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Package kubeapiserver holds code that is common to both the kube-apiserver and the federation-apiserver, but isn't part of a generic API server. For instance, the non-delegated authorization options are used by those two servers, but no generic API server is likely to use them.



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var SpecialDefaultResourcePrefixes = map[schema.GroupResource]string{
	{Group: "", Resource: "replicationcontrollers"}:        "controllers",
	{Group: "", Resource: "endpoints"}:                     "services/endpoints",
	{Group: "", Resource: "nodes"}:                         "minions",
	{Group: "", Resource: "services"}:                      "services/specs",
	{Group: "extensions", Resource: "ingresses"}:           "ingress",
	{Group: "networking.k8s.io", Resource: "ingresses"}:    "ingress",
	{Group: "extensions", Resource: "podsecuritypolicies"}: "podsecuritypolicy",
	{Group: "policy", Resource: "podsecuritypolicies"}:     "podsecuritypolicy",

SpecialDefaultResourcePrefixes are prefixes compiled into Kubernetes.


func DefaultWatchCacheSizes added in v1.19.4

func DefaultWatchCacheSizes() map[schema.GroupResource]int

DefaultWatchCacheSizes defines default resources for which watchcache should be disabled.


type StorageFactoryConfig added in v1.12.0

type StorageFactoryConfig struct {
	StorageConfig             storagebackend.Config
	APIResourceConfig         *serverstorage.ResourceConfig
	DefaultResourceEncoding   *serverstorage.DefaultResourceEncodingConfig
	DefaultStorageMediaType   string
	Serializer                runtime.StorageSerializer
	ResourceEncodingOverrides []schema.GroupVersionResource
	EtcdServersOverrides      []string

StorageFactoryConfig is a configuration for creating storage factory.

func NewStorageFactoryConfig added in v1.12.0

func NewStorageFactoryConfig() *StorageFactoryConfig

NewStorageFactoryConfig returns a new StorageFactoryConfig set up with necessary resource overrides.

func (*StorageFactoryConfig) Complete added in v1.12.0

func (c *StorageFactoryConfig) Complete(etcdOptions *serveroptions.EtcdOptions) *completedStorageFactoryConfig

Complete completes the StorageFactoryConfig with provided etcdOptions returning completedStorageFactoryConfig. This method mutates the receiver (StorageFactoryConfig). It must never mutate the inputs.


Path Synopsis
Package options contains flags and options for initializing kube-apiserver
Package options contains flags and options for initializing kube-apiserver

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