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Published: Apr 12, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 1



Package essentialcontacts aliases all exported identifiers in package "".

Deprecated: Please use types in: Please read for more details.



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const (
	NotificationCategory_ALL                               = src.NotificationCategory_ALL
	NotificationCategory_BILLING                           = src.NotificationCategory_BILLING
	NotificationCategory_LEGAL                             = src.NotificationCategory_LEGAL
	NotificationCategory_PRODUCT_UPDATES                   = src.NotificationCategory_PRODUCT_UPDATES
	NotificationCategory_SECURITY                          = src.NotificationCategory_SECURITY
	NotificationCategory_SUSPENSION                        = src.NotificationCategory_SUSPENSION
	NotificationCategory_TECHNICAL                         = src.NotificationCategory_TECHNICAL
	NotificationCategory_TECHNICAL_INCIDENTS               = src.NotificationCategory_TECHNICAL_INCIDENTS
	ValidationState_INVALID                                = src.ValidationState_INVALID
	ValidationState_VALID                                  = src.ValidationState_VALID

Deprecated: Please use consts in:


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var (
	File_google_cloud_essentialcontacts_v1_enums_proto   = src.File_google_cloud_essentialcontacts_v1_enums_proto
	File_google_cloud_essentialcontacts_v1_service_proto = src.File_google_cloud_essentialcontacts_v1_service_proto
	NotificationCategory_name                            = src.NotificationCategory_name
	NotificationCategory_value                           = src.NotificationCategory_value
	ValidationState_name                                 = src.ValidationState_name
	ValidationState_value                                = src.ValidationState_value

Deprecated: Please use vars in:


func RegisterEssentialContactsServiceServer deprecated

func RegisterEssentialContactsServiceServer(s *grpc.Server, srv EssentialContactsServiceServer)

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:


type ComputeContactsRequest deprecated

type ComputeContactsRequest = src.ComputeContactsRequest

Request message for the ComputeContacts method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ComputeContactsResponse deprecated

type ComputeContactsResponse = src.ComputeContactsResponse

Response message for the ComputeContacts method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Contact deprecated

type Contact = src.Contact

A contact that will receive notifications from Google Cloud.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type CreateContactRequest deprecated

type CreateContactRequest = src.CreateContactRequest

Request message for the CreateContact method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type DeleteContactRequest deprecated

type DeleteContactRequest = src.DeleteContactRequest

Request message for the DeleteContact method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type EssentialContactsServiceClient deprecated

type EssentialContactsServiceClient = src.EssentialContactsServiceClient

EssentialContactsServiceClient is the client API for EssentialContactsService service. For semantics around ctx use and closing/ending streaming RPCs, please refer to

Deprecated: Please use types in:

func NewEssentialContactsServiceClient deprecated

func NewEssentialContactsServiceClient(cc grpc.ClientConnInterface) EssentialContactsServiceClient

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

type EssentialContactsServiceServer deprecated

type EssentialContactsServiceServer = src.EssentialContactsServiceServer

EssentialContactsServiceServer is the server API for EssentialContactsService service.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type GetContactRequest deprecated

type GetContactRequest = src.GetContactRequest

Request message for the GetContact method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ListContactsRequest deprecated

type ListContactsRequest = src.ListContactsRequest

Request message for the ListContacts method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ListContactsResponse deprecated

type ListContactsResponse = src.ListContactsResponse

Response message for the ListContacts method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type NotificationCategory deprecated

type NotificationCategory = src.NotificationCategory

The notification categories that an essential contact can be subscribed to. Each notification will be categorized by the sender into one of the following categories. All contacts that are subscribed to that category will receive the notification.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SendTestMessageRequest deprecated

type SendTestMessageRequest = src.SendTestMessageRequest

Request message for the SendTestMessage method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UnimplementedEssentialContactsServiceServer deprecated

type UnimplementedEssentialContactsServiceServer = src.UnimplementedEssentialContactsServiceServer

UnimplementedEssentialContactsServiceServer can be embedded to have forward compatible implementations.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UpdateContactRequest deprecated

type UpdateContactRequest = src.UpdateContactRequest

Request message for the UpdateContact method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ValidationState deprecated

type ValidationState = src.ValidationState

A contact's validation state indicates whether or not it is the correct contact to be receiving notifications for a particular resource.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

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