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const CNIServerSocketPath string = "/var/run/openshift-sdn/cni-server.sock"

Default CNIServer unix domain socket path which the OpenShift SDN CNI plugin uses to talk to the CNIServer


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type CNICommand

type CNICommand string

Explicit type for CNI commands the server handles

const CNI_ADD CNICommand = "ADD"
const CNI_DEL CNICommand = "DEL"
const CNI_UPDATE CNICommand = "UPDATE"

type CNIRequest

type CNIRequest struct {
	// CNI environment variables, like CNI_COMMAND and CNI_NETNS
	Env map[string]string `json:"env,omitempty"`
	// CNI configuration passed via stdin to the CNI plugin
	Config []byte `json:"config,omitempty"`

Request sent to the CNIServer by the OpenShift SDN CNI plugin

type CNIServer

type CNIServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CNI server object that listens for JSON-marshaled CNIRequest objects on a private root-only Unix domain socket.

func NewCNIServer

func NewCNIServer(socketPath string) *CNIServer

Create and return a new CNIServer object which will listen on the given socket path

func (*CNIServer) Start

func (s *CNIServer) Start(requestFunc cniRequestFunc) error

Start the CNIServer's local HTTP server on a root-owned Unix domain socket. requestFunc will be called to handle pod setup/teardown operations on each request to the CNIServer's HTTP server, and should return a PodResult when the operation has completed.

type PodRequest

type PodRequest struct {
	// The CNI command of the operation
	Command CNICommand
	// kubernetes namespace name
	PodNamespace string
	// kubernetes pod name
	PodName string
	// kubernetes container ID
	ContainerId string
	// kernel network namespace path
	Netns string
	// Channel for returning the operation result to the CNIServer
	Result chan *PodResult

Request structure built from CNIRequest which is passed to the handler function given to the CNIServer at creation time

type PodResult

type PodResult struct {
	// Response to be returned to the OpenShift SDN CNI plugin on success
	Response []byte
	// Error to be returned to the OpenShift SDN CNI plugin on failure
	Err error

Result of a PodRequest sent through the PodRequest's Result channel.

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