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Package fs provides a file system abstraction layer.



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func MakeFakeFS

func MakeFakeFS() *fakeFs

MakeFakeFS returns an instance of fakeFs with no files in it.


type ConfirmedDir

type ConfirmedDir string

ConfirmedDir is a clean, absolute, delinkified path that was confirmed to point to an existing directory.

func NewTmpConfirmedDir

func NewTmpConfirmedDir() (ConfirmedDir, error)

NewTmpConfirmedDir returns a temporary dir, else error. The directory is cleaned, no symlinks, etc. so its returned as a ConfirmedDir.

func (ConfirmedDir) HasPrefix

func (d ConfirmedDir) HasPrefix(path ConfirmedDir) bool

HasPrefix returns true if the directory argument is a prefix of self (d) from the point of view of a file system.

I.e., it's true if the argument equals or contains self (d) in a file path sense.

HasPrefix emulates the semantics of strings.HasPrefix such that the following are true:

strings.HasPrefix("foobar", "foobar")
strings.HasPrefix("foobar", "foo")
strings.HasPrefix("foobar", "")

d := fSys.ConfirmDir("/foo/bar")

Not contacting a file system here to check for actual path existence.

This is tested on linux, but will have trouble on other operating systems. TODO(monopole) Refactor when #golang/go/18358 closes. See also:


func (ConfirmedDir) Join

func (d ConfirmedDir) Join(path string) string

func (ConfirmedDir) String

func (d ConfirmedDir) String() string

type FakeFile

type FakeFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeFile implements File in-memory for tests.

func (*FakeFile) Close

func (f *FakeFile) Close() error

Close marks the fake file closed.

func (*FakeFile) ContentMatches

func (f *FakeFile) ContentMatches(v []byte) bool

ContentMatches returns true if v matches fake file's content.

func (*FakeFile) GetContent

func (f *FakeFile) GetContent() []byte

GetContent the content of a fake file.

func (*FakeFile) Read

func (f *FakeFile) Read(p []byte) (n int, err error)

Read never fails, and doesn't mutate p.

func (*FakeFile) Stat

func (f *FakeFile) Stat() (os.FileInfo, error)

Stat returns nil.

func (*FakeFile) Write

func (f *FakeFile) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)

Write saves the contents of the argument to memory.

type Fakefileinfo

type Fakefileinfo struct {

Fakefileinfo implements Fakefileinfo using a fake in-memory filesystem.

func (*Fakefileinfo) IsDir

func (fi *Fakefileinfo) IsDir() bool

IsDir returns if it is a directory

func (*Fakefileinfo) ModTime

func (fi *Fakefileinfo) ModTime() time.Time

ModTime returns the modification time

func (*Fakefileinfo) Mode

func (fi *Fakefileinfo) Mode() os.FileMode

Mode returns the file mode

func (*Fakefileinfo) Name

func (fi *Fakefileinfo) Name() string

Name returns the name of the file

func (*Fakefileinfo) Size

func (fi *Fakefileinfo) Size() int64

Size returns the size of the file

func (*Fakefileinfo) Sys

func (fi *Fakefileinfo) Sys() interface{}

Sys should return underlying data source, but it now returns nil

type File

type File interface {
	Stat() (os.FileInfo, error)

File groups the basic os.File methods.

type FileSystem

type FileSystem interface {
	Create(name string) (File, error)
	Mkdir(name string) error
	MkdirAll(name string) error
	RemoveAll(name string) error
	Open(name string) (File, error)
	IsDir(name string) bool
	CleanedAbs(path string) (ConfirmedDir, string, error)
	Exists(name string) bool
	Glob(pattern string) ([]string, error)
	ReadFile(name string) ([]byte, error)
	WriteFile(name string, data []byte) error

FileSystem groups basic os filesystem methods.

func MakeRealFS

func MakeRealFS() FileSystem

MakeRealFS makes an instance of realFS.

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