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var (
	// ErrCIDRRangeNoCIDRsRemaining occurs when there is no more space
	// to allocate CIDR ranges.
	ErrCIDRRangeNoCIDRsRemaining = errors.New(
		"CIDR allocation failed; there are no remaining CIDRs left to allocate in the accepted range")
	// ErrCIDRSetSubNetTooBig occurs when the subnet mask size is too
	// big compared to the CIDR mask size.
	ErrCIDRSetSubNetTooBig = errors.New(
		"New CIDR set failed; the node CIDR size is too big")


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type CidrSet

type CidrSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CidrSet manages a set of CIDR ranges from which blocks of IPs can be allocated from.

func NewCIDRSet

func NewCIDRSet(clusterCIDR *net.IPNet, subNetMaskSize int) (*CidrSet, error)

NewCIDRSet creates a new CidrSet.

func (*CidrSet) AllocateNext

func (s *CidrSet) AllocateNext() (*net.IPNet, error)

AllocateNext allocates the next free CIDR range. This will set the range as occupied and return the allocated range.

func (*CidrSet) Occupy

func (s *CidrSet) Occupy(cidr *net.IPNet) (err error)

Occupy marks the given CIDR range as used. Occupy succeeds even if the CIDR range was previously used.

func (*CidrSet) Release

func (s *CidrSet) Release(cidr *net.IPNet) error

Release releases the given CIDR range.

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