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type Harness

type Harness struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Harness adds some functionality to testing.T, in particular resource cleanup. It embeds testing.T, so should have the same signature.

Example usage: ``` func MyTest(tt *testing.T) {

t := harness.For(tt)
defer t.Close()

} ```

func For

func For(t *testing.T) *Harness

For creates a Harness from a testing.T Callers must call Close on the Harness so that resources can be cleaned up

func (*Harness) Close

func (h *Harness) Close()

Close cleans up any owned resources, and should be called in a defer block after For

func (*Harness) TempDir

func (h *Harness) TempDir(baseDir string, prefix string) string

TempDir is a wrapper around ioutil.TempDir for tests. It automatically fails the test if we can't create a temp file, and deletes the temp directory when Close is called on the Harness

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