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func Exists

func Exists(api libmachine.API, name string) bool

Exists tells whether a named host exists.

func MakeTempDir

func MakeTempDir() string

func State

func State(api libmachine.API, name string) state.State

State returns the state of a host.


type MockAPI

type MockAPI struct {
	Hosts       map[string]*host.Host
	CreateError bool
	RemoveError bool
	SaveCalled  bool

MockAPI is a struct used to mock out libmachine.API

func NewMockAPI

func NewMockAPI() *MockAPI

func (*MockAPI) Close

func (api *MockAPI) Close() error

Close closes the API.

func (*MockAPI) Create

func (api *MockAPI) Create(h *host.Host) error

Create creates the actual host.

func (*MockAPI) Exists

func (api *MockAPI) Exists(name string) (bool, error)

Exists determines if the host already exists.

func (MockAPI) GetMachinesDir

func (api MockAPI) GetMachinesDir() string

GetMachinesDir returns the directory to store machines in.

func (*MockAPI) List

func (api *MockAPI) List() ([]string, error)

List the existing hosts.

func (*MockAPI) Load

func (api *MockAPI) Load(name string) (*host.Host, error)

Load loads a host from disk.

func (*MockAPI) NewHost

func (api *MockAPI) NewHost(driverName string, rawDriver []byte) (*host.Host, error)

NewHost creates a new host.Host instance.

func (*MockAPI) Remove

func (api *MockAPI) Remove(name string) error

Remove a host.

func (*MockAPI) Save

func (api *MockAPI) Save(host *host.Host) error

Save saves a host to disk.

type MockDetector

type MockDetector struct {
	Provisioner *MockProvisioner

func (*MockDetector) DetectProvisioner

func (m *MockDetector) DetectProvisioner(d drivers.Driver) (provision.Provisioner, error)

type MockDriver

type MockDriver struct {
	CurrentState state.State
	RemoveError  bool
	HostError    bool
	Port         int

MockDriver is a struct used to mock out libmachine.Driver

func (*MockDriver) Create

func (driver *MockDriver) Create() error

Create creates a MockDriver instance

func (*MockDriver) GetCreateFlags

func (driver *MockDriver) GetCreateFlags() []mcnflag.Flag

GetCreateFlags returns the flags used to create a MockDriver

func (*MockDriver) GetIP

func (driver *MockDriver) GetIP() (string, error)

func (*MockDriver) GetSSHHostname

func (driver *MockDriver) GetSSHHostname() (string, error)

GetSSHHostname returns the hostname for SSH

func (*MockDriver) GetSSHKeyPath

func (driver *MockDriver) GetSSHKeyPath() string

GetSSHHostname returns the hostname for SSH

func (*MockDriver) GetSSHPort

func (driver *MockDriver) GetSSHPort() (int, error)

func (*MockDriver) GetState

func (driver *MockDriver) GetState() (state.State, error)

GetState returns the state of the driver

func (*MockDriver) GetURL

func (driver *MockDriver) GetURL() (string, error)

GetURL returns the URL of the driver

func (*MockDriver) Kill

func (driver *MockDriver) Kill() error

Kill kills the machine

func (*MockDriver) Remove

func (driver *MockDriver) Remove() error

Remove removes the machine

func (*MockDriver) Restart

func (driver *MockDriver) Restart() error

Restart restarts the machine

func (*MockDriver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (driver *MockDriver) SetConfigFromFlags(opts drivers.DriverOptions) error

SetConfigFromFlags sets the machine config

func (*MockDriver) Start

func (driver *MockDriver) Start() error

Start starts the machine

func (*MockDriver) Stop

func (driver *MockDriver) Stop() error

Stop stops the machine

type MockHost

type MockHost struct {
	CommandOutput map[string]string
	Error         string
	Commands      map[string]int

MockHost used for testing. When commands are run, the output from CommandOutput is used, if present. Then the output from Error is used, if present. Finally, "", nil is returned.

func NewMockHost

func NewMockHost() *MockHost

func (MockHost) RunSSHCommand

func (m MockHost) RunSSHCommand(cmd string) (string, error)

type MockProvisioner

type MockProvisioner struct {
	Provisioned bool

Provisioner defines distribution specific actions

func (*MockProvisioner) AttemptIPContact

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) AttemptIPContact(dockerPort int)

func (*MockProvisioner) CompatibleWithHost

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) CompatibleWithHost() bool

func (*MockProvisioner) GenerateDockerOptions

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) GenerateDockerOptions(dockerPort int) (*provision.DockerOptions, error)

func (*MockProvisioner) GetAuthOptions

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) GetAuthOptions() auth.Options

func (*MockProvisioner) GetDockerOptionsDir

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) GetDockerOptionsDir() string

func (*MockProvisioner) GetDriver

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) GetDriver() drivers.Driver

func (*MockProvisioner) GetOsReleaseInfo

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) GetOsReleaseInfo() (*provision.OsRelease, error)

func (*MockProvisioner) GetSwarmOptions added in v0.8.0

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) GetSwarmOptions() swarm.Options

Get the swarm options associated with this host.

func (*MockProvisioner) Hostname

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) Hostname() (string, error)

func (*MockProvisioner) Package

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) Package(name string, action pkgaction.PackageAction) error

func (*MockProvisioner) Provision

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) Provision(swarmOptions swarm.Options, authOptions auth.Options, engineOptions engine.Options) error

func (*MockProvisioner) SSHCommand

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) SSHCommand(args string) (string, error)

func (*MockProvisioner) Service

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) Service(name string, action serviceaction.ServiceAction) error

func (*MockProvisioner) SetHostname

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) SetHostname(hostname string) error

func (*MockProvisioner) SetOsReleaseInfo

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) SetOsReleaseInfo(info *provision.OsRelease)

func (*MockProvisioner) String

func (provisioner *MockProvisioner) String() string

type SSHServer

type SSHServer struct {
	Config *ssh.ServerConfig
	// Commands stores the raw commands executed against the server.
	Commands             map[string]int
	Connected            bool
	Transfers            *bytes.Buffer
	HadASessionRequested bool
	CommandToOutput      map[string]string

SSHServer provides a mock SSH Server for testing. Commands are stored, not executed.

func NewSSHServer

func NewSSHServer() (*SSHServer, error)

NewSSHServer returns a NewSSHServer instance, ready for use.

func (*SSHServer) Start

func (s *SSHServer) Start() (int, error)

Start starts the mock SSH Server, and returns the port it's listening on.

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