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Published: Apr 15, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 3



Package domains aliases all exported identifiers in package "".

Deprecated: Please use types in: Please read for more details.



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const (
	ContactPrivacy_PRIVATE_CONTACT_DATA               = src.ContactPrivacy_PRIVATE_CONTACT_DATA
	ContactPrivacy_PUBLIC_CONTACT_DATA                = src.ContactPrivacy_PUBLIC_CONTACT_DATA
	ContactPrivacy_REDACTED_CONTACT_DATA              = src.ContactPrivacy_REDACTED_CONTACT_DATA
	DnsSettings_DS_RECORDS_PUBLISHED                  = src.DnsSettings_DS_RECORDS_PUBLISHED
	DnsSettings_DS_RECORDS_UNPUBLISHED                = src.DnsSettings_DS_RECORDS_UNPUBLISHED
	DnsSettings_DS_STATE_UNSPECIFIED                  = src.DnsSettings_DS_STATE_UNSPECIFIED
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ALGORITHM_UNSPECIFIED        = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ALGORITHM_UNSPECIFIED
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_DH                           = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DH
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_DIGEST_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED      = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DIGEST_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_DSA                          = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DSA
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_DSANSEC3SHA1                 = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DSANSEC3SHA1
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECC                          = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECC
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECCGOST                      = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECCGOST
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECDSAP256SHA256              = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECDSAP256SHA256
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECDSAP384SHA384              = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ECDSAP384SHA384
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ED25519                      = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ED25519
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_ED448                        = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_ED448
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_GOST3411                     = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_GOST3411
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_INDIRECT                     = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_INDIRECT
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_PRIVATEDNS                   = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_PRIVATEDNS
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_PRIVATEOID                   = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_PRIVATEOID
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSAMD5                       = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSAMD5
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA1                      = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA1
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA1NSEC3SHA1             = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA1NSEC3SHA1
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA256                    = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA256
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA512                    = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_RSASHA512
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_SHA1                         = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_SHA1
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_SHA256                       = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_SHA256
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_SHA384                       = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_SHA384
	DomainNotice_HSTS_PRELOADED                       = src.DomainNotice_HSTS_PRELOADED
	ManagementSettings_AUTOMATIC_RENEWAL              = src.ManagementSettings_AUTOMATIC_RENEWAL
	ManagementSettings_MANUAL_RENEWAL                 = src.ManagementSettings_MANUAL_RENEWAL
	RegisterParameters_AVAILABILITY_UNSPECIFIED       = src.RegisterParameters_AVAILABILITY_UNSPECIFIED
	RegisterParameters_AVAILABLE                      = src.RegisterParameters_AVAILABLE
	RegisterParameters_UNAVAILABLE                    = src.RegisterParameters_UNAVAILABLE
	RegisterParameters_UNKNOWN                        = src.RegisterParameters_UNKNOWN
	RegisterParameters_UNSUPPORTED                    = src.RegisterParameters_UNSUPPORTED
	Registration_ACTIVE                               = src.Registration_ACTIVE
	Registration_CONTACT_SUPPORT                      = src.Registration_CONTACT_SUPPORT
	Registration_EXPORTED                             = src.Registration_EXPORTED
	Registration_ISSUE_UNSPECIFIED                    = src.Registration_ISSUE_UNSPECIFIED
	Registration_REGISTRATION_FAILED                  = src.Registration_REGISTRATION_FAILED
	Registration_REGISTRATION_PENDING                 = src.Registration_REGISTRATION_PENDING
	Registration_STATE_UNSPECIFIED                    = src.Registration_STATE_UNSPECIFIED
	Registration_SUSPENDED                            = src.Registration_SUSPENDED
	Registration_TRANSFER_FAILED                      = src.Registration_TRANSFER_FAILED
	Registration_TRANSFER_PENDING                     = src.Registration_TRANSFER_PENDING
	Registration_UNVERIFIED_EMAIL                     = src.Registration_UNVERIFIED_EMAIL
	TransferLockState_LOCKED                          = src.TransferLockState_LOCKED
	TransferLockState_UNLOCKED                        = src.TransferLockState_UNLOCKED

Deprecated: Please use consts in:


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var (
	ContactNotice_name                              = src.ContactNotice_name
	ContactNotice_value                             = src.ContactNotice_value
	ContactPrivacy_name                             = src.ContactPrivacy_name
	ContactPrivacy_value                            = src.ContactPrivacy_value
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm_name             = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm_name
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm_value            = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm_value
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType_name            = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType_name
	DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType_value           = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType_value
	DnsSettings_DsState_name                        = src.DnsSettings_DsState_name
	DnsSettings_DsState_value                       = src.DnsSettings_DsState_value
	DomainNotice_name                               = src.DomainNotice_name
	DomainNotice_value                              = src.DomainNotice_value
	File_google_cloud_domains_v1beta1_domains_proto = src.File_google_cloud_domains_v1beta1_domains_proto
	ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod_name           = src.ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod_name
	ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod_value          = src.ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod_value
	RegisterParameters_Availability_name            = src.RegisterParameters_Availability_name
	RegisterParameters_Availability_value           = src.RegisterParameters_Availability_value
	Registration_Issue_name                         = src.Registration_Issue_name
	Registration_Issue_value                        = src.Registration_Issue_value
	Registration_State_name                         = src.Registration_State_name
	Registration_State_value                        = src.Registration_State_value
	TransferLockState_name                          = src.TransferLockState_name
	TransferLockState_value                         = src.TransferLockState_value

Deprecated: Please use vars in:


func RegisterDomainsServer deprecated

func RegisterDomainsServer(s *grpc.Server, srv DomainsServer)

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:


type AuthorizationCode deprecated

type AuthorizationCode = src.AuthorizationCode

Defines an authorization code.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ConfigureContactSettingsRequest deprecated

type ConfigureContactSettingsRequest = src.ConfigureContactSettingsRequest

Request for the `ConfigureContactSettings` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ConfigureDnsSettingsRequest deprecated

type ConfigureDnsSettingsRequest = src.ConfigureDnsSettingsRequest

Request for the `ConfigureDnsSettings` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ConfigureManagementSettingsRequest deprecated

type ConfigureManagementSettingsRequest = src.ConfigureManagementSettingsRequest

Request for the `ConfigureManagementSettings` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ContactNotice deprecated

type ContactNotice = src.ContactNotice

Notices related to contact information.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ContactPrivacy deprecated

type ContactPrivacy = src.ContactPrivacy

Defines a set of possible contact privacy settings for a `Registration`. [ICANN]( maintains the WHOIS database, a publicly accessible mapping from domain name to contact information, and requires that each domain name have an entry. Choose from these options to control how much information in your `ContactSettings` is published.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ContactSettings deprecated

type ContactSettings = src.ContactSettings

Defines the contact information associated with a `Registration`. [ICANN]( requires all domain names to have associated contact information. The `registrant_contact` is considered the domain's legal owner, and often the other contacts are identical.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ContactSettings_Contact deprecated

type ContactSettings_Contact = src.ContactSettings_Contact

Details required for a contact associated with a `Registration`.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DeleteRegistrationRequest deprecated

type DeleteRegistrationRequest = src.DeleteRegistrationRequest

Request for the `DeleteRegistration` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings deprecated

type DnsSettings = src.DnsSettings

Defines the DNS configuration of a `Registration`, including name servers, DNSSEC, and glue records.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_CustomDns deprecated

type DnsSettings_CustomDns = src.DnsSettings_CustomDns

Configuration for an arbitrary DNS provider.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_CustomDns_

type DnsSettings_CustomDns_ = src.DnsSettings_CustomDns_

type DnsSettings_DsRecord deprecated

type DnsSettings_DsRecord = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord

Defines a Delegation Signer (DS) record, which is needed to enable DNSSEC for a domain. It contains a digest (hash) of a DNSKEY record that must be present in the domain's DNS zone.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm deprecated

type DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_Algorithm

List of algorithms used to create a DNSKEY. Certain algorithms are not supported for particular domains.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType deprecated

type DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType = src.DnsSettings_DsRecord_DigestType

List of hash functions that may have been used to generate a digest of a DNSKEY.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_DsState deprecated

type DnsSettings_DsState = src.DnsSettings_DsState

The publication state of DS records for a `Registration`.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_GlueRecord deprecated

type DnsSettings_GlueRecord = src.DnsSettings_GlueRecord

Defines a host on your domain that is a DNS name server for your domain and/or other domains. Glue records are a way of making the IP address of a name server known, even when it serves DNS queries for its parent domain. For example, when `` is a name server for ``, the host `` must have a glue record to break the circular DNS reference.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_GoogleDomainsDns deprecated

type DnsSettings_GoogleDomainsDns = src.DnsSettings_GoogleDomainsDns

Configuration for using the free DNS zone provided by Google Domains as a `Registration`'s `dns_provider`. You cannot configure the DNS zone itself using the API. To configure the DNS zone, go to [Google Domains](

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DnsSettings_GoogleDomainsDns_

type DnsSettings_GoogleDomainsDns_ = src.DnsSettings_GoogleDomainsDns_

type DomainNotice deprecated

type DomainNotice = src.DomainNotice

Notices about special properties of certain domains.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DomainsClient deprecated

type DomainsClient = src.DomainsClient

DomainsClient is the client API for Domains service. For semantics around ctx use and closing/ending streaming RPCs, please refer to

Deprecated: Please use types in:

func NewDomainsClient deprecated

func NewDomainsClient(cc grpc.ClientConnInterface) DomainsClient

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

type DomainsServer deprecated

type DomainsServer = src.DomainsServer

DomainsServer is the server API for Domains service.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ExportRegistrationRequest deprecated

type ExportRegistrationRequest = src.ExportRegistrationRequest

Request for the `ExportRegistration` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type GetRegistrationRequest deprecated

type GetRegistrationRequest = src.GetRegistrationRequest

Request for the `GetRegistration` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ListRegistrationsRequest deprecated

type ListRegistrationsRequest = src.ListRegistrationsRequest

Request for the `ListRegistrations` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ListRegistrationsResponse deprecated

type ListRegistrationsResponse = src.ListRegistrationsResponse

Response for the `ListRegistrations` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ManagementSettings deprecated

type ManagementSettings = src.ManagementSettings

Defines renewal, billing, and transfer settings for a `Registration`.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod deprecated

type ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod = src.ManagementSettings_RenewalMethod

Defines how the `Registration` is renewed.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type OperationMetadata deprecated

type OperationMetadata = src.OperationMetadata

Represents the metadata of the long-running operation. Output only.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RegisterDomainRequest deprecated

type RegisterDomainRequest = src.RegisterDomainRequest

Request for the `RegisterDomain` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RegisterParameters deprecated

type RegisterParameters = src.RegisterParameters

Parameters required to register a new domain.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RegisterParameters_Availability deprecated

type RegisterParameters_Availability = src.RegisterParameters_Availability

Possible availability states of a domain name.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Registration deprecated

type Registration = src.Registration

The `Registration` resource facilitates managing and configuring domain name registrations. There are several ways to create a new `Registration` resource: To create a new `Registration` resource, find a suitable domain name by calling the `SearchDomains` method with a query to see available domain name options. After choosing a name, call `RetrieveRegisterParameters` to ensure availability and obtain information like pricing, which is needed to build a call to `RegisterDomain`. Another way to create a new `Registration` is to transfer an existing domain from another registrar. First, go to the current registrar to unlock the domain for transfer and retrieve the domain's transfer authorization code. Then call `RetrieveTransferParameters` to confirm that the domain is unlocked and to get values needed to build a call to `TransferDomain`.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Registration_Issue deprecated

type Registration_Issue = src.Registration_Issue

Possible issues with a `Registration` that require attention.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Registration_State deprecated

type Registration_State = src.Registration_State

Possible states of a `Registration`.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ResetAuthorizationCodeRequest deprecated

type ResetAuthorizationCodeRequest = src.ResetAuthorizationCodeRequest

Request for the `ResetAuthorizationCode` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RetrieveAuthorizationCodeRequest deprecated

type RetrieveAuthorizationCodeRequest = src.RetrieveAuthorizationCodeRequest

Request for the `RetrieveAuthorizationCode` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RetrieveRegisterParametersRequest deprecated

type RetrieveRegisterParametersRequest = src.RetrieveRegisterParametersRequest

Request for the `RetrieveRegisterParameters` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RetrieveRegisterParametersResponse deprecated

type RetrieveRegisterParametersResponse = src.RetrieveRegisterParametersResponse

Response for the `RetrieveRegisterParameters` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RetrieveTransferParametersRequest deprecated

type RetrieveTransferParametersRequest = src.RetrieveTransferParametersRequest

Request for the `RetrieveTransferParameters` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type RetrieveTransferParametersResponse deprecated

type RetrieveTransferParametersResponse = src.RetrieveTransferParametersResponse

Response for the `RetrieveTransferParameters` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SearchDomainsRequest deprecated

type SearchDomainsRequest = src.SearchDomainsRequest

Request for the `SearchDomains` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SearchDomainsResponse deprecated

type SearchDomainsResponse = src.SearchDomainsResponse

Response for the `SearchDomains` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type TransferDomainRequest deprecated

type TransferDomainRequest = src.TransferDomainRequest

Request for the `TransferDomain` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type TransferLockState deprecated

type TransferLockState = src.TransferLockState

Possible states of a `Registration`'s transfer lock.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type TransferParameters deprecated

type TransferParameters = src.TransferParameters

Parameters required to transfer a domain from another registrar.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UnimplementedDomainsServer deprecated

type UnimplementedDomainsServer = src.UnimplementedDomainsServer

UnimplementedDomainsServer can be embedded to have forward compatible implementations.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UpdateRegistrationRequest deprecated

type UpdateRegistrationRequest = src.UpdateRegistrationRequest

Request for the `UpdateRegistration` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

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