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Published: Feb 21, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 1



Package resourcesettings aliases all exported identifiers in package "".

Deprecated: Please use types in: Please read for more details.



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const (
	SettingMetadata_BOOLEAN                  = src.SettingMetadata_BOOLEAN
	SettingMetadata_DATA_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED    = src.SettingMetadata_DATA_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED
	SettingMetadata_ENUM_VALUE               = src.SettingMetadata_ENUM_VALUE
	SettingMetadata_STRING                   = src.SettingMetadata_STRING
	SettingMetadata_STRING_SET               = src.SettingMetadata_STRING_SET
	SettingView_SETTING_VIEW_BASIC           = src.SettingView_SETTING_VIEW_BASIC

Deprecated: Please use consts in:


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var (
	File_google_cloud_resourcesettings_v1_resource_settings_proto = src.File_google_cloud_resourcesettings_v1_resource_settings_proto
	SettingMetadata_DataType_name                                 = src.SettingMetadata_DataType_name
	SettingMetadata_DataType_value                                = src.SettingMetadata_DataType_value
	SettingView_name                                              = src.SettingView_name
	SettingView_value                                             = src.SettingView_value

Deprecated: Please use vars in:


func RegisterResourceSettingsServiceServer deprecated

func RegisterResourceSettingsServiceServer(s *grpc.Server, srv ResourceSettingsServiceServer)

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:


type GetSettingRequest deprecated

type GetSettingRequest = src.GetSettingRequest

The request for GetSetting.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ListSettingsRequest deprecated

type ListSettingsRequest = src.ListSettingsRequest

The request for ListSettings.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ListSettingsResponse deprecated

type ListSettingsResponse = src.ListSettingsResponse

The response from ListSettings.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type ResourceSettingsServiceClient deprecated

type ResourceSettingsServiceClient = src.ResourceSettingsServiceClient

ResourceSettingsServiceClient is the client API for ResourceSettingsService service. For semantics around ctx use and closing/ending streaming RPCs, please refer to

Deprecated: Please use types in:

func NewResourceSettingsServiceClient deprecated

func NewResourceSettingsServiceClient(cc grpc.ClientConnInterface) ResourceSettingsServiceClient

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

type ResourceSettingsServiceServer deprecated

type ResourceSettingsServiceServer = src.ResourceSettingsServiceServer

ResourceSettingsServiceServer is the server API for ResourceSettingsService service.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Setting deprecated

type Setting = src.Setting

The schema for settings.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SettingMetadata deprecated

type SettingMetadata = src.SettingMetadata

Metadata about a setting which is not editable by the end user.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SettingMetadata_DataType deprecated

type SettingMetadata_DataType = src.SettingMetadata_DataType

The data type for setting values of this setting. See Value[] for more details on the available data types.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type SettingView deprecated

type SettingView = src.SettingView

View options for Settings.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UnimplementedResourceSettingsServiceServer deprecated

type UnimplementedResourceSettingsServiceServer = src.UnimplementedResourceSettingsServiceServer

UnimplementedResourceSettingsServiceServer can be embedded to have forward compatible implementations.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UpdateSettingRequest deprecated

type UpdateSettingRequest = src.UpdateSettingRequest

The request for UpdateSetting.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Value deprecated

type Value = src.Value

The data in a setting value.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Value_BooleanValue

type Value_BooleanValue = src.Value_BooleanValue

type Value_EnumValue deprecated

type Value_EnumValue = src.Value_EnumValue

A enum value that can hold any enum type setting values. Each enum type is represented by a number, this representation is stored in the definitions.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Value_EnumValue_

type Value_EnumValue_ = src.Value_EnumValue_

type Value_StringSet deprecated

type Value_StringSet = src.Value_StringSet

A string set value that can hold a set of strings. The maximum length of each string is 200 characters and there can be a maximum of 50 strings in the string set.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Value_StringSetValue

type Value_StringSetValue = src.Value_StringSetValue

type Value_StringValue

type Value_StringValue = src.Value_StringValue

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