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const (
	// DefaultAuditLevel is the default level to audit at, if no policy rules are matched.
	DefaultAuditLevel = audit.LevelNone


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func AllLevels

func AllLevels() sets.String

AllLevels returns all possible levels

func AllStages

func AllStages() sets.String

AllStages returns all possible stages

func ConvertStagesToStrings

func ConvertStagesToStrings(stages []audit.Stage) []string

ConvertStagesToStrings converts an array of stages to a string array

func ConvertStringSetToStages

func ConvertStringSetToStages(set sets.String) []audit.Stage

ConvertStringSetToStages converts a string set to an array of stages

func InvertStages

func InvertStages(stages []audit.Stage) []audit.Stage

InvertStages subtracts the given array of stages from all stages

func LoadPolicyFromBytes

func LoadPolicyFromBytes(policyDef []byte) (*auditinternal.Policy, error)

func LoadPolicyFromFile

func LoadPolicyFromFile(filePath string) (*auditinternal.Policy, error)

func NewFakePolicyRuleEvaluator added in v0.23.0

func NewFakePolicyRuleEvaluator(level audit.Level, stage []audit.Stage) auditinternal.PolicyRuleEvaluator

NewFakePolicyRuleEvaluator creates a fake policy rule evaluator that returns a constant level for all requests (for testing).

func NewPolicyRuleEvaluator added in v0.23.0

func NewPolicyRuleEvaluator(policy *audit.Policy) auditinternal.PolicyRuleEvaluator

NewPolicyRuleEvaluator creates a new policy rule evaluator.


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