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Package allochelper is a package for helper function that is used by e2e tests



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func CleanupNamespaces

func CleanupNamespaces(ctx context.Context, framework *e2e.Framework) error

CleanupNamespaces cleans up the framework namespace

func CopyDefaultAllocatorClientSecret

func CopyDefaultAllocatorClientSecret(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, toNamespace string, framework *e2e.Framework)

CopyDefaultAllocatorClientSecret copys the allocator client secret

func CreateAllocationPolicy

func CreateAllocationPolicy(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, framework *e2e.Framework, p *multiclusterv1.GameServerAllocationPolicy)

CreateAllocationPolicy create a allocation policy

func CreateFleet

func CreateFleet(ctx context.Context, namespace string, framework *e2e.Framework) (*agonesv1.Fleet, error)

CreateFleet creates a game server fleet

func CreateFleetWithOpts

func CreateFleetWithOpts(ctx context.Context, namespace string, framework *e2e.Framework, opts func(fleet *agonesv1.Fleet)) (*agonesv1.Fleet, error)

CreateFleetWithOpts creates a game server fleet with the designated options

func CreateRemoteClusterDialOption

func CreateRemoteClusterDialOption(ctx context.Context, namespace, clientSecretName string, tlsCA []byte, framework *e2e.Framework) (grpc.DialOption, error)

CreateRemoteClusterDialOption creates a grpc client dial option with proper certs to make a remote call.

func DeleteAgonesAllocatorPod

func DeleteAgonesAllocatorPod(ctx context.Context, podName string, framework *e2e.Framework) error

DeleteAgonesAllocatorPod deletes a Agones allocator pod

func DeleteAgonesPod

func DeleteAgonesPod(ctx context.Context, podName string, namespace string, framework *e2e.Framework) error

DeleteAgonesPod deletes an Agones pod with the specified namespace and podname

func GetAgonesAllocatorPods

func GetAgonesAllocatorPods(ctx context.Context, framework *e2e.Framework) (*corev1.PodList, error)

GetAgonesAllocatorPods returns all the Agones allocator pods

func GetAllocatorClient

func GetAllocatorClient(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, framework *e2e.Framework) (pb.AllocationServiceClient, error)

GetAllocatorClient creates a client and ensure that it can be connected to

func GetAllocatorEndpoint

func GetAllocatorEndpoint(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, framework *e2e.Framework) (string, int32)

GetAllocatorEndpoint gets the allocator LB endpoint

func GetTLSConfig

func GetTLSConfig(ctx context.Context, namespace, clientSecretName string, tlsCA []byte, framework *e2e.Framework) (*tls.Config, error)

GetTLSConfig gets the namesapce client secret

func RefreshAllocatorTLSCerts

func RefreshAllocatorTLSCerts(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, host string, framework *e2e.Framework) []byte

RefreshAllocatorTLSCerts refreshes the allocator TLS cert with a newly generated cert

func ValidateAllocatorResponse

func ValidateAllocatorResponse(t *testing.T, resp *pb.AllocationResponse)

ValidateAllocatorResponse validates the response returned by the allcoator


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