpretation.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretError deprecated

type InterpretError = src.InterpretError

Details on the failure to interpret the question.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretError_InterpretAmbiguityDetails deprecated

type InterpretError_InterpretAmbiguityDetails = src.InterpretError_InterpretAmbiguityDetails

Details about a query that was too ambiguous. Currently, the message has no fields and its presence signals that there was ambiguity.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode deprecated

type InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode = src.InterpretError_InterpretErrorCode

The interpret error code provides an error category why the interpretation failed.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretError_InterpretErrorDetails deprecated

type InterpretError_InterpretErrorDetails = src.InterpretError_InterpretErrorDetails

Details on interpretation failure.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretError_InterpretIncompleteQueryDetails deprecated

type InterpretError_InterpretIncompleteQueryDetails = src.InterpretError_InterpretIncompleteQueryDetails

Details about an incomplete query.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretError_InterpretUnsupportedDetails deprecated

type InterpretError_InterpretUnsupportedDetails = src.InterpretError_InterpretUnsupportedDetails

Details about unsupported parts in a query.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Interpretation deprecated

type Interpretation = src.Interpretation

An interpretation of a natural language query.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretationStructure deprecated

type InterpretationStructure = src.InterpretationStructure

Information about the interpretation structure that helps to understand and visualize the response.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretationStructure_ColumnInfo deprecated

type InterpretationStructure_ColumnInfo = src.InterpretationStructure_ColumnInfo

Information about a column.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType deprecated

type InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType = src.InterpretationStructure_VisualizationType

Enumeration of visualzation types to use for query response data.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Question deprecated

type Question = src.Question

The question resource represents a natural language query, its settings, understanding generated by the system, and answer retrieval status. A question cannot be modified.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type QuestionServiceClient deprecated

type QuestionServiceClient = src.QuestionServiceClient

QuestionServiceClient is the client API for QuestionService service. For semantics around ctx use and closing/ending streaming RPCs, please refer to

Deprecated: Please use types in:

func NewQuestionServiceClient deprecated

func NewQuestionServiceClient(cc grpc.ClientConnInterface) QuestionServiceClient

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

type QuestionServiceServer deprecated

type QuestionServiceServer = src.QuestionServiceServer

QuestionServiceServer is the server API for QuestionService service.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SuggestQueriesRequest deprecated

type SuggestQueriesRequest = src.SuggestQueriesRequest

Request for query suggestions.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SuggestQueriesResponse deprecated

type SuggestQueriesResponse = src.SuggestQueriesResponse

Response to SuggestQueries.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Suggestion deprecated

type Suggestion = src.Suggestion

A suggestion for a query with a ranking score.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SuggestionInfo deprecated

type SuggestionInfo = src.SuggestionInfo

Detailed information about the suggestion.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SuggestionInfo_MatchInfo deprecated

type SuggestionInfo_MatchInfo = src.SuggestionInfo_MatchInfo

MatchInfo describes which part of suggestion matched with data in user typed query. This can be used to highlight matching parts in the UI. This is different from the annotations provided in annotated_suggestion. The annotated_suggestion provides information about the semantic meaning, while this provides information about how it relates to the input. Example: user query: `top products` ``` annotated_suggestion { text_formatted = "top product_group" html_formatted = "top <b>product_group</b>" markups { {type: TEXT, start_char_index: 0, length: 3} {type: DIMENSION, start_char_index: 4, length: 13} } } query_matches { { start_char_index: 0, length: 3 } { start_char_index: 4, length: 7} } ```

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SuggestionType deprecated

type SuggestionType = src.SuggestionType

The type of suggestion.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UnimplementedAutoSuggestionServiceServer deprecated

type UnimplementedAutoSuggestionServiceServer = src.UnimplementedAutoSuggestionServiceServer

UnimplementedAutoSuggestionServiceServer can be embedded to have forward compatible implementations.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UnimplementedQuestionServiceServer deprecated

type UnimplementedQuestionServiceServer = src.UnimplementedQuestionServiceServer

UnimplementedQuestionServiceServer can be embedded to have forward compatible implementations.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UpdateUserFeedbackRequest deprecated

type UpdateUserFeedbackRequest = src.UpdateUserFeedbackRequest

Request to updates user feedback.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UserFeedback deprecated

type UserFeedback = src.UserFeedback

Feedback provided by a user.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating deprecated

type UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating = src.UserFeedback_UserFeedbackRating

Enumeration of feedback ratings.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

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