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Published: Mar 1, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 91



This tool generates Go language bindings of services in protobuf definition files for gRPC. For usage information, please see our quick start guide.

Future-proofing services

By default, to register services using the methods generated by this tool, the service implementations must embed the corresponding Unimplemented<ServiceName>Server for future compatibility. This is a behavior change from the grpc code generator previously included with protoc-gen-go. To restore this behavior, set the option require_unimplemented_servers=false. E.g.:

  protoc --go-grpc_out=require_unimplemented_servers=false[,other options...]:. \

Note that this is not recommended, and the option is only provided to restore backward compatibility with previously-generated code.



protoc-gen-go-grpc is a plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler to generate Go code. Install it by building this program and making it accessible within your PATH with the name:


The 'go-grpc' suffix becomes part of the argument for the protocol compiler, such that it can be invoked as:

protoc --go-grpc_out=. path/to/file.proto

This generates Go service definitions for the protocol buffer defined by file.proto. With that input, the output will be written to:


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