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Published: Nov 27, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 59



Package trace aliases all exported identifiers in package "".

Deprecated: Please use types in: Please read for more details.



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const (
	Span_CLIENT                                  = src.Span_CLIENT
	Span_CONSUMER                                = src.Span_CONSUMER
	Span_INTERNAL                                = src.Span_INTERNAL
	Span_Link_CHILD_LINKED_SPAN                  = src.Span_Link_CHILD_LINKED_SPAN
	Span_Link_PARENT_LINKED_SPAN                 = src.Span_Link_PARENT_LINKED_SPAN
	Span_Link_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED                   = src.Span_Link_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED
	Span_PRODUCER                                = src.Span_PRODUCER
	Span_SERVER                                  = src.Span_SERVER
	Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_RECEIVED         = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_RECEIVED
	Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_SENT             = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_SENT
	Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED

Deprecated: Please use consts in:


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var (
	File_google_devtools_cloudtrace_v2_trace_proto   = src.File_google_devtools_cloudtrace_v2_trace_proto
	File_google_devtools_cloudtrace_v2_tracing_proto = src.File_google_devtools_cloudtrace_v2_tracing_proto
	Span_Link_Type_name                              = src.Span_Link_Type_name
	Span_Link_Type_value                             = src.Span_Link_Type_value
	Span_SpanKind_name                               = src.Span_SpanKind_name
	Span_SpanKind_value                              = src.Span_SpanKind_value
	Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type_name            = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type_name
	Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type_value           = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type_value

Deprecated: Please use vars in:


func RegisterTraceServiceServer deprecated

func RegisterTraceServiceServer(s *grpc.Server, srv TraceServiceServer)

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:


type AttributeValue deprecated

type AttributeValue = src.AttributeValue

The allowed types for [VALUE] in a `[KEY]:[VALUE]` attribute.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type AttributeValue_BoolValue

type AttributeValue_BoolValue = src.AttributeValue_BoolValue

type AttributeValue_IntValue

type AttributeValue_IntValue = src.AttributeValue_IntValue

type AttributeValue_StringValue

type AttributeValue_StringValue = src.AttributeValue_StringValue

type BatchWriteSpansRequest deprecated

type BatchWriteSpansRequest = src.BatchWriteSpansRequest

The request message for the `BatchWriteSpans` method.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Module deprecated

type Module = src.Module

Binary module.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span deprecated

type Span = src.Span

A span represents a single operation within a trace. Spans can be nested to form a trace tree. Often, a trace contains a root span that describes the end-to-end latency, and one or more subspans for its sub-operations. A trace can also contain multiple root spans, or none at all. Spans do not need to be contiguous—there may be gaps or overlaps between spans in a trace.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_Attributes deprecated

type Span_Attributes = src.Span_Attributes

A set of attributes, each in the format `[KEY]:[VALUE]`.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_Link = src.Span_Link

A pointer from the current span to another span in the same trace or in a different trace. For example, this can be used in batching operations, where a single batch handler processes multiple requests from different traces or when the handler receives a request from a different project.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_Link_Type = src.Span_Link_Type

The relationship of the current span relative to the linked span: child, parent, or unspecified.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_Links = src.Span_Links

A collection of links, which are references from this span to a span in the same or different trace.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_SpanKind deprecated

type Span_SpanKind = src.Span_SpanKind

Type of span. Can be used to specify additional relationships between spans in addition to a parent/child relationship.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_TimeEvent deprecated

type Span_TimeEvent = src.Span_TimeEvent

A time-stamped annotation or message event in the Span.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_TimeEvent_Annotation deprecated

type Span_TimeEvent_Annotation = src.Span_TimeEvent_Annotation

Text annotation with a set of attributes.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_TimeEvent_Annotation_

type Span_TimeEvent_Annotation_ = src.Span_TimeEvent_Annotation_

type Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent deprecated

type Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent

An event describing a message sent/received between Spans.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_

type Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_ = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_

type Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type deprecated

type Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type = src.Span_TimeEvent_MessageEvent_Type

Indicates whether the message was sent or received.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type Span_TimeEvents deprecated

type Span_TimeEvents = src.Span_TimeEvents

A collection of `TimeEvent`s. A `TimeEvent` is a time-stamped annotation on the span, consisting of either user-supplied key:value pairs, or details of a message sent/received between Spans.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type StackTrace deprecated

type StackTrace = src.StackTrace

A call stack appearing in a trace.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type StackTrace_StackFrame deprecated

type StackTrace_StackFrame = src.StackTrace_StackFrame

Represents a single stack frame in a stack trace.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type StackTrace_StackFrames deprecated

type StackTrace_StackFrames = src.StackTrace_StackFrames

A collection of stack frames, which can be truncated.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type TraceServiceClient deprecated

type TraceServiceClient = src.TraceServiceClient

TraceServiceClient is the client API for TraceService service. For semantics around ctx use and closing/ending streaming RPCs, please refer to

Deprecated: Please use types in:

func NewTraceServiceClient deprecated

func NewTraceServiceClient(cc grpc.ClientConnInterface) TraceServiceClient

Deprecated: Please use funcs in:

type TraceServiceServer deprecated

type TraceServiceServer = src.TraceServiceServer

TraceServiceServer is the server API for TraceService service.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type TruncatableString deprecated

type TruncatableString = src.TruncatableString

Represents a string that might be shortened to a specified length.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

type UnimplementedTraceServiceServer deprecated

type UnimplementedTraceServiceServer = src.UnimplementedTraceServiceServer

UnimplementedTraceServiceServer can be embedded to have forward compatible implementations.

Deprecated: Please use types in:

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